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Friday Memes and Friday Smiles


Hope all my USA pals had a safe and stress free July 4th Independence Day. As for me, TKS and KK—not so much. Our city hasn’t caught onto the fact that you can have splashed of color in the sky WITHOUT the noise!!! And our city’s fireworks are so close to my castle that we feel like those shells are aimed at us!

Check out the great graphic Mom L created for my our Project Delta View Cats Facebook page. Tells the truth about all that noise, don’t ya think?

Alrighty then, here are your Friday Smile generators!

And one more from me.

Yup! I bet’cha lots of you can relate to my protest at having those blinds opened way too early!! AAAIIEEEEE!!!

So how was you July 4th if you are in the USA?? And if you are not in the USA, what’s going on with you???


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15 thoughts on “Friday Memes and Friday Smiles

  1. We agree. Blinds should not be opened until WE are ready for sunpuddles. Purrs, Snoops and Kommando Kitty

  2. Marjorie Dawson on said:

    Late here but agree about the fireworks. We have them in November and UGH they are a nightmare.

  3. meowmeowmans on said:

    Oh yeah, it’s been super hot here, too. We especially love that fireworks free meme Mom L. created. The boomies are so scary for lots of our friends.

  4. I’m glad the sound of fireworks doesn’t really travel up to the 4th floor and penetrate our double paned windows. There were more than usual but they bothered Pop more than they bothered me.

  5. Edie Chase on said:

    My dog and cat don’t mind the fireworks, but I don’t like them. I stay in the house until the dog needs to go out. I agree with you TKS, my sister pulled up the shade one morning when I was sleeping, and I was getting sunburned! I’m not sure what she was thinking. 😉

  6. Yep, it has been plenty hot here too!

  7. Happy Friday!! We hope you had a great holiday and there were no scary fireworks last night. Love the fluffy kitty getting some air conditioning on their tummy. Thanks for the share. Have a wonderful day.

  8. S & S & K….awesum memez thiz week; they iz all grate…mom did a grate job on de facebook grafix picture !! 🙂 ♥♥

  9. What fun memes this week, Savannah! Our 4th was okay…a little noisy, but not too bad.

  10. My human had a nice Fourth – she helped a friend and her husband with the cat and kittens at Petco – they volunteer with the rescue group that has the space there. Then they went out to dinner. My human skipped the fireworks and came home to me, even though to be honest, I didn’t care about the fireworks and Boodie is deaf, so she doesn’t even know about them, MOL! I think she just wanted a quiet night.

  11. Carole Schulman on said:

    I hate the fireworks and mommy does too. The maturity level of us cats is definitely not rubbing off on our humans.
    Katie isabella

  12. Great memes this week, and love the celebration theme. No such luck here mind you, but we will raise a glass of nip cream anyways, MOL

  13. Our cats move to an interior room of the house. They probably heard a PSA on the subject.

  14. mistletoeandhitch on said:

    I had our HuMom close all the window and turn on the A/C for our 4th of July. That helps insulate us from the scary booms happening outside. After all I (Hitch) want to be sure the new kids aren’t scared. I’m not afraid of the big booms…just looking out for the kids,

  15. we hope that no animal had a scary night … why we humans can not celebrate without this firework sh*t? paws crossed that no one had to run to er…

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