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Our seven week old foster kittens


I wanna give you an update on our current foster kittens, Butch Cassidy (boy) and his Hole in the Wall Gang. His side kicks are Jessie James (a girl), The Domino Kid (boy) and Laughing Samantha (girl). They are growing up so fast. When I posted their rescue story, they were only about four weeks old.

And now, this coming Wednesday, they will be about seven weeks old. You can see them climbing on Dad P like he is their very own purrsonal jungle gym!!

In the two weeks since I last shared about them they have started using the litter box!! SCORE a big one for mom cat Cassandra!! She doesn’t have to lick their butts anymore! And, they are nursing less and less and eating kitten food mixed with KMR replacement milk to make a sort’a pablum. Another SCORE for mom, ‘cuz they aren’t hanging on to her!

And today, we saw Butch and Domino use their cardboard scratcher!! WOO HOO!!! Oh yeah, and Mom L watched Samantha carry a crocheted mousie, made by Miss Ellen from 15 and Meowing. Silly Sammie had it hangin’ by the tail outta her mouth as she proudly carried it around, growling at her siblings if they came too close!!! Too funny!! Sorry, no photo!

Our crazy pants kitten is turning out to be the smallest, Laughing Samantha! She is just da’bomb!!

Each one of them is now looking for human contact and cuddling. Check out darling Jessie James, fallen sound asleep in Dad P’s lap.

Yeah, well she is upside down, but she didn’t even notice!! MOL!!!

Have a purrfect month of May!



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19 thoughts on “Our seven week old foster kittens

  1. meowmeowmans on said:

    They are SO adorable! They have wonderful lives ahead of them now. So much better than living in a wall. XO

  2. Sweetest kitties ever. They are learning to be cats.

    Love and licks,

  3. They are getting cuter by the minute!

  4. They have Savannah’s glorious fur color! But then, so does their Mom, Cassandra. I am quite partial to dark grey (or “blue” cats).

  5. Gosh Aren’t they just the Cutest? xoxo Little Miss Titch

  6. They’re adorable!

  7. They are adorable, such sweeties!

  8. 15andmeowing on said:

    They are so cute.

  9. Well-adjusted and adorable!

  10. Mary McNeil on said:

    What a beautiful little family ! Kudos to Mom & Dad and all the other rescuers, and to Savvy & TKS & Katie for letting them share their castle.

  11. Oh, they are ALL so adorable!

  12. wavez two ewe pardnerz 😉 ewe wee kittehz bee awesum 🙂 ♥♥ due ewe think mom L and dad P will getz ewe sum poneez !!!

  13. They are all so cute!

    Tama and Benny

  14. chrisscatmeow on said:

    Awww super sweet and so happy they are learning kitty ways.x

  15. They are adorable. Can you believe Chimera got the door slammed in her face for carrying a mouse??? Apparently real mice aren’t allowed in our house.

  16. Carole Schulman on said:

    They are adorable…their expressions are so cute. I love that they are 7 weeks old and able to do a lot without Mom. May they be adopted quickly.

  17. Dalton,Benji aka Meezer’s Mews & Terrieristical Woofs on said:

    OMC! They are just TOO CUTE!

  18. they are so super cute… a little like weimaraner kitten ;O)

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