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Joy to Chrissymouse Day


I wasn’t sure what I could do to share all my our beautiful holiday E cards and then Mom L suggested a festive slideshow!

We hope if we left out your card you won’t stop coming to visit or paw us off your list for next year. We really did try to make sure we saved them all.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We also received lots of snail mail cards. We took group photos for you to enjoy and put them into another slide show…

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I have comments turned off for Chrissymouse Day. I just wanted to share all the different types of cards we received. But most of all, I, Savannah, want to wish all of you, my readers, the best of this holiday season. And The Kid Sage sends big paw hugs to you all and Mom L wishes every adult homeless cat in shelters and rescues finds its way into a human heart and lives there, in a true forever home.


We Have A Little Chrissymouse Tree


When we moved we had to donate our great big Chrissymouse tree…it was too big for our new home. But Dad P and Mom L made sure that Sage gets to experience her very first Chrissymouse tree this year. We have not put one up since Sage came to live in my castle.

I think she likes it. (apologies for such a poor photo of TKS, but our living room lighting is not suited for photos and Mom L only had her iPhone…sigh)

I think this is going to be fun

I think this is going to be fun

As for me, I prefer to spend my time contemplating and dreaming while in the presence of our Chrissymouse Tree.

Dreaming of peace and homes for all shelter cats

Dreaming of peace and homes for all shelter cats

Of course there is always that flashy box that disturbs my attempts to Make A Difference in the lives of all adult homeless cats. Until I was FIVE years old, I had no home to call my own. Look at me now…

Savvy wakes ed 2


There you have it…let’s hope I had long enough to make sure the Universe listened to me.


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