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What’s An Award Between Friends?


I made a new pal not too long ago. I know most of you already know him, and if you don’t then you must transport right over to his blog and visit. His name is Purrseidon and he is one crazypants cat who totally loved the water! *shivers*

Purrseidon was very kind and thoughtful to honor me with an award. I know I stopped doing awards two years ago or more, but because he is special, and I liked his questions, I am accepting this nifty award.

The Brotherhood of the World Award


The award doesn’t say “why” it is being given but it does come with rules. And I will of course only follow the one rule which is to answer the questions Purrseidon himself has asked.

1. Do you purrfer to watch movies or read books?

Heh…heh…now that’s a really unusual questions for me, Savannah the Cat. Why I don’t care for books at all. And movies? Only if there are birds and squirrels and such for me to watch. But I do enjoy me some good bird ┬áTV.

2. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

Why Purrseidon, I would’t change one thing! Purrfection needs no updating now does it? And there is not one little tiny thing about me that I could change without destroying my total purrfection.

3. What is your favorite sport?

Ummm…I have TKS…who needs any sport when you have this crazy kid to watch all day?? However, I do now and then entertain myself with a good round of zoomies upstairs. I like to do this when the humans are watching TV cuz my paws make a really loud sound on the ceiling just over their heads.

4. What is the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you?

Ok, alright. I have been asked this many times. A picture is worth a thousand words as the saying goes. I got caught, just once, on camera in a somewhat embarrassing position.

*tink, tink* I can't get this alternate universe system to do a return trip!

*tink, tink* I can’t get this alternate universe system to do a return trip!

You see I was caught by the snappy box as I had my butt in the air, reaching into my control panels on my Three Way Teleport Tunnel to make some repairs. Mom L thought I was trying to dive into that top hole cuz there was some toy in there. Heh…heh…little does she know what I actually use this thing for.

5. What are you most proud of?

Oh my, why I am most proud of having all of YOU, my readers and followers come by to visit my blog every now and then. And some of you are kind enough to share Tweets with me and to engage in chat on my Face Book page. I am proud to have you all as my furriends.

And that’s it for what I will do to accept this nice award from Purrseidon. I am honored you thought of me my pal. So what IS an award between friends? Why it is a gift of respect and appreciation.


PeeEss…Please don’t forget to help me keep #mommakatssearch front and center on as many social media channels as possible. She is still searchin’ and searchin’ for someone to love her enough to give her that permanent home she’s hoping for. I can’t thank all of you who are helping enough. She and her kittens deserve the best this planet can give them.

Paw the badge to zip back to my blog post to refresh your memory about how courageous Momma Kat is. And watch one of the videos again to remember just how doggone cute those kittens are too!

Please be sure to use her special hash tag wherever you share her. #mommakatssearch

Momma kats search badge

And you can always use the special graphic my pals from Three Chatty Cats made just for Momma Kat. It does a great job of telling her story and providing contact information. SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!

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