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2016 Is Going to be a Great Year


I know you are all busy having lots of fun celebrating the New Year. And we, meaning me, The Kid Sage (TKS) and Mom L and Dad P had a pawsome time celebrating the incoming year as well.

TKS and I send you all our warmest wishes for a bright and rescue filled New Year.

Thank you all for being our fans and furriends

Thank you all for being our fans and furriends

This may not be my most original post, but it us surely one of my most heartfelt posts. I have been reviewing my Google Analytic data,  and frankly I am embarrassed I have not delivered all that my readers and followers enjoy.

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions, after all, I am a cat…what cat does that, right?

But…I am taking a tough love look at what I need to be doing to keep you returning to visit me and to keep you on my page longer than the 16 seconds Google Analytic documents. Clearly, in 16 seconds, my posts are too long…or not focused on what you, my dearest pals, enjoy reading.

I encourage any of you who are willing to leave me some comments about what you like about my blog and what you want more of and less of. I know I can do ‘survey’…but heck, we are pals, right? So I trust that those of you who have something to tell me and share with me will do so.

‘Thanks’ doesn’t really cut it for me, but it is the best I can do to express my humongous appreciation for each and everyone one of you who stop by to check in on my when I post. or once a week…just thanks.


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