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Dona Nobis Pacem 2020 #Blog4Peace


I dashed around to ask Mom L to help me get my Blog Blast 4 Peace post up along with my Peace Globe.

I gotta admit, I’m using an old one ‘cuz we didn’t make a new for this year. I know that this year is tough one for so many humans around the world. This global pandemic stuff isn’t fun for anypawdy, us cats included.

But if we help each other with kindness and respect, we can find peace and safety in 2020.

Follow my paw tracks to bring peace to the world we share

This my favorite Peace Globe, hope you enjoy seeing it come around again. I am joining the Blog Hop over at my pal Brian’s Home, why don’t you come along with me and check out who else is there?


Dona Nobis Pacem: I Am A Peace Blogger #blog4peace


Today, I am a peace blogger. And even though I am a cat, I find it kind’a tough to be pawing my blog post for peace when I am sort of discombobulated by humans’ inability to keep our planet on a track for peace for all. And I include all of us cats in that “peace for all”.

I just wanna bring attention to my own little part of this great ole big planet. My county is in northern California and we have what is for me, Savannah the Cat, a huge overwhelming time. We have so many, so very many forgotten and unwanted cats that I cannot for even the nine lives I have, figure out how to help them in these overwhelming times.

My life has been made easy. You see, I was adopted by kind and caring humans who don’t care if I am a ‘lap cat’ or whatever else they want me to be. They just accept me for who I am. Don’t ya think the other humans on this planet could do the same for each other? Just a cat’s thoughts, but I wanted to put it out there.

I don’t have to sit in my humans’ lap, or run to them when they come home—heck I don’t even have to be always in good spirits and playful and healthy. And yet, they still love me, care for me and make me feel welcome.

Why can’t humans do that for each other? Not just today, but every day? Again, just my thoughts, as Savannah the Cat.

But for this day, this special day, I am and always will be—A Peace Bloggin’ Cat!


Dona Nobis Pacem #blog4peace


Humans are in conflict across many geographical regions. We write today to join the global blog effort to promote peace across our world.

Today we join the blog blast 4 peace.

blog 4 peace

I, Savannah the Cat—and I, Mom L, the human—believe that Margaret Mead said it best:

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” ~Margaret Mead

We offer to you, our readers, for consideration, a human who is daily demonstrating what true peace can look like. Caring for humans and companion animals in a war zone.

Can’t we make this man’s commitment our own? Just asking—

The Cat Man of Aleppo

This human has been working diligently to save both the stranded cats, and some woofies in the war torn Aleppo. He also works endlessly to help humans in need, for both food, medical care and even providing young children a play area near the cat sanctuary.

Please do consider visiting the Face Book page for this amazing human who is a model for Blog 4 Peace.

If you have green papers to donate that is great, but mostly just consider SHARING TO SHOW YOU CARE.


Follow my paw tracks to bring peace to the world we share

Follow my paw tracks to bring peace to the world we share


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