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2016 Is Going to be a Great Year


I know you are all busy having lots of fun celebrating the New Year. And we, meaning me, The Kid Sage (TKS) and Mom L and Dad P had a pawsome time celebrating the incoming year as well.

TKS and I send you all our warmest wishes for a bright and rescue filled New Year.

Thank you all for being our fans and furriends

Thank you all for being our fans and furriends

This may not be my most original post, but it us surely one of my most heartfelt posts. I have been reviewing my Google Analytic data,  and frankly I am embarrassed I have not delivered all that my readers and followers enjoy.

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions, after all, I am a cat…what cat does that, right?

But…I am taking a tough love look at what I need to be doing to keep you returning to visit me and to keep you on my page longer than the 16 seconds Google Analytic documents. Clearly, in 16 seconds, my posts are too long…or not focused on what you, my dearest pals, enjoy reading.

I encourage any of you who are willing to leave me some comments about what you like about my blog and what you want more of and less of. I know I can do ‘survey’…but heck, we are pals, right? So I trust that those of you who have something to tell me and share with me will do so.

‘Thanks’ doesn’t really cut it for me, but it is the best I can do to express my humongous appreciation for each and everyone one of you who stop by to check in on my when I post. or once a week…just thanks.


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63 thoughts on “2016 Is Going to be a Great Year

  1. We hope that your 2016 is the best year ever!

  2. Mee not know about GA or statistickss an mee not care either!!! Mee an LadyMum luv yur blogiess….thee fotoss; yur purrsonal sotriess; how Sage iss doin; all about Feral kat resckue… mee spend a lot more than 16 seckondss here so GA is full of bee-loan-ee…. trust mee Savannah…
    Sendin you Mew year greetinss an lotss of ❤ LUV ❤
    Siddhartha Henry =^,.^= an LadyMum 🙂

    • Thank you Dhartha, we know we read your bloggy all the way through too. Your words are heartening. We weren’t worried but just want to make my blog user friendly and interesting and fun to read

      • Savannah you have tott mee so-o much since mee joined LadyMum! An mee luvss thee fotoss of you an Sage. An wee adore how yur Mumma shares her stories about kat rescue! When it isn’t broken; do not fix it!!! Seereusslee yur bloggie iss purrfect as it iss!!
        ~~head rubsss~~ Dhartha Henry~~

  3. I like what Summer says, we aim to do that this year.

    I always say that google will conquer the worl when Google Analytics is user friendly. No matter what they say – it. is. not. Come on googleGirlsandGuys!!

  4. Mary McNeil on said:

    I read your blog all the way through. I think it takes me more than 16 seconds. I like it the way it is. Keep up the good work !

  5. hannahandlucy on said:

    Happy New Year to you all and hope all your wishes come true.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. meowmeowmans on said:

    Happy New Year, Savvy, TKS, and Mom and Dad! We love your blog, its focus and its frequency. I agree with Summer … maybe a schedule would be helpful. Otherwise, we kind of think you’re purrfect. 🙂

  7. pilch92 on said:

    Happy and healthy 2016 to you all! Your blog is purrfect.

  8. I hate GA. They always show I have only 1/3 of the views that Blogger tells me I have. I’ll come as long as your lovely Russian Blue face is on your blog. Love you BFGF and you know TW and I are always here for you. Hope 2016 finds you happy and healthy. Happy New Year.

  9. Happy New Year! We don’t know much about Google Analytics and maybe we don’t want to! Like anything else, they can be VERY wrong!

    The Florida Furkids

  10. Mom checks our analytics periodically too, but we just look at them as something interesting, not something to stress about. The most important thing is that YOU are happy with your blog. We don’t always leave a comment but visit as often as we can and always love what we see. Happy New Year to you all!

