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Joy and Sadness—Rescue Hurts


*wiping leaky eyes*

Oh, hey everyone. Glad you stopped by to have a look at my favorite Sunday Selfie contribution of the WHOLE YEAR! I am again joining the gang Kitties Blue for their infamous Sunday Selfie Blog Hop. Paw that badge and be transported over to some of the most fun photos ever!!

Sunday Selfies Badge

Yes, I am serious, this is, and will always be, my most fave photo submission for 2016. And it hurts as much as it gives joy. Trust me. Remember the kittens and their feral Mom Cat. I introduced the kittens about eight weeks ago? here, here

The kittens slept through their first Vet visit. Mom L had to haul each one from its slumber to get weighed. They are so very confident, thanks to their foster family and their feral Mom Cat who trusted this family to protect her and her kittens.

A day at the Vet's.

A day at the Vet’s.

They settled in quickly at Contra Costa Humane Society‘s  free roaming small shelter for cats, Kitty Corner, my former home.

Oh, hiya! we are just waiting for our permanent home

Oh, hiya! we are just waiting for our permanent home

The Mom Cat, Muñeca, has been crying and crying hoping to find her kittens and bring them to her. Mom L and I have been helping the foster family understand the joy and heartbreak of helping a feral Mom cat and her kittens. Thankfully, the foster family wanted Muñeca to be returned to them. She will be forever cared for and loved. She has been spayed, microchipped to the foster family, vaccinated, combo tested, wormed etc. She will have a safe life free from further kittens.

As Mom L has told me before, there is always great JOY and sometimes great HEART BREAK when we get into a PAW IT FORWARD project.

Let me know what’cha think of our latest PAW IT FORWARD project and PLEASE share with our readers what your experience is with doing the same thing.


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28 thoughts on “Joy and Sadness—Rescue Hurts

  1. Perhaps they can get Mom Muneca a little stuffed cat? Were they taken away too soon? I’m glad she found a home and home the cutie kittens do too.

    • awwww CK, they were not taken too soon. Just Mom Muñeca doesn’t know it. I hope to be able to announce each and every kitten’s new home in the next week. They are all so incredibly sweet and socialized even good with a small woofie!

  2. meowmeowmans on said:

    Poor Muñeca. We know that she will be okay, but it is very sad that she is so confused and upset. Thank COD her foster family is now her forever family. She;ll be loved forever and ever. 🙂

    We bet her babies will find forever homes very soon. They are so cute.

  3. We know it’s so hard to see Muñeca wonder where her babies are, but we know it’s all for the best! So happy they wanted her back!

  4. It is sad when the “circle of life” happens, but we are so happy that Muñeca has found a forever home. Thank you for sharing.

  5. We are so sorry Muñeca misses her kittens, but it is wonderful she has a forever family to care for her.

  6. Now that’s an happy end, Savvy and we are sure the kitties will find a furrever home too, they already know how to do a proper Selfie, who doesn’t want someone with those skills 😉 Good Luck Pawkisses are on the way 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤

  7. Those babies are SO CUTE! Bet the mama misses ’em tonnes but with the love of her new-found family, she’ll be more than okay. I just KNOW she will, for sure. And her babies will thrive in forever homes of their own, too. Purrs, Seville.

  8. Lovely story and family. So glad mom has her forever home. The babies will too, we suspect!!

  9. mochasmysteriesandmeows on said:

    What an amazingly beautiful story. So happy that everyone is safe and will have a wonderful life.

  10. Flynn on said:

    Those kittens are so cute! I am glad the mum cat has a home with the foster family.

  11. The Swiss Cats on said:

    Beautiful story ! We’re glad the momcat got her forever home. That’s a lovely Sunday Selfie. Purrs

  12. Mee-you LadyMum sayss thiss story iss a ‘happysad’ one…
    Wee hope Muneca will settull soon an know her kittss are all safe. Mee wunderss whether mee Mumma Tori still lookss fur mee????
    Pawtastick project Lady El….
    ***paw kissesss*** Dhartha Henry xxx an ((hugs)) LadyMum

  13. A happy ending for all,xx Speedy

  14. pilch92 on said:

    They are such cuties. I am glad the Mama got her forever home.

  15. oh, what precious angels. They look so much like Mama Cat’s kittens, the feral family I fostered last year. Mama Cat also cried and cried and cried when her babies went out for adoption. She just couldn’t understand why her kittens wouldn’t come to her when called like they always did! I cried with her every single time. But with love and care, she learned to let go, after a while. It is indeed heartbreaking

  16. Aren’t they cute?! My heart goes out for them to find good foster parents.
    Have a wonderful Memorial Day,

  17. Marty the Manx on said:

    Oh Savvy they are all so lucky and the kittens are so adorable. Very happy that Muneca’s family is so understanding.

  18. It must be sad for Muñeca…but we know she will recover from this and be safe…and her kittens will have the opportunity to find furever homes.

  19. I understand mom Muneca… and how horrible this moment was for her… and I’m so glad that Muneca got her babies back and a place she can call home now…

  20. Cute little babies……We sure hope everyone finds their forever. We always do…………

    Love, Sammy

  21. I’m just glad everyone is safe! Parting hurts sometimes, and it hurts a lot, but in the long run, there’s a new life, and love, and forever.

  22. I know our hearts break at the kitty mum’s distress. She misses her young kittens BUT they are safe, and thanks to the BEST care ever She has a good home. Please thank the loving family for caring so much about mom kitty.

  23. So far this story is all joy, Savvy. Mom got a forever home and those kittens might still find one, as they little and cute . So why the leaky eyes?

  24. Such sweet photos. It sounds has if everything has turned out well for the babies and their mom. We wish them all the best of luck. Thanks for sharing them Savvy on the blog hop. Tell Mom L that our mom is getting very excited knowing she will see her soon. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  25. A wonderful Sunday Selfie., more so when you know the story behind it. This is what makes all you are doing so invaluable, and such a joy to see. Those kittens and their mom are so lucky. No better gift than giving and saving life. purrs ERin

  26. OMC, those kittens are cute! So happy to hear da momma got her furever home.

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