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Movie Day with The Kid Sage

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I know you all have monsters in your beds to, but The Kid Sage and Dad P have this special time together every single Sunday morning. Dad P changes the bed but never without TKS’ help. And maybe he gets a little snicker here or there outta the process, what do you think?

Mom L and I tried and tried to delete part to make it shorter but alas we do not have that skill. May I suggest you at least watch the unveiling of the monster which begins about at the fifty second point.

Ok so all of you who read this post, confess—do you have a  monster in the bed at your home? Who is it and what do they do?

TKS loves having the handle end of one of her wand toys poked at her through the sheet. It gives her something to grab with her paws and even bite through the sheet with her teeth!!

Please do come back to visit me this Wednesday. I have some progress I want to share with you all that has been six years in the making.


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16 thoughts on “Movie Day with The Kid Sage

  1. Oh Yeah! Wes has bed monsters sometimes…Usually when Kozmo, Jo Jo and Cinnamon is visiting, but sometimes (Like this Caturday) mes plays the part of the monster! The best Bed Monster at our house EVER was my hairy slobbery sister Sam! She just loved it! |
    Sage is pretty good too!
    Kisses Grrl Furrend
    Nellie Bellie

  2. Marty the Manx on said:

    Wouldn’t have missed a moment Savvy! Made Mom giggle 🙂 Ralphie slides across the sheets hunting sheet mousies, I just attack him MOL!!

  3. What an adorable monster that is! And that sure does look a lot like how bed changing goes at our house, too. Our bed monsters are Thimble and Eddy, and they like to camp out under the sheets just like Sage. What fun it is!

  4. Gah! Such a cute monster. I am the monster in Mom’s bed. But I’m more of a cuddling monster than a playing monster.

    Love and licks and cuddles,

  5. Do two-feet monsters count, Savvy..MOL 😀 Pawkisses for a wonderful day 🙂 ❤

  6. OH we love your video!! Sage you did make us smile!!

  7. TW needs to use something long like that cos I always get her when she uses the emery board. MOL! We don’t play too often like that cos I can actually rip holes in her sheets. Oh, and the other morning, I saw her hand move under the cover and I attacked her shoulder. She didn’t like that.

  8. That was so much fun to watch! Makes us wish we were there so we could attack the monster too.

  9. Pooh and her Pooch on said:

    That was a cool video and a cute monster. The only monster in the bed around here is Chancy and all he does is sleep under the covers…I don’t like to be under cover I wanna be able to see what is going on at all times. Hugs and nose kisses Pooh

  10. sage…984 paws up…yur moovee rocked N we iz glad ewe N dad waz abe bull
    two rid de bed oh ” de monsturr ” 🙂 ~~~~~~♥♥♥ we guess mom & savvy dinna troo lee noe what waz under de sheet…. huh 🙂

  11. Two French Bulldogs on said:

    Hilarious!!! Great job biting and grabbing the stick monster
    Lily & Edward

  12. I’m with Summer on the game play, I have to be on top so I can get a good bounce on my prey. Fortunately peep has a wonderful wool duvet which is fairly impervious to claws… even mine. MOL

  13. Kitty Cat Chronicles on said:

    MOL MOL! We have monsters in the bed too… their names are Sampson and Kylo Ren!!! That is such a fun game. How sweet that TKS and your Dad have a weekly tradition of it 🙂
    Oh, and would you believe that that isn’t a sun ray shining in on Delilah in her photo on our “Who Wore it Best?” post? That is an orange stripe she has! She has some interesting markings for sure… 😀

  14. I actually like it the other way around – I prefer if it’s the prey that is under the bed sheets.

  15. She’s like, “Hey! Who blew my cover?!?!” Bear’s been known to get rambunctious when I’m making the bed … he attacks me any time I put my hand on the bed. He used to hide in the sheets when I stripped the bed too … but he hasn’t done that for years … it was incredibly cute to watch though!

  16. yes…. we have such a monster in our bed too LOL… that was great to watch yours… a wonderful way to start a new week, thanks for sharing the monster-movie :o)

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