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My Secret Santa Paws 2019


First, I promise this blog post will still get your Friday smiles going!! Every year for the past seven years we have pawticipated in Secret Santa Paws, hosted and organized by the incredible kitties and human at Sweet Purrfections. Without Truffle, Brulee and Miss Paula, this wonderful event would not happen at all!!

The deal is that I get selected to be Secret Paws for cat/cats who blog and then in turn some kitties are selected to be MY Secret Paws. It’s a wonderful gift exchange between cats who love to write blogs!

Anywho, moving on. So this year I got to be Secret Santa Paws for wonderful buddies The Island Cats, Ernie and Zoey and their human, The Lady With The Yellow Hair Miss Sue.

I gave Mom L a shopping list and let her use my secret Savannah’s Paw Tracks credit card. And oh my cat did Mom L ever do a great job shopping! So great that TKS, KK and I all wanted to be sure to send off our gifts with some of our very own kitty spit!

That’s us helping Mom L wrap the prezzies we sent to The Island Cats. You can probably tell we really like the selections Mom L made!

Fast forward to Christmas morning when we finally got to open our box from our own Secret Santa Paws, The Celestial Kitties, Leo, Glitter and Cashmere!!

I stayed in bed late on Christmas morning so KK and TKS did the honors for all of us. And TKS was first to get right into that box to start getting those wrapped packages out where she could play with them.

And did those three ever send the bestest ever prezzies to us!! As some of you know, Miss Andrea is known for her skill with those knitting needles and she used them to make a special catnip mousie for EACH of us. You can see that Katie totally loved hers!!

Of course TKS also went nip crazy over several of the prezzies.

You can see that our Secret Santa Paws knew just what we liked. And one of the bestest ever was the paper bag made from catnip paper!

And if you think TKS and KK were nipped out after opening their Secret Santa Paws, you haven’t seen them opening their Christmas stockings!! Remember this is Katie’s first ever Christmas with a loving family!

Of course TKS got to the stocking before anyone else. First there were three on the fireplace mantel.

And then only two!

TKS also had another nip hangover after going through her stocking.

All in all, we kitties had a pawsome Christmas!! Thanks again to Celestial Kitties for their generous prezzies. We are still enjoying each and every one!

So how was your holiday?


My Secret Santa Paws ROCK!


I know this is the first day of a whole New Year and I am just getting around to posting about our Secret Santa Paws package. But, I have a good excuse for bein’ late. You see we haven’t had any drippy water days here but Ms. Sunshine sure has been stingy with her light. Seriously, we haven’t had enough natural light for Mom L to take photos of us enjoying our prezzies.

We finally got a couple of hours yesterday so Mom L had TKS get to opening that big box from our Secret Santa Paws. We are tickled our package was sent by our pals from Lola The Rescue Cat, Lexi and Lola!! APAWS for our Secret Santa Paws because they totally rock!

Unfortunately I wasn’t willing to leave my warm snuggly Alfie bed, so I let TKS do all the inspecting and opening of the prezzies. My art-right-us has kept me from doing my usual snoopervision chores. Good ole TKS was more than ready and willing.

Ok, can I dive in now?

Of course Mom L had to get her iPhone ready so TKS had to cease and desist.

Seriously Mom L! I don’t wanna wait much longer!

Finally she got the go ahead.

Now!! Take my photo for cat’s sake so’s I can get to inspecting

Now for the real work. Nosing out the best stuff to open first!

Snuffle, sniff, sniff—ahchoo!! I found the NIP!

Mom L had to get the prezzies ready for TKS to open, but in the mean time, I think TKS got a bit distracted.

Wow!! I can’t believe Lola and Lexi let us have this paper snake toy!! Awesome!

Then TKS became even more confused in what was a prezzie and what was the stuff used to “send” the prezzies.

What a treasure. They even sent us their very best ever box!

Finally Mom L shooed TKS away so she could at least get a photo of all the nice toys Lola and Lexi sent us and Miss Dawn even sent Mom L some sweets and a cute kitty coin purse. Mom L asked me to come down and pose but I said nope, not moving. So she sorta kinda shopped me into the photo just so my readers get to see me and all our prezzies.

Check this all out. Sweet! Don’t’ya think?

Thanks tons to Lola and Lexi and Miss Dawn for being our 2017 Secret Santa Paws!


PeeEss: I sure would appreciate it if you would place the badge below on your blogs to help me help Foster Kitten Andi let her forever family know she is waiting for them to find her. I’m gonna keep her on my blog until she finds her family.


Our Purrsonal Secret Santa Paws


My first impression of our Secret Paws kitties is that they and their human are PURRSONAL!!  From the beginning of the package wrap to all the thoughtful gifts inside, every single item was PURRSONALLY thought out.

This is gonna be a great Chrissymouse Secret Santa Paws!

This is gonna be a great Chrissymouse Secret Santa Paws!

I did not know my Secret Paws cat blog until Sweet Purfections matched us up this year. And guess what??!! My Secret Paws kitties did not know about ME until they were matched up this year. The Four Legged Furballs are my new best furriends!!

If you don’t participate in the Cat Blogosphere Secret Paws each holiday season, you might miss out on gaining pawsome new furriends!!

Now on to our Chrissymouse Day unwrapping! I abstained this year and let The Kid Sage do the honors. And no, I am not feelin’ bad or poorly—I simply still have shyness wherever TKS is involved. That said, you are gonna luvluvluv seein’ her get into our package!

*snuffle* Oh yes, this is totally purrfect

*snuffle* Oh yes, this is totally purrfect

One of our gift toys was a wand toy, with FEATHERS!! Just like I asked for. And TKS enjoyed it even more!

Gotcha' my pretty!

Gotcha’ my pretty!

Our Secret Paws stuffed our package with all our favorite items.

Nip, crinkly noise and a treat ball!!

Nip, crinkly noise and a treat ball!!

And then they went above and beyond with our favorite treats!

Greenies for TKS and Party Mix Chik-hen for ME

Greenies for TKS and Party Mix Chik-hen for ME

I did come downstairs to check out the warm blankie we each received and to check out the new feather wand toy.

I like the smell of these feather and this blankie

I like the smell of these feather and this blankie

Of course Miss Lorianne sent Mom and Dad something just for them and again, it was PURRSONALLY made by her. Mom Linda is over the moon in appreciation of this very thoughtful art Miss Lorianne created. She must know that Mom Linda supports and works for cat rescues!

Our new fridge magnet

Our new fridge magnet

And not just the fridge magnet but chocolates too! Dad Peter is chomping away on these! (please click to bigify)

Chocolate for Dad Peter

Chocolate for Dad Peter

This has been a bit of a stressed filled holiday season for me and my family and we so appreciated this incredibly thoughtful and purrsonal package from The Four Legged Furrballs and Miss Lorianne. Truly very special.


I will have some updates on how Momma Kat is progressing in her continuation toward greater socialization. She is certainly making progress!

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