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Call Me Spoiled Rotten, I Don’t Care #MyGreatCat


Nana loves her Dad P

Oh my cat! Do I ever have some news for all of you about my growing relationship with my Dad P. Those who have followed me from the beginning know that I am an adult shelter rescue cat, and I arrived in my forever home afraid of men. Yep, men—especially those who wear tennis shoes aka trainers.

My Dad P and Mom L decided within my first week that Dad P would be my primary food service human. He always tells his Rotary pals that I am his Princess! And over the last four years, I now come to him easily to get my two meals a day, but I haven’t allowed him close enough to give me pets like I do Mom L. Oh , Dad P can “pet me”—just not at meal time.

Here’s the inside story. You see, I was livin’ in a public shelter for a couple of months and then just before I was, well—you know—ahem…I was lucky enough to get a placement in a private no kill shelter. Guess what almost all animal shelters feed cats??? Dry food! Right?? And mostly ‘cuz they cannot afford to feed canned food which is the best ever for hydration. You all know that, right? Of course you do.

So Dad P and Mom L started their campaign to get me to eat wet canned food. I think if they had Purina Pro Plan Cat food at first I would have jumped on that brand band wagon ASAP! Especially with their awesome wet canned cat food with a chik-hen flavor urinary tract formula! How great that would have been four years ago.

slurp, chomp

Now for the real news about Dad P and me and our growing relationship. You see, Dad P has stuck with me through the thick and thin of finding first a wet canned food I would eat.  And then we discovered I had IBD. We learned I could not digest any quality wet canned food properly. I just hurled it up. So in full disclosure, I now can only eat a raw diet.

SHOCK!!! Then why are you, Savannah, doing this product review for Purina Pro Plan Cat food??!!

Because I really do believe it is a high quality, life affirming wet canned food for kitties. 

And because that is a real photo of ME, eating this yummy Purina Pro Plan Cat food!! Yes, ME!!  I totally LOVED IT! And every now and then, Dad P has to add a teeny bit of a canned food to get me to eat my raw chik-hen and this one will do nicely, thank you very much!

Now just to make sure you know I am not the ONLY kitty in my furramily to chomp on this yummy wet canned cat food, take a look at Cuzin Leo!

leo surveys can

After Cuzin Leo did his survey of that can, he got mighty interested when he caugh a whiff of the yummy goodness inside.

Leo chomps

If you are still with me, then here is the REAL NEWS about my relationship with Dad P—growing out of how he has committed to being my food service human. I now INVITE Dad P to pet me before I ever eat my morning or evening meal. I wait until he can spend some time strokin’ me and lov’in on me. I even purr and chirp for Dad P now.

My whole loving relationship with Dad P was built on him taking the role of being my food service human. How simple is that? Right? And now we are just the best buds ever. I am his #MyGreatCat!!!

Be sure to CLICK HERE to download a coupon for Purina Pro Plan Cat food. When you purchase their favorite flavors, your kitties will know you also call them #MyGreatCat!

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23 thoughts on “Call Me Spoiled Rotten, I Don’t Care #MyGreatCat

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  2. Now your Dad P sounds just the peep to have around at food time, unlike my peep who can’t master even the basic house skills, let alone food allocation! Worth knowing about that Purina feed, as I am notoriously fussy, so I will add it to my shopping list, just in case we have another mouse shortage. purrs ERin

    • As you know Erin, TKS and I don’t ever never go outside so there is no mouse diet here. and that was our last product review for anything BUT Raw Paws Pet Food ‘cuz that’s our total diet now. No canned cat food whatsoever.

  3. Claudia on said:

    Ms. Savvy, you will NEVER find as great of a food service human than Dad P.!! 🙂 He is AWESOME!! 🙂

  4. Mommy brought home this food for us one time. We thought it was pretty good!

  5. pilch92 on said:

    I am so glad you and your Dad are close now. That sounds like a good food.

  6. That sounds like a yummy food, Savannah! I also think it’s wonderful how much you love Dad P. He must be a pretty special guy.

  7. It’s so wonderful to hear that you and Dad P. finally have the kind of relationship that both of you deserve. It takes lots of little steps, doesn’t it?

  8. Such a wonderful thing – Dads are great and you’ve come a long way to discover that some guys are just plain GREAT and you’ve got one of those for a Dad!!

    Hugs, Sammy

  9. I’ve never had that food or seen it in the store. (Secret: I thought they only made ProPlan for woofies.) I’ll definitely look for it cos if my BFGF liked it, I will too.

  10. mistletoeandhitch on said:

    Except for my having kittens, we are very much alike. When I came to live with my HuMom (in 2003) there were two males in the hope. Well one of them was just a boy then, but adult or school boy, I didn’t let males get close. I would actually hide if I heard their footsteps. It’s been almost 13 years since I found my forever home and while it’s been slow, partly because the boy needed to grow up a little, but I not only let him pet me, I actually snuggles him. I can curl up on his chest like I do HuMom’s and sleep under his arm sometimes too. It’s not a quick process, learning to trust again, but with time and patience it can happen. Writing this has reminded the HuMom that my 14th birthday it this year, assuming the Vet was right about my age back in 2003. We celebrate my birthday with my gotcha day which is December 3rd. Who would have known that 13 years later I’d be in charge of 3 humans and 3 boycats. (Spell check wants to make that “boycott” which makes perfect sense!

    So congratulations on your growing relationship with Dad P. You’re doing a great job instructing your humans and TKS too!

  11. The Swiss Cats on said:

    Great review, and wonderful news ! Purrs

  12. That’s such fantastic news! We’re big Pro Plan fans here too 🙂

  13. Two French Bulldogs on said:

    So in other words you have dad wrapped around your paw BOL
    Lily & Edward

  14. hannahandlucy on said:

    We are so pleased that you and your Dad are getting friendlier and he has been getting your food ready for you.

  15. Aw, I’m so glad you and your Dad P are getting along so well! I know it can be rough waiting for a shy kitty to decide to like you, but it’s SO worth it!! Yay for your dad for sticking it out!
    That looks like some yummy foods, we might have to check it out.

  16. It’s not so much that your dad is spoilin’ you, Savvy, but rather, you’re gettin’ treated as you deserve. Lots of lovin’ and pettin’ and yummy, scrumptious food. purrs


  17. Aw, there’s nothing like some dad-loving, Savvy. 🙂 We’re glad Leo likes the ProPlan.

  18. Your dad AND mom are the most patient humans I ever heard of. And you are One. Brave. Kitty, S. Cuddles and petting and food should always go together. Well done.

    Love and licks,

  19. I bet Dad P feels like a million bucks now that your relationship blossomed.

  20. I am glad my two can’t read …

  21. yay for a good food-finder team! dad’s mostly have a good paw for food :o) and how great to see Leo…. he can work with a can right?

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