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Joy and Sadness—Rescue Hurts


*wiping leaky eyes*

Oh, hey everyone. Glad you stopped by to have a look at my favorite Sunday Selfie contribution of the WHOLE YEAR! I am again joining the gang Kitties Blue for their infamous Sunday Selfie Blog Hop. Paw that badge and be transported over to some of the most fun photos ever!!

Sunday Selfies Badge

Yes, I am serious, this is, and will always be, my most fave photo submission for 2016. And it hurts as much as it gives joy. Trust me. Remember the kittens and their feral Mom Cat. I introduced the kittens about eight weeks ago? here, here

The kittens slept through their first Vet visit. Mom L had to haul each one from its slumber to get weighed. They are so very confident, thanks to their foster family and their feral Mom Cat who trusted this family to protect her and her kittens.

A day at the Vet's.

A day at the Vet’s.

They settled in quickly at Contra Costa Humane Society‘s  free roaming small shelter for cats, Kitty Corner, my former home.

Oh, hiya! we are just waiting for our permanent home

Oh, hiya! we are just waiting for our permanent home

The Mom Cat, Muñeca, has been crying and crying hoping to find her kittens and bring them to her. Mom L and I have been helping the foster family understand the joy and heartbreak of helping a feral Mom cat and her kittens. Thankfully, the foster family wanted Muñeca to be returned to them. She will be forever cared for and loved. She has been spayed, microchipped to the foster family, vaccinated, combo tested, wormed etc. She will have a safe life free from further kittens.

As Mom L has told me before, there is always great JOY and sometimes great HEART BREAK when we get into a PAW IT FORWARD project.

Let me know what’cha think of our latest PAW IT FORWARD project and PLEASE share with our readers what your experience is with doing the same thing.


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