    • I am very happy with my blog. BUT if I want to have ANY influence anywhere on motivating readers to promote, share those adult homeless foster/shelter cats I write about then I need to keep my readers on my page long enough to WANT to help them…sigh

  11. Came by to bring you Extra fresh Pawkisses for a Happy and Healthy New Year and to tell you that we don’t know anything about the Google Analytic thingie, Savvy, and to be honest *whispers* we don’t care 😉 We blog for fun and we love to see you every day, but mostly we haven’t time to visit so often, because the lac of time. We found out for ourselves, that when we blog more than once a week, we do that sometimes, you know, but then we don’t get so much visitors as we have, when we blog once a week. Maybe that has nothing to do with your question, but it can give some impression of what is going on here. We ❤ u, and we hope you keep going on blogging as much as YOU want to 🙂 ❤

  12. The Swiss Cats on said:

    As long as we remember, Google Analytics never gave anyone a Special Certificate at the Nose-to-Nose Awards during BlogPaws conference, right ? We only wish we could comment more often. Happy New Year and best wishes for 2016 ! Purrs

  13. 16 seconds? 16 seconds! I cant believe that for a minute, or even 3. Anyway it’s the quality that counts, and you’re all pretty much purrfect in our book. Wishing you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year. purrs

  14. Wishing you all the best in 2016!!!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  15. Marty the Manx on said:

    Savvy there is nothing wrong with your blog! Analytic are worthless and you are putting too much stock in them! We love each and every post of your’s, that is why we follow you! We aren’t around as much because of Mom’s ridiculously busy job and that is very frustrating for us (and why Mom deleted our 1st blog last year). Blog because you enjoy it and we will read your blog because we enjoy you!
    Marty and the Gang

  16. The OP Pack on said:

    Dear sweet Savannah, we love your blog and visit as often as we can. We wish Mom had more time for us to play on our blogs with everyone, but we still love coming here.

    We send you, Sage, and your parents wishes for a wonderful 201^!!!

    Woos – Ciara and Lightning

    • Woos know I come to you as much as I can too. I know we all have very busy lives and I hope people and my anipals realize that I need Mom L to help me do the typing…she has those thumb thingies…and she is busy DOING rescue stuff…

  17. Two French Bulldogs on said:

    Happy New Year
    Lily & Edward

  18. debbarnes on said:

    I never liked surveys or analytics. Write from the heart – that is always the best course of action (said the Queen of the wordiest blog ever). Happy New Year from Deb and the Zee/Zoey kitties!

  19. Happy New Year from all of us dear friends! Hey, don’t believe everything you read from the analytics, we think your posts are purrfect and aligned wonderfully with your mission!

  20. First of all a Happy New Year to both of you and your family! I have never looked at the Google Analytic data, and if they are saying your posts are too long, then I am glad I haven’t looked. I think you are doing great the way you are, and phooey to google’s data!

  21. We don’t give those analytics stuff any credence. You just keep doing what you’re doing…and we’ll be here. Happy New Year!

  22. mistletoeandhitch on said:

    Happy New Year to you Savannah, Sage, DadPeter & MomLinda! Please don’t change too much! Our HuMom is always pleased when she sees your post in her inbox. Sometimes we have to wait a bit for life to quiet down so she can read us your post but she says you can’t do anything about what’s happening here. If that’s true and you can’t help us patrol the windows to keep the limbo kitties away, well then we think your blog is great as it is. If you do figure out a way to stop Mr. Beautiful Long-haired Orange & White in his own yard, well then you’d be perfect. Anyway, we think you do a great job on the blog and we are always impressed by the work you do to help the Shadow kitties. So, tell Google Analytics to sit on it, and rotate. (I can’t believe the HuMom just typed that! Hopefully it made you laugh because it even embarrassed Hitch!).
    Please keep doing what you do. We love seeing you in our inbox!
    Happy New Year!!

