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My Secret Santa Paws 2019


First, I promise this blog post will still get your Friday smiles going!! Every year for the past seven years we have pawticipated in Secret Santa Paws, hosted and organized by the incredible kitties and human at Sweet Purrfections. Without Truffle, Brulee and Miss Paula, this wonderful event would not happen at all!!

The deal is that I get selected to be Secret Paws for cat/cats who blog and then in turn some kitties are selected to be MY Secret Paws. It’s a wonderful gift exchange between cats who love to write blogs!

Anywho, moving on. So this year I got to be Secret Santa Paws for wonderful buddies The Island Cats, Ernie and Zoey and their human, The Lady With The Yellow Hair Miss Sue.

I gave Mom L a shopping list and let her use my secret Savannah’s Paw Tracks credit card. And oh my cat did Mom L ever do a great job shopping! So great that TKS, KK and I all wanted to be sure to send off our gifts with some of our very own kitty spit!

That’s us helping Mom L wrap the prezzies we sent to The Island Cats. You can probably tell we really like the selections Mom L made!

Fast forward to Christmas morning when we finally got to open our box from our own Secret Santa Paws, The Celestial Kitties, Leo, Glitter and Cashmere!!

I stayed in bed late on Christmas morning so KK and TKS did the honors for all of us. And TKS was first to get right into that box to start getting those wrapped packages out where she could play with them.

And did those three ever send the bestest ever prezzies to us!! As some of you know, Miss Andrea is known for her skill with those knitting needles and she used them to make a special catnip mousie for EACH of us. You can see that Katie totally loved hers!!

Of course TKS also went nip crazy over several of the prezzies.

You can see that our Secret Santa Paws knew just what we liked. And one of the bestest ever was the paper bag made from catnip paper!

And if you think TKS and KK were nipped out after opening their Secret Santa Paws, you haven’t seen them opening their Christmas stockings!! Remember this is Katie’s first ever Christmas with a loving family!

Of course TKS got to the stocking before anyone else. First there were three on the fireplace mantel.

And then only two!

TKS also had another nip hangover after going through her stocking.

All in all, we kitties had a pawsome Christmas!! Thanks again to Celestial Kitties for their generous prezzies. We are still enjoying each and every one!

So how was your holiday?


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13 thoughts on “My Secret Santa Paws 2019

  1. meowmeowmans on said:

    Wow! Those are such awesome presents you sent to te Island Cats! And we LOVE the ones you got, too. You look like you really enjoyed them!

  2. What a pawsome time you all had.And those presents are perfect for you guys.
    Anyway Katies photo that you entered into my Christmas and Holiday Countdown was one of my favourite 3 so please can you email your address so that we can get your surprise gift mailed to you,xx Speedy

  3. What a wonderful Christmas you all had. Thanks so much for sharing it with us. We sure love Christmas with our friends

  4. 15andmeowing on said:

    Those are all great gifts. I am glad you all had a nice Christmas. Happy New Year! XO

  5. Memories of Eric and Flynn on said:

    Those are lovely Secret Paw presents that you all got.

  6. OMC! You guys got lots of fun presents! And we can’t thank you enough for all the gifts you sent us. Zoey loved her Yeowww toy a little too much already and chewed a big hole in it!

  7. learnwithdash on said:

    Oooh this is WONDERFUL!!!!

    We were Secret Paws TO Celestial Kitties so it is great to see another part of the circle and I LOVE the photos of the gifts. Brilliantly done.

    Live to you all.

  8. The Swiss Cats on said:

    Those are wonderful presents ! Have fun and enjoy it ! Purrs

  9. Well that DOES look like a pawsome Christmas! Knitted mousies and catnip, catnip, catnip! Wow! Lucky kitties. You all made Katie’s first Christmas really special!

    Love and licks,

  10. Y’all sure were having fun with all of those wonderful goodies!!!

  11. Carole Schulman on said:

    I love seeing everybody’s posts too. I love this CB tradition. You all were blessed with Mom Andrea’s and Cashmere and Leo and Glitter’s selections. I loved seeing them and how much you all enjoyed them. Happy New Year Girls and Mom and Dad.

    Katie Isabella

  12. Those were great secret paws presents – both the ones you gave and the ones you got! I think this is my favorite cat blogosphere tradition. I love seeing everyone’s posts!

  13. Oh yay! So glad you got to open your presents on Christmas! And so very happy you liked them! We had a ball shopping for them!!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year all of you!!

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