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Tissue Paper Dilemma


I had some trouble playin’ with my tissue paper recently. Now this is one of my favorite play time props. I luvluvluv having my feather pulled under the tissue paper really slow and then I rush after it and smash into the tissue paper making it sound all crinkly and crunchy! Just great.

But this time I started to wonder what I might look like when I am “under” my tissue paper. I hope my readers today will let me know in comments what you think.

First, there is the problem when all anyone can see is my rear end.

Be honest—does this tissue paper make my butt look really big??

Be honest—does this tissue paper make my butt look really big??

And then there is the problem when my butt is hidden but all you can see is my head.

Is it better if I have my whole head showing or is missing an ear OK?

Is it better if I have my whole head showing or is missing an ear OK?

Finally, I thought maybe I should just go all “turtle” and bury my whole body under the tissue paper.

Can you even tell I am under this pink turtle shell??

Can you even tell I am under this pink turtle shell??

Maybe in the end I ought to just leave the tissue paper alone? But I sure do get a real kick playin’ with it.

Thanks for listening to me and leaving me your opinions.



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18 thoughts on “Tissue Paper Dilemma

  1. Pink iss yur color Savannah!! So it doess NOT make yur cute tushie look BIG!
    An thee 1 ear look iss perfect fur tisshue papurr….
    An mee finkss you make a grate turtle under tisshue papurr……
    Mee LUVSS gold tisshue papurr an bronze all so.
    An cellyofane iss kewl….
    ~~~head rubsss~~~ Dhartha Henry~~~

  2. I love this post – Biscotti and Tipper love tissue and it’s quite a process to provide “play tissue” vs “wrapping/gift bag tissue” at our house!

  3. Mommy is convinced that you and our Emma are related somewhat. Happy New Year!

    Emma and Buster

  4. I know! How ’bout gettin’ bigger sheets of tissue paper? Would that work for you?


  5. hannahandlucy on said:

    Your butt isn’t big Savannah – just smack anyone in the face if they say it is!

  6. We think your bum is perfectly fit and trim, Savannah. And whether one ear or two, you are downright adorable! We love seeing you having so much tissue paper fun!

  7. Pawesome Cats on said:

    We love tissue paper too…. it makes the best sound ever. Happy New Year to you all.

  8. Big butts are all the fashion in cat-land!

  9. I like the turtle look, very cute.

  10. Savannah, who cares how you look?! The important thing is are you having FUN!

  11. Your butt isnt big; its definitely the tissue paper! It does the same thing to ME. ~ IZA

  12. Savannah, we love tissue paper too. ‘Specially Ernie. However you want to play with it is okay. It’s your tissue paper. And no, your butt doesn’t look big. 🙂

  13. Yes and yes, S. The tissue paper DOES make your butt look big. And yes one ear in and one ear out is just fine. Also a pink turtle shell suits you. Pink is your color.

    Love and licks,

  14. Hey, tissue paper just likes to play with you too so go with the flow sweetie!

  15. Pink is DEFINITELY your color, Savvy. Usually I’m not in favor of anything girly, but it sets off your gray beauteous fur nicely. I say just enjoy the paper (and see how many things walking by you can pounce on) and forget about how you look!

  16. the tissue paper looks great with your russian blue fur… nothing looks big, you are a beautiful princess in a tissue-dress :o)

  17. edithchase on said:

    Go turtle, then you can hide from everyone. 😉

  18. Thanks for the card. Hope you figure out the paper. Happy New Year, your friends at DogDaz Zoo

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