  23. Savvy and Sage ..Mum L and Dad P…Google analytics are just numbers ..the only numbers that matter are rescues..rehomes..and happy ever after stories..16 seconds..pfffft..we think you are doing just fine..a mix of fun fact advice and info..everything a blogger gorgeous pictures..we may be awol a bit but current weather dictates our visits and i imagine my googlitics will be appalling as i am off my blog..but friends are always back..and always have your back…so no more worrying…Happy New Year sweeties..loves Miss Bev xx

    • You are right Miss Bev. Real friends do always return. I hope we can do better with photos. We have trouble knowing how to size them in Photo Shop Elements so they fit my blog page properly and don’t make great big files to eat up my allowed photo space on Word Press

      • I think if you go to save for web..then you can reduce image will come up as 100 for 30..may be different to what i do…get Mum L to dr google how to 🙂 xxx

  24. Katie Isabella on said:

    A pox on Google Analytics!!!

  25. Katie Isabella on said:

    Savvy, I don’t know what Google Analytics are or how you find see them and I may not like what I see either if I had found them. My thoughts are this and they are sincere. Don’t go there and pay attention to it.

    I truly love seeing you and that literally. You are a beautiful girl as is TKS. Your blogs are absolutely fine. They lack nothing in my opinion. I like what Summer said.That is a valuable idea. For me…and who KNOWS what Google would say (PLEASE don’t bother yourself with that again…it does not serve any purpose). about MY blog but I just meow along about what I do and what my friends in y toy basket are doing. I meow about introoders (wait till I meow toDAY!!!) and just anything that passes over my Katie mind.

    Please don’t be discouraged Savvy and if you feel the you want to change anything, Summer’s idea might fit for you. LOVE you dear girl. Don’t you go anywhere!!!

    • I am not at all discouraged dear Katie, just wanting to improve and maybe encourage or motivate more new pals to visit my blog and follow me. If I am too long winded then I won’t get any new pals then without the NUMBERS I won’t be able to influence sponsors, brands to help me help rescues and help feed shelter kitties. Making a Difference is important to me and Mom L

  26. you love each other…. that’s the bestest thing for 2016… may it be a year full of love and peace and purrfect things for all :o)

  27. mariodacat on said:

    I like your blog Savvy. We just don’t get here very often because M’s back is so bad and she can only sit for short periods of time. Sometimes we start reading blogs, but have to quit because she needs to lay down. Happy New Year toy ou and your family.

    • Bless you Mario. I wasn’t tryin’ to get my pals to cough up to whether they visit often or comment at all. I am just tryin’ to learn and understand what I can do to keep my readers and followers and also how I can improve to attract new pals.

  28. 16 seconds!?!? Mom must be a slow reader. We are here way longer than that! Heck, it takes longer than that just to look at your gorgeous pictures and cute captions…. Happy 2016, kitties!

    Love and licks,

  29. Summer is one wise kitty – great advice….we love you just the way you are too though and wish all of you the very best new year EVER!

    Hugs, Sammy and Mom Pam

  30. I love your blog the way it is, Savvy – would I follow it otherwise? I love anything from rescue stories to stories of felines yet to be adopted, from stories about you and Sage (you don’t have to love each other, just to live with each other) to stories about mass neutering actions, from sad stories (hopefully not so many) to joyful ones (I hope for many of those).

  31. tonkstail on said:

    We completely agree with Summer – and we’ve found that scheduling types of posts on certain days also frees the mom up a bit. Not sure this helps at ALL….

  32. We think your bloggie is just fine, Savvy, and we don’t understand why Google Analytic should think otherwise.
    We love you and TKS and your bloggie just the way you are!
    The only thing We would change is for you to visit Us more often (mol).
    Happy New Year.

    Trixie, Caspurr, Shimshi and Mummy Shimona.

  33. Happy New Year! I don’t want to see LESS of anything from you guys! If anything I want more! Maybe the best thing you can do is set up specific days of the week to post specific things so we know what to expect, and then give yourself the freedom to post or not post as you feel on the non-regular days.

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