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Wobble Bobble? Just Give Me the Treats! #chewyinfluencer

Hey Everybody!!   The Kid Sage Here!!!

Sage ponders

Ahem! I have an announcement to make. I am now the Official Savannah’s Paw Tracks Product Reviewer (OSPTPR) !!! APAWS!!! Come on, you know you are gonna like this, right?

My first review as the OSPTPR is for this confusing Cat Wobble Treat Dispenser from Kong. Now as you all know, I am not a cat to let much get past me when it comes to getting food from any container. But when Chewy sent me this product I had no idea how tough getting my treats would be.


FTC Disclosure: As members of the Chewy Influencer network we received a Kong Cat Wobble Treat Dispenser free. We were not compensated in any other way. The opinions in this review are our own, no one influenced our experience of this product. Savannah’s Paw Tracks reviews products in which we believe our readers may have interest. 

Mom L had to put some of my favorite kibble right near the dispenser to help me learn that there were more where these came from.


I could smell them but it took me some minutes to learn I had to take action to get more out. I am not a patient learner, just sayin’!


I decided I ought to try becoming one with my Kong Cat Wobbler.  I dug deep into my kitten learning to try to make this thing cough up some more kibble.


Then it seemed I outta try adding a little muscle to my mental encouragement I sent to the wobble dude.


The Kong Wobbler Cat Treat Dispenser has a black or striped floofy sorta “cat’s tail” hanging from the top. I suppose young kittens or teenagers might find that a ton of fun, but I paid it no attention whatsoever. We adults don’t really need that distraction.

I also could not push or pull or whap that wobble dude over to get to my kibble. The bottom is very heavily weighted and it is FLAT! I couldn’t make it give up my kibble on a rug or even on our laminate flooring.


Bottom line for me is this Kong Cat Wobbler Treat Dispenser became boring pretty fast. Mom L even left it out for me to work on for three days. I never went back to try for my kibble. I think it could be fun, but the bottom needs to be round and without so much weight.

HRH Savannah has not even given it a look and that says a lot cuz it has her most favorite food group—her Royal Canin S/O kibble. We get a little bit of this kibble each day as treats all because HRH Savannah loves it more than even our raw chik-hen.


Official Savannah’s Paw Tracks Product Reviewer (OSPTPR)

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16 thoughts on “Wobble Bobble? Just Give Me the Treats! #chewyinfluencer

  1. Marty the Manx on said:

    Sage it looks like something the Girls here would like more than Ralphie and Marty because it is so heavy. Thanks for the honest review!

  2. You’re not alone, Sage. We have a treat toy similar to this, and since every single kitty around here refuses to work for their food, it go0es untouched. That’s okay, though, because treats always taste better when the human servants hand them over!

  3. The Swiss Cats on said:

    Concatulations for being OSPTPR ! It looks like it’s not your kind of toy… Purrs

  4. My Sister Gracie would master that in no time, she is good at working those things. Me, I’d probably eat that black tail thing. Great job on the review TKS!

  5. Our woofie Uncle Messi has something like that and he loves it. Appawrently, it is good for both kitties AND woofies. Mummy says She may get one for Us. One EACH, We hope (mol).

  6. We went to a webinar by a UK charity, with two American experts as guests. They were very much into engagement and interactive toys and how cats love them……. and you DIDN’T get the toy……

    We got a lovely Temptations mouse from Kitties Blue last year and Mum keeps trying to get us to play with it… we didn’t get the one BUT she keeps trying…..

    I think you can fairly conclude that it just wasn’t your kind of toy. It’s gonna happen – Kong make good stuff – and have a great reputation maybe you are just Kong proof Sage;-)

    Silver Kitten

  7. You do look awfully disgruntled in that last picture, TKS 🙂

  8. My cat loves his and whaps it around all over the floor to make it give up his treats!

  9. I love such toys… but I don’t get it why my package says: ENDLESS fun, butt the treat toy is empty after 2 minutes… is endless only 2 minutes?

  10. I got one of those too and agree… my kitten loved it when I took the lid off to fill it up. He even carried the top of it around the house with the black floofy thing in his mouth. I do think it’s a bit too heavy though. He lost interest when he couldn’t carry it around anymore lol.

  11. edithchase on said:

    I think KONG thinks cats are dogs. A lot of cats don’t enjoy puzzles. My dog has one of the dog wobblers and loves it though.

  12. That sounds like a very frustrating treat dispenser! Maybe I should send Binga over to whap it.

  13. What a great review, Sage. We agree, we don’t like things that make us work for our treats. 😉

  14. Two French Bulldogs on said:

    You are a perfect reviewer!!
    Lily & Edward

  15. Life With 3 Dogs on said:

    Our cats received one of these from to review also this summer. At first it was a little tricky for them but they soon got the hang of it! Maybe try putting some tasty wet kitty food inside??

    • Good idea except I don’t think TKS is gonna go for that and I don’t want wet cat food on the rugs! LOL The girls eat raw so all I will put in it is her kibble treats but she sure doesn’t want to even try it again. Silly girl

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