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The Kids Are Getting Bolder!


As you know, I have been putting up with The Kid Sage for a few years now. She has learned that the left side of the couch in MINE!! And Mom L sits on the right side and no one sits between us ‘cuz sometimes I like to get close to her and get some brushies and chin rubs. That’s how it is in my castle and TKS has learned that. But now, this new kid Kit Katie (KK) is trying to undo all the training I have been giving TKS.

This is MY side of the couch!

You can see that KK has decided she can sleep on the couch which has been forbidden to TKS. But this new kid seems to think my rules don’t apply to her. Mom L put some pillows in the middle and gave KK a blankie on Mom L’s side of the couch hoping she would go over there and leave me in peace on MY side of the couch.

Well that works OK whenever I am using the couch. But you see I taught TKS that even when I am NOT using my side of the couch, it is to remain open just in case I wanna take a nap there. TKS understands and leaves it empty.

But KK just hasn’t learned about what part of the couch is MINE!.I caught her on MY SIDE and there on the side Mom L set up for her I find TKS!! What’s up with that? Something is mighty wrong with this picture, don’t you think so???

There KK is just as happy as a little clam on MY SIDE of the couch!! Why there is no space for me at all!! This couch is my special place to be near Mom L at night when we watch TV or read. It has been mine since I first arrived here in my forever castle.

If you have any ideas for how I can get KK to leave my side of the couch alone I sure would like to hear them in comments. I am just gobsmacked that these kids are getting so bold together. Do you think they are trying to gang up on me?? Take over my castle???


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22 thoughts on “The Kids Are Getting Bolder!

  1. A dilemma, for sure, and one I think I would have to have a very long nap on my side of the bed (which is all of it) to consider, MOL
    You keep training the youngster, and I’m sure she’ll come good as deep down she is one happy cat—just like you……

  2. It sounds like KK is a bold little thing and she is taking TKS with her! Careful they don’t gang up on you, Savvy!

    Tama and Genji

  3. The Swiss Cats on said:

    We doubt that anybody could EVER take over your castle, Savvy. Purrs

  4. The only thing I can think of is you should whap her, Savvy. Sometimes that is the only way kitties learn from other kitties.

  5. Hi Savvy! Nice to meet you KK!

    Emma and Buster

  6. Memories of Eric and Flynn on said:

    I think you have your work cut out with two against one, Savvy!

  7. What the hello kitty? I think it’s up to Mom L to put them on the floor and let you up on the couch. Kids today feel so entitled.

  8. Y’know…you’re gonna just have to teach KK that there are boundaries. You taught TKS, we’re sure you can teach KK as well.

  9. It’s all just continuing education, Savvy !

  10. Some just need a lot more training than others.

  11. 15andmeowing on said:

    That is sweet of you to let her get away with it.

  12. savvy; eye heer ya; ever sinz mackerull strolled thru de door itz been: mine mine mine N eye am like noe noe noe…..sum timez.. kidz due knot wanna pay a tenshunz; may bee katie iz still in that eye am knot gonna listen two ewe stage ~ ?? !! 🙂 ♥♥

  13. Well, my goodness sweet Savvy it seems you have quite a task ahead of you. We bet you get it all straightened out very soon though. You have done a good job training TKS and you will do another good job getting KK trained. Hugs and nose kisses

  14. Poor Katie is very sick, Savy. That may influence her ability to learn.

    • No no. Katie isn’t sick anymore. She will always limp on right front leg because there is no proper socket for the leg to fit into at that shoulder. And we believe the antibiotics may have opened her right eye tear duct because she no longer has drainage from that eye. Now we just have to work her gingivitis gums to help her keep her teeth as long as possible. Unfortunately after having to medicate her for so many weeks she has become hand shy so we have a lot of work ahead to win back her trust. Right now, She is the healthiest she has been in a year!! And she is only about 14 months old!

      • Oh, I must have missed the post with Katie’s health update. Good to hear she has no eye problems anymore. A cat can live quite well eithout teeth as Mine can testify.

  15. It sure does make us smile to see that sweet Savvy!!!

  16. I’m sure you’ll get KK trained soon!

  17. Nobody could EVER take over your castle, S. I think a well-placed hiss could get things back to normal over there.

    Love and licks,

  18. Carole Schulman on said:

    OH my goodness…trying to get the kids to understand the order of things is like trying to trying to form water into cubes and dropping them into a glass. Impossible. Glaring at them may help though…if they’re awake.
    xoxo Katie Isabella

  19. ATCAD on said:

    See my post today Savvy you just have to share. It makes the Moms happy and well don’t say I said this but it’s sort of nice. ~Scylla

  20. you invented a new profession.. apart from bookends we now have pillow-ends ;O)

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