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Happy Holidays to All My Readers


I want all my readers to receive my holiday greeting e-card so I am posting it today. I will be back next Friday with more Friday Memes, I promise. Mom L, Dad P and I and Sage, Katie, Domino and our foster Binky wish you all a most joyful and warm holiday, however you may celebrate. And if you do not celebrate any holiday this time of year, then we wish you blessing for a most wonderful New Year!!!

This is our sweet foster girl, Binky (Reesie to her family). She is now six months old and no one has even inquired about adopting her for the whole three months she has been listed on Pet Finder and Adopt-A-Pet. If you live in the San Francisco Bay area or know family and friends who do, please share Binky’s posting in hopes of her finding her forever home before 2023!


Click here to find her on Pet Finder. Mom L is updating her photos ‘cuz we have lots more that are way better than the ones on this  site. Binky is a medium long hair girl, so sweet and snuggly. She totally enjoys being a bed buddy for Dad P or Mom L. They take turns sleeping with her in her guest room. Binky is quick to play chase with any wand toy and she likes being held, and will sit in a lap for some pets.

Have a marvelous holiday season.


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