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Blog Paws Cat Lounge and Swag Bag


I know that lots of my readers would enjoy being able to attend the Blog Paws Conference. So I asked Mom L to share just a few more photos on my blog; the remainder will be on my Ms Savvy Do Face Book Page later today.

The first slide show gives you an idea of all the totally pawsome products that were on display in the Cat Lounge. This is a special area in the exhibitors hall set aside for ‘just cat’ stuff. Miss Kate Benjamin of Hauspanther¬†works with a ton of vendors to bring fabulous cat products for our enjoyment. And best of all, anyone can fill out an entry form and at the end of the conference, Miss Benjamin pulls entries from a magic hat and all the products you see are given away to lucky conference attendees!! Bummer for me that Mom L did not win anything this year…pffttt!


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And of course every attendee was given a “Swag Bag”…you could get a dog or cat specific bag. Mom L, or course, chose the Cat Swag Bag.

I will be GIVING AWAY A COMPLETE BLOG PAWS SWAG BAG next week; so stay tuned. Mom L had to ask her friend Miss Janet from The Cat On My Head to take hers home (Miss Janet drove) and then mail it to Mom L. Remember, Mom L had to leave a day early to get back to me and TKS and to get back to home hunting.

The Cat Swag Bag…

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Hope you enjoyed seeing another part of Blog Paws 2015. Again be sure to visit my Face Book Page later today to see some of my pals Mom L met!


Blog Paws: The Scene and Members


As you know, Mom L went to Blog Paws in Nashville. Unfortunately she had to leave early and missed the whole day Saturday and the Nose to Nose Awards on Saturday night. She was needed by me and The Kid Sage at home. We are starting to really feel the stress of trying to find a new home and Mom L needed to get home to search for a home…na’mean??

soft savvy PSE10

Let’s take a look at Blog Paws

I asked Mom L to help me share some of her impressions and experiences with mostly photos for the rest of this week. Dad P arrives back home today and then they begin the home hunt even more earnestly. So photos are lots easier and less time consuming than words…right?

Besides, I wanted to share the whole BP experience as much as possible for those of my pals who are not able to attend.


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And there were lots of members with fur…unfortunately Mom L missed photos of the ferrets, rats, bunnies etc…

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Hope you enjoy these unprofessional, impromptu photos.


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