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Is there room for me in the castle????


I decided to let The Domino Kid talk with my loyal readers—just this once!!! He seems to be struggling with just where his place is when it comes to serving in my castle guard. Sheesh!! Like I have to explain everything to him.

Go on Kid, this post is your time to fly high!! So write already!!!

Oh hey! Hi everyone!! *waves paw* Thanks for lettin’ me hop in here Savvy—oh, errr, ummm—Your Highness. So everybody, I am tryin’ and tryin’ to find my special place in Princess Savvy’s castle. First, I thought I outta, like, ya know—hang out in all those cardboard boxes that just never seem to stop comin’ here. I thought maybe I could test out each one to find one Her Highness will really enjoy.

But then Princess Savvy tried to put a mailing label on the box I was in, with a “do not return” stamped on it!!! So, I guess I cannot be her Very Special New Box Tester and Guard.

Next up I tried out for Ambassador for our current foster, Binky aka Reesie.

I went into her private suite, Mom L’s office, and I tried to talk down with her to help her understand just where she fits into this castle stuff. But Princess Savvy told me to knock it off and get busy helping Binky get more confident so’s she can get adopted and outta of the royal castle and into her own home. Sigh—guess I did that wrong too.

Then I tried to guard Princess Savvy from the top of the cat tower in our living/dining room. Sadly, I did not realize that this is the very special nesting place for TKS when the afternoon sun comes in. Darn it!! Then I tried to make myself helpful by claiming the breakfast tray Dad P uses to bring up Mom L’s coffee and Princess Savvy’s remaining brekkies. I wanted to protect the tray from being used for anything else!! Nope! That didn’t work either.

I finally had to have a heart to heart chat with Princess Savvy. I let her know how hard I am trying to fit in and be of service. She agreed that I was trying really hard. So she allowed me a ten minute nap right next to her on her special couch, which is her downstairs throne.

So what can I do to help Princess Savvy get more comfy with me, so’s I can find my very own special places in her castle???? You have all known Her Highness far longer than me, please give me some tips in comments. Thanks lots, Domie aka Domino aka The Domino Kid.

I am gonna ask Princess Savannah to say good bye like she always does!


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11 thoughts on “Is there room for me in the castle????

  1. Domino, don’t you worry. You are doing things right, we think, and it just takes time. XO

  2. Well,,she spoke to you and asked you to o some things…and yes you tried…but she knows that and being the gracious princess that she is, she allowed some time with her as a reward. Maybe you can ask her if she needs you as her pillow?!

  3. You sound very sweet. I’m sure it’s just a matter of time. Try to be patient

  4. I think she already decided you can be head of security, you know how to check things out.

  5. She allowed you to sleep next to her…at least for a little while. That’s a start, Domino!

  6. Mary McNeil on said:

    We think you are doig things right Domino 0 you just have to keep trying and be careful of the other kitties’ feelings.

  7. Sounds like you’re doing all the right things, DK. You just need to be patient. Savvy is used to doing things in her own time. You can’t rush that.

    Love and licks,

  8. Napping next to her is a good start, I think! Talk is good too. Enjoying a tasty treat together might be helpful. And purrs! Purrs may help.

  9. Wow we think the fact Savvy let you nap next to her speaks volumes. It’s hard to fit in when you are such a kitten and want to play and everyone else is older and um… Scylla whopped us so we guess whatever we were attempting to say wasn’t right and we are going to state right now that Scylla still plays like a kitten. We guess the best thing you can do is to ask permission before doing anything.

  10. that was super sweet to offer you the place next to a princess…

  11. We think actually talking to Savvy was furry wise of you and the fact that she allowed you to nap next to her is the proof that you went about things the right way. We are two mancats and a ladycat, and We have learnt that the best way to get along with ladycats is to let them have Their Own Way (mol).

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