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Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


I’m late and I know it; so sorry guys. But I betcha your smiles are just waiting to get going with my mixture of old and new memes today.

Do any of you practice for this highly competitive event? Share some stories and photos in comments!


Ever done that? I try to hide mine just to see if TKS or KK will take a nap on top of it.

The kitty in the meme above is a guest from one of the cat colonies Mom L and Dad P help take care of. Scotty was abandoned when his humans moved from a nearby apartment complex. He is the sweetest boy ever! We are hoping to help him find his forever home soon.

Keep smiling!


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11 thoughts on “Friday Memes for Friday Smiles

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  2. The Swiss Cats on said:

    We love the last one ! We often wonder too ! Purrs

  3. meowmeowmans on said:

    Great memes, Savvy! We totally agree with Scotty’s … we wonder that all the time!

  4. Those made me giggle! Thanks, I needed a good giggle!

  5. I love these – especially the last one!

  6. MOL! Those were worth the wait.

  7. catladymac on said:

    POTP for Scotty to find his furever home ! The memes are great !

  8. Those are all cute and Scotty is adorable, good luck sweet guy.

  9. S & S & K ; de memez thiz week bee grate….and scotty….dood…we hope yur in yur GOOD…FOR EVERZ home bye pie day….best fishez ♥♥♥

  10. We look forward to the Memes every week Savvy! The first one is one we do often and really got a kick out of. The second is a sometimes here but more often we step in it, eww. Then your guest is spot on. Purrs he finds his home soon. See ya soon

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