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Friday Memes for Friday Smiles


Hope you are ready for some silliness! First up is Kit Katie, aka Katie, aka KK! She took a bit of offense when Mom L said something about how she looked in this photo! MOL!!

Get it??!!!

Next up is TKS. As always, she has such amazing insights.

Now we have a couple of guest rescue kitties.

And you will hear more about Tomas and his Mom cat Conchita in an upcoming post!! Tomas may have grown to be larger than Mom Conchita, but let me tell you—he listens to his MOM!!

Do you ever get a talkin’ to from your Mom Cat? Just curious….


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10 thoughts on “Friday Memes for Friday Smiles

  1. TKS – You are so right!!

  2. meowmeowmans on said:

    We loved all of these, Savvy. That TKS is prety wise, huh?

    We’re looking forward to hearing more about Tomas and Conchita!

  3. catladymac on said:

    We have to agree with TKS’s meme…

  4. Tomas is a smart fellow listening to Mom. KK you are cute even perched in a tree. TKS Dad and I say the same thing, too funny my friend. We sure like stopping by for a laugh friends. We can’t wait to hear more about those two good looking kitties

  5. These were so much fun! And I can’t wait to hear more about Tomas and Conchita!

  6. Those were really cute ones today!

  7. Carole Schulman on said:

    Have to admit I have wondered the same thing! And you DO remind us of an owl…have to say. XX
    Katie Isabella

  8. Well Scylla isn’t our real “Mom” cat but she is the oldest cat here and considers us her “kittens” even though we are all grown now and sometimes she hisses at us. Does that count? ~ Yang (alright she mostly hisses at me and sometimes Yin)

  9. Edith Chase on said:

    Whooo’s there, Miss Savvy. Hahaha! Tomas, you better listen to your Mom, she knows best. TKS, i know how that goes. I’m all warm and sleepy and then I start thinking, that I should have gone to the bathroom.. Have a good weekend!

  10. ha true!!!…and we really wonder too LOL

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