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Getting kittens ready for adoption: Kitchen Clinic Time!!


You all know that Mom L luvluvluv’s doing Community Concern For Cats (CC4C) Kitchen Clinics at Miss Gemma’s home kitchen. Miss Gemma is CC4C’s President and has been saving the lives of feral/abandoned community cats for thirty plus years. The Kitchen Clinic veterinarian is Mom L’s good friend Miss Josie, a retired feline DVM specialist.

When you see a kitten looking like this screaming dude next, just remember—he has NOT EVEN BEEN TOUCHED YET!!! MOL!! Miss Gemma is holding him and talking sill gibberish and loving on him while Doc Josie is using that clear plastic bottle you see in most photos to sterilize the site on the kitten’s left hind leg she will be doing a quick blood draw to test for FeLV.

Some kittens are screamers and others just say “Jeeze lady, just get this over with already!!”

This Kitchen Clinic can sometimes examine, test, provide worming and vaccinations and flea treatment for up to 30 kittens in about four hours.

Sometimes, one or two of Miss Gemma’s adult cats decide to invade the Kitchen Clinic. And four weeks ago that’s what two of them did and they chose Mom L’s work site for their sit in!!

Doc Josie is very diligent in doing a Vet check on each and every kitten.

Miss Gemma is the “holder” and Mom L is the record keeper and all three luvluvluv doing this because they all get to love on so many kittens and sometimes the mom cats too!

Bet’cha every reader has a smile going after this blog post. All these kittens are headed for wonderful homes and all their mom cats have been TNR’d.


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