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And the Paws Have It


I am back again, with my apologies, with yet another blog post showing how much Mom L is enamored with my toesies. What can I say—I do have lovely toesies, don’t ya think?

Check out my dainty white paws and pink pads

Check out my dainty white paws and pink pads

Kitties and woofies I am not going to make you look at photo after photo of my paws and paw pads—ummmm…well….not so much that is. But Mom L is particular and really wants to show off her favorite views of my toesies. So please bear with me. (hover over each photo to view fun captions)

Apparently I seem to captivate Mom L during play when I am inside one of my tunnels and sneaking paw whacks on a feather or whatever.

Now I happen to believe the next two photos show off my best features of my back toesies—

Back toes

Back toesies and pink pads

And my front toesies—

Front toesies and pink pads

Front toesies and pink pads

Now be honest my pals, do you think my back toesies or my front toesies are my best feature??

And I really wanna hear from all of you about whether or not your humans are as infatuated with your toesies as my Mom L seems to be with mine. Come on, speak to me!!


NEVER FORGET MOMMA KAT—still not adopted nor any of her five kittens, now six months old.

Momma kats search badge

The Paws Have It


Maybe I’m the only cat in the cat blogosphere with this question, but I have to ask—

Why is Mom L so fascinated with my paws and toesies? She even likes TKS’ paws and they are really tough to photograph. Do any of you have humans who take a kabillion photos of your paws! And of course, our very special toesie pads too???

I searched through my terabyte drive where Mom L tosses all her photos of me and TKS, and found a whole FILE, yes I said it, a WHOLE FILE of just paws and toesies. What the cat is she thinking? Is she thinking she might want to try painting them? Or putting them in a book or something like that? What??

Front paw at rest

Front paw at rest

Front paw in action

Front paw in action

Now I can see Mom L must be trying to collect some kind of “yin and yang” sort of images. Why would she be wanting to do that? (captions show if you hover over photo)

Honestly, the rest of the paw and toesie photos have no rhyme or reason, whatever that means.

Now here’s a thought for all of my readers. What do you say about all of us collecting some photos of a bunch of our paws and toesies and making a collage out of them??!! I betcha we could make that image totally go viral?? Let me know if you want to join in on the fun.


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