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Visit long over due: My Three Moggies visit in Northhampton, England


The title tells it all. Mom L finally was able to visit our long time cat blog pal My Three Moggies.  Miss Michelle started blogging about her three lovely kitties about the same time I had Mom L start my blog. Miss Michelle said I was the first cat blogger to “like” her blog!! That was SEVEN years ago!!

Long story short, Mom L and I developed a virtual friendship with Miss Michelle and Mr Craig and their cat family: Eldest Sir Archie; next Squire Henry and youngest Oscar. Mom L fell in love with Sir Archie, who is now about sixteen or so years old.

Miss Michelle brought Sir Archie in on his royal bed so Mom L could sit with him for a long anticipated visit.

And yes, Mom L had very leaky eyes!!

Miss Michelle and Mr Craig lost their youngest Oscar in February of this year, but Mom L was able to also meet and greet Squire Henry.

He stayed long enough to have bite and then dashed off to do some late afternoon hunting.

Mom L and Dad P were treated to a royal feast at My Three Moggies. They didn’t know where to start there were so many choices!! YUM!!

Of course they also met Mr. Ben, the lovely addition to My Three Moggies, a rescue rough coated collie. He very nicely posed for his photo.

Mom L and Dad P had enough time to do a quick visit to a nearby ancient church. The first noted Vicar was dated about 1300 AD!!

Finally Mom L and Dad P had to depart, but Mom L and Miss Michelle had to make sure they captured their moment of firmly establishing their international friendship! Mom L had  to confess to Miss Michelle that she never expected Miss Michelle to be so tall!!  MOL!!!

Mom L and Dad P left on the train promising to meet once again!!

My friends, never ever mistake our virtual cat blogging friendships as only that, virtual. When Mom L and Miss Michelle, Mr Craig and Dad P all met—it was as thought they had just left off from some conversation started last week. They KNEW each other! They recognized each other as friends.


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15 thoughts on “Visit long over due: My Three Moggies visit in Northhampton, England

  1. meowmeowmans on said:

    What a special visit! We love that Mom L and Dad P got to meet the My Three Moggies crew! Our dad LOVED meeting Mom L and Dad P a few years ago. Yes, these are fur real friendships. 🙂

  2. The Swiss Cats on said:

    That’s the best part of blogging : meeting friends offline. How nice that you could meet your blogging friend and visit that beautiful area ! Purrs

  3. what great photos and you are so lucky to have met Michelle! She is such a sweetheart! Loved seeing Big Ben! Dakota wants to meet him!

  4. 15andmeowing on said:

    How nice that you got to meet Michelle and Craig. I had the pleasure of meeting them in NYC in 2015, they are such wonderful people. I am jealous that you got to meet their furbabies. 🙂

  5. Memories of Eric and Flynn on said:

    It is nice to meet other bloggers and it looks like you had a wonderful time.

  6. Marjorie Dawson on said:

    What a lovely visit you had and such FOOD (yum)! I love old churches, I studied them for my art history and they are the best!!

    I hope you are settling in again now!

  7. catladymac on said:

    We hope that when you mentioned that Henry stopped in for a bite it wasn’t of your Mom ! What a great trip !

  8. What an awesome visit! I love meeting cat bloggers I only know virtually most of the time – and so does my human!

  9. Such a fun visit but there was never any doubt you’d all have a grand time!

  10. We really thank you for the lovely photos of a fabulous visit. Dad said when he was in Bristol many years ago the church was the highlight of his trip. Amazing to see such a beautiful building from the 1400’s. Purrs for you for a safe ongoing trip.

  11. What a lovely post and the words are so true we felt like we knew each other like old friends in person xxx Now we need to come over to you x

  12. It’s always wonderful to meet fellow bloggers in real life. I like that, too.

  13. How pawsome that your peeps got to meet Archie and Henry…oh and Miss Michelle and Mr. Craig. We’ve followed them for a long time too. We never knew Miss Michelle was so tall!

  14. that is so great to meet such a fabulous blogging friend! and archie and king henry and the big ben! I love such moments so much, the people behind the blogs become extra real that way ;O)

  15. Wow, I seriouyly underestimated the health of your humans. That’s a long flight from California!

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