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And The Happy Tail Endings Keep Coming


Sure hope you aren’t gettin’ bored with all my Happy Tail Endings lately. And if you are then you might not wanna come back to visit me for a while ‘cuz I have a bunch more coming along!

Mom L has been working with the primary feeder of a long standing cat colony very close to our new home. When she first met the feeder, Miss Tina, they both talked about a new member of the colony who was clearly not yet “fixed”.

Now you might wonder just “how” does a human determine whether or not a cat is “fixed”. What I am about to show you is X Rated, yet necessary to demonstrate how Mom L knew she had to get this cat “fixed” fast!

Sorry to be so graphic, BUT, in a community cat colony it is not easy to tell if a new member is spayed or neutered. Thankfully this cat was obviously NOT neutered! The lady cats require a more thorough “investigation” and often they do not tolerate this intrusion. Fortunately Marmalade, as a short furr male cat made it obvious.

He was so friendly and loved receiving pets and head rubs. So Mom L just tossed some kibble into a cat carrier and he walked right in!!. Off he went to our wonderful caring Contra Costa Animal Services shelter.

Mom L wanted him to have a name so she called him Marmalade. She saw that he had a swollen eye and just knew he must have a wound or perhaps a Cat Cold. Good thing she took him right away to the shelter. You see, Marmalade had a condition called “Entropion“. His eyelashes were growing inward and were constantly rubbing on his eye ball. OUCH!!

Thankfully, Marmalade found immediate care at the shelter. They neutered him, and also repaired his eye lash growth. Now Marmalade was not a happy camped because he had to have the cone on, but when Mom L visited him, all he wanted was a good chin scritch!

Here you can see Marmalade in his three to four month time at this cat colony.

Such a handsome mancat, don’t you think?

He was a gently member, never ever shoving any other cat away from the food bowls. You can see him circled in red.

Now for the Happy Tail Ending. Marmalade had his stitches removed and his cone removed—and within twenty-four hours he found his forever family. A couple wanted an adult cat, who was loving and who wanted affection. When the adoption counselor opened the cage where Marmalade was being kept due to his medical treatment—well…Marmalade just about LEPT into their waiting arms!!

And there you have it! Another Happy Tail Ending proving yet again that cats deserve adoption, even if they have lived in a cat colony!!




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23 thoughts on “And The Happy Tail Endings Keep Coming

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  2. What a nice lookin’ feller that Marmalade is! Reminds me a bit of Nissy’s dad, Jacob. purrs

  3. Claudia Walker on said:

    What a cute story wirh a sweet “end” ing! So glad he found an amazing home!

  4. We love Marm’s happily-ever after! We wish more cats had them!

  5. Carole Schulman on said:

    Oh I love this happy ending and any others you may be abe to tell us. He is so handsome and X rated is good here in this story. Someone may not have known.
    Katie Isabella

  6. Now this ISS a happy endin fur sure Savannah!! 444 pawss uppy fur Marmalade an his new furamillee!! Wee LUV reedin about thee happy tailss….all wayss!!
    **nose rubsss** Dhartha Heny xxxx

  7. 15andmeowing on said:

    I never tire of happy endings. This is wonderful news.

  8. Memories of Eric and Flynn on said:

    What a happy ending for Marmalade! He not only looks like a love bug, he reminds me so much of Eric.

    • I thought he might! Such a sweet dear boy. Thankfully someone is now loving him as he deserves. He was apparently dumped at this cat colony site, not neutered and likely because he kept getting swollen eyes and eye infections from the entropion condition of both his eyelids. That is now permanently repaired and he is vaccinated, flea adn ear mite treated and neutered!! All through our local municipal animal services where I, Savannah the Cat, was left in the night drop box all those years ago now. I keep trying to Paw It Forward and Marmalade is one more Real Rescue Story!! purrs

  9. Mary McNeil on said:

    We LOVE all these happy endings ! Thanks to all who work to keep ’em coming !

  10. The Island Cats on said:

    OMC! What a great happy tail for Marmalade!

  11. The Swiss Cats on said:

    That’s a wonderful happy end ! We’re glad Marmalade found a forever home so quickly ! Purrs

  12. That is the BEST ending you could wish for! Great job Savannah’s mom. You sure do a lot of great works for the cats, I know they will be in good hands.
    Toodle pips and purrs

  13. This is our favorite kind of happy ending!

  14. That’s most wonderful and such a happy, happy ending indeed!

  15. Turtle Lover on said:

    a happy story I like them thank you for sharing

  16. If it was for me you could write Happy Endings all day long. I just love to read those. There are so many sad stories out there (on the Guardian comment section there was a story of an elderly cat who was taken in just in January – and had to be put down now, renal failure. At least he did not die under a lot of pain in the cold and rain. As I had to let my FunTom go for the same cause just a year ago, that touched me. Flashback and all.
    So your happy end-stories are a nice change from the sadder outcomes.

  17. What a handsome fellow Marmelade is 🙂 So happy that he found a furrever home so quick. One Lucky fellow…and he deserves it! Pawkisses for a Happy Day 🙂 ❤

  18. I love happy endings – and this was a wonderful one! Marmalade definitely needed his own home with humans he could love… and he got it!

  19. Luv da happy ending!

  20. Mum is not long back from her vet’s funeral – a sad event, he was not an old man, so to see such a happy ending moved her and me a lot. The right cat at the right time – what a blessing 🙂

    Bless you Contra Costa!

  21. oh what a wonderful happy end… we wish Marmalade all the best in his new furever family… and we hope hope hope the new family will not look for a new name, your mom found the bestest name, it fits super perfectly ;O)))

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