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#Secret Santa Paws celebration!


At last I can share our Secret Santa Paws prezzies! Dad P and Mom L didn’t get our stockings or our Secret Paws gifts to us until after New Years! I think they need a refresher on the course in proper kitty care, don’t you?? We are so happy we pawticipated in the 2022 Secret Paws gift exchange that Ms. BJ Bangs took on managing after our dearest Miss Paula passed away last year. Thank you so much Miss BJ for doin’ this for all of us!

So you are gonna see our stocking stuffers mixed up with our Secret Paws prezzies ‘cuz we all just kind’a dug into the box at the same time we did our stockings. Our fabulous Secret Santa Paws was the incredibly talented blog Four-Legged Furballs.

Let me tell you! Those four-legged furballs sure do know how to make a bunch of kitties happy campers!! Their human, Miss Lorianne, helped those six kitties pick out some mighty fun prezzies! And the kitties’ human Grandma made some special nap pads for each of us; even one for Mom L. Of course, we already snagged the one Mom L got so’s we could use it for ourselves! MOL!!!

So here we go—some photos to show off our wonderful Christmas celebration (once our humans let us at our prezzies!!)

Sage could smell the catnip toys in her stocking and she wasted no time bunny kicking the snot outta her stocking as she tried to get at that nip! Then she did a dumpster dive and almost got her head stuck in her stocking. Silly cat!

Mom L offered my stocking for me to preview with a couple of sniffs. Then she had to open stuff up and present it to me. I wasn’t gonna get outta my nice beddie and mingle with all those crazy pants youngsters like Sage was! You can see that I finally gave up and nodded off again.

Even our shy Katie go into the action. She especially loves anything with catnip in it—just like her Auntie Sage! You can see her inspecting my empty stocking on the floor. She wouldn’t look into her own; silly little girl.

As for The Domino Kid aka Domino aka Domie aka “the boy”—he was all over everything once he got the hang of what was going on. Remember, this was his FIRST EVER Christmas just like it was for our foster girl Binky. Domino found this one wand toy right outta the shipping box and he wasn’t gonna ever let that go!!

Last but never ever the least—our sweet foster girl, now seven months old, stood back and watched for a bit. But then she got right into it.

I wanna share a couple of photos of our newbie Domie, and our foster Binky along with sweet Katie. These three are the “youngsters” in my castle and they are having such a good time these days what with chasing each other up and down the stairs playin’ tag and anything else they can imagine to do together.

Just look at  our Ambassador Katie, talking to Domie and Binky; tellin’ them how special they are and how much we all love having them in my castle. Katie took time to do some nose kisses with her new gal pal, Foster Binky. And TKS allowed the two other  young house panthers on the bed to help open all our prezzies.

I’d say we all had a marvelous Christmas and our Secret Paws are the most spectacular gift finders ever!! Please go visit Four-Legged Furballs!!


Boxing Day without Boxes


As you can see from these photos, we, sadly, did not have any boxes to save to play in on Boxing Day. The disappointing truth is that Mom L ordered a glorious new artificial tree online. It arrived late but Dad P got it all set up and it  was indeed splendid. Then as they were on their last thirty minutes “fluffing” the branches, the already included tree lights went out and never came back on!!

So that tree was returned and Dad P got out our old standby, purchased over ten years ago for only $25 USD!! And that little tree is standing in my living room, without any prezzies, or  decorations but its lights are working!!

We were all still working community cat rescue and trap, neuter, return challenges right up to Christmas Eve. So not much got done for the holidays around here. But Dad P got out our stockings and Mom L hung hers and Dads on the tree. And of course, that attracted Domino as this is his very first Christmas tree!! He has already joined Katie in sampling the artificial tree leaves—ICK! But once something was hanging on that tree! Well it got his total attention!

Here he is on tippy toes checking out the inside of the tree.

Of course he doesn’t think anyone could see him!! MOL!!! Then he decided to sit back on his haunches to rethink his tree inspection strategy (aka trying to learn how those stockings were attached!).

Then he thought he outta give a look further inside the tree. And of course, he assumed no one would notice him. Can you see where his head is? Let me know in comments. He is certain you cannot see him.

Now he is ready to inspect exactly how those stockings are really hanging on this tree. So’s he sticks his head out and has a look see.

He just cannot stand it any further and must stick his head all the way out to get a really good look. Still thinkin’ no one can see what he is doing!!!

That’s how we spent our Christmas Eve. Christmas Day Mom L and Dad P went to a movie and Mom L finally got my Secret Santa Paws packages ready to mail. I am soooooooooo embarrassed that my package is going to be so very late. But, cat rescue comes first in my castle. Do you have any Christmas tree peepers in your home??


Happy Holidays to All My Readers


I want all my readers to receive my holiday greeting e-card so I am posting it today. I will be back next Friday with more Friday Memes, I promise. Mom L, Dad P and I and Sage, Katie, Domino and our foster Binky wish you all a most joyful and warm holiday, however you may celebrate. And if you do not celebrate any holiday this time of year, then we wish you blessing for a most wonderful New Year!!!

This is our sweet foster girl, Binky (Reesie to her family). She is now six months old and no one has even inquired about adopting her for the whole three months she has been listed on Pet Finder and Adopt-A-Pet. If you live in the San Francisco Bay area or know family and friends who do, please share Binky’s posting in hopes of her finding her forever home before 2023!


Click here to find her on Pet Finder. Mom L is updating her photos ‘cuz we have lots more that are way better than the ones on this  site. Binky is a medium long hair girl, so sweet and snuggly. She totally enjoys being a bed buddy for Dad P or Mom L. They take turns sleeping with her in her guest room. Binky is quick to play chase with any wand toy and she likes being held, and will sit in a lap for some pets.

Have a marvelous holiday season.


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