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Where Do They Hide That Option?


Kitties and Woofies one and all. I have a total conundrum. I am sure it is just me, but I can so use your assistance.

Where, oh where, do these evil online products HIDE their “auto renewal” agreements?? I mean, here’s the deal. I must justify all my expenditures to Mom L, as she does have those disgusting but usable opposable thumbs, na’ mean???

Once again, I decided, as is my right ‘cuz I own this blog, to experiment with a particular product which shall go unnamed. Now when I experiment with said product types, I always, always try to insure that I have hunted down and killed deleted any and all buttons that force me to agree to “auto renewal”.

Sadly, I must admit, I missed one. Yes, yes—Mom L found one of those ridiculous charges on my our credit card bill.


Say what? I most certainly DID NOT PAW THAT BUTTON!!

Say what? I most certainly DID NOT PAW THAT BUTTON!!

But, now whoever “THEY” is, seem to want all my special ID numbers. Do you all think this might be someone attempting to steal MY IDENTITY??? *SHOCK*

Have any of you been held hostage by that unfound “auto renewal” button? Please, please share with me in comments how in Ceiling Cat’s name did you get OUT OF IT!!



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17 thoughts on “Where Do They Hide That Option?

  1. Scary stuff!! A lesson to us all to be very careful!!

  2. I guess I’ve been lucky ’cause that has never happened to me. Oh, believe me, I have been caught using the peep’s plastic but it was always on purpose and usually either for nip or whisks or an occasional eggbeater. purrs


  3. Sorry Savannah mee an LadyMum do not know anyfing about thiss top-pick! Wee hope Lady El can sort fingss out fur you!
    ~~head rubsss~~ Dhartha Henry~~

  4. Marty the Manx on said:

    It seems that more and more things have that hidden auto renewal. Mom is becoming leary of so much too because of it Savvy.

  5. Whoa! Whenever TW gets a “deal” on the newspaper where they’ll send all week for the price of the Sunday edition, she marks the date on the calendar like Summer’s human and cancels before then. Do you know there are actually companies that do nothing but help humans cancel their auto renews? TW read it to me before she went back to Sunday only service.

  6. How frustrating! Unfortunately, unless you’re on top of things, most everything will aut0-renew unless you double-check it and manually opt out of everything. Calendar reminders, like Summer mentioned, are a good idea so you don’t miss the opt out window.

  7. We never auto renew either, Savvy. Maybe you can contact the company and cancel. That’s how Amazon prime works…and Netflix, too.

  8. Hate the dreaded auto-renewal! Especially when it’s so hard to cancel them. Good luck!

  9. pilch92 on said:

    That has gotten me a lot on magazine subscriptions.

  10. Two French Bulldogs on said:

    Mom had to call a place once and repeatedly 87 times yelled and used her monster voice to stop auto renewal immediately. Or call your credit card company
    Lily & Edward

  11. usually anything like that just requires an e-mail or call to a toll-free number to cancel. Good luck. This has happened to mom before, but she’s always been able to cancel with one of these methods. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  12. What is this ‘auto renewal’ thingy??? I’m sure there is a way to WRITE these people and say NO, NO, NO auto renewal…plus “I already have a car, haha.” I hope you solve your problem but I’ll keep thinking about it.

  13. mistletoeandhitch on said:

    Having lived in a home with a human teenager for the last several years our HuMom has dealt with this problem 3 x’s that we can recall. Maybe she’s just been lucky but calling and explaining that the renewal was a mistake on her part has gotten the charges refunded all three times. If the company is anyway reputable a call to customer service should fix your problem. Good luck! We will cross our paws that this works out.

  14. oh how bad that this happened…. that’s a mean thing with that auto renewal… the mama stepped in that trap with a reader app for her smartphone :o(

  15. Oh! That’s terrible! Recently, my human needed something from Amazon, FAST, so she got a trial Prime subscription… and she scheduled the cancel date, with reminders a week and a couple of days ahead of time, so she could cancel before they charged her. So she went to town, ordering stuff from Amazon for a month, then cancelled… then could totally have used it again two weeks after she cancelled, when she needed something shipped right away. Still, she isn’t convinced that Prime would save her the amount she spends on shipping per year because she really doesn’t buy that much.

    So I guess, the important thing is to read the fine print and use the scheduler (iCal, or whatever Windows humans use) for free trials.

  16. When you enter something with a free trial period, write at the beginning of the trial period that you want to end at the end of said period. Immediately.

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