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Edible Dangerous Cat Toy #chewyinfluencer


As my long time readers know, I have been an advocate on many an occasion for products promoted by And if all I was tryin’ to do is show off a cool way to get a cat to eat somethin’ healthy WITHOUT teaching “said cat” to LEARN A DANGEROUS BEHAVIOR—I would be writin’ a totally different blog post.

Chewy asks us to write our most fair product review and I am doing just that.

Disclaimer: As members of the Chewy Blogger Outreach Program, we did receive monetary compensation for this review. We were provided one free sample in exchange for our honest and straightforward review. Chewy is not responsible for the contents of this post nor did they have any input. Savannah’s Paw Tracks only shares products and information that I truly believe my readers will find both useful and enjoyable.

As you all know, I am a most discerning consumer of the finer cat foods and treats. I have a delicate tummy and require extremely feline specific ingredients in my food and treats. But hey, I asked Mom L if we could try out this Pull and Play Cat Toy and she reluctantly agreed.

As you can imagine, I was not eager to partake of this “said” treat.

*gasp* this looks like the dreaded STRING!

*gasp* this looks like the dreaded STRING!

Not only did this cat treat toy look like STRING, it also has very concerning totally not species specific ingredients—in fact, this doesn’t have any natural ingredients, at least in my humble cat opinion. And while the label states that this “product” is made in the USA, it doesn’t state where all the following ingredients come from.

Ingredients (listed in order on the label)—rice, wheat gluten, glycerin, dried corn syrup, animal liver flavor,phosphoric acid, chicken meal, malt extract, salt, added color, dried cheese powder, yellow 6, vitamin E supplement, yellow 5 and citric acid.

Of course, TKS was on it in a kitty cat minute! She is also a string playin’ addict—I’m not kidding. Mom L and Dad P have to be extra special careful with their toofie dental floss and make sure not one teeny tiny piece is showing outside their enclosed rubbish cans in their bathroom. All our rubbish bins in my castle have lids which a cat cannot open just ‘cuz TKS is a total rubbish snoop!

If it looks like, acts like and seems like STRING, TKS is all in!

Whoa!! String! *chomp, munch, chew,slurp*

Whoa!! String! *chomp, munch, chew,slurp*

Given TKS’ immediate urge to chomp on that treat which resembles the dreaded string, we are giving this product a NO PAWS UP. Please do not purchase this cat toy and encourage all cat rescues to not allow it anywhere near kittens. It teaches dangerous behavior for cats, especially kittens. String, ingested, will cause a cat, no matter its age, to die if not treated immediately. And even if the “treat” were of better “food” quality, I, Savannah, would still be giving it a NO PAWS UP review.



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27 thoughts on “Edible Dangerous Cat Toy #chewyinfluencer

  1. That sounds REALLY dangerous. Nope, wouldn’t last around here. The peep would have it whisked away in no time. I’ve seen her confiscate dangerous toys, before. MOUSES!


  2. Great review!
    Thanks for the input and honesty…

    Noodle and crew

  3. pilch92 on said:

    Great review, I appreciate your honesty. We have one, but only use the treat part.

  4. Great and honest review. We can’t believe this is still on the market. At first when you said you got it to review, we were flumoxed but now we see you wanted to warn of the dangers. You are one smart kitteh.

  5. I bought one of these when I first saw them. Callie didn’t like it, but I thought she might since she loves string. (Guess those weird string treats are just not as good as the real stuff!) It was an impulse buy, but later on I started thinking the same thing you warned here. It might be kind of cool if you omitted to string part and just filled the bottom half with the treats for the cats to knock out.

  6. You know, sometimes I think these companies hire people to develop products without thinking things through. After all, do not “all cats play with string?” and don’t get such an awful idea vetted by a reputable pet organization (or even a vet!)
    We have a No String in this household after a very scary incident too.
    Great post Savvy and Mom

  7. meowmeowmans on said:

    Thanks for this review, Savvy. We questioned this toy from the very first time we saw it, for exactly the reasons you pointed out. Such a bad idea.

  8. Mary McNeil on said:

    Thank you for spreading the word on this !

  9. Thank you so much for sharing this… we know first hand what can happen when a cat unknowingly eats string or ribbon. Katie nearly lost her life. $2500 later, and with a cat who will forever suffer from PTSD due to the incident, I believe this toy is not only unhealthy but extremely dangerous.

    I shared my concerns about his toy with Purina and Friskies on social media a few months ago and my words fell on deaf and insensitive ears. In fact a bunch of other commenters ganged up on me and told me I didn’t deserve to have a cat because I was so irresponsible to have “let” her eat ribbon, causing her to have emergency surgery. I was so angry I could barely breathe.

  10. Very good review Savannah! Mom has seen this toy in pet stores up here in Canada but was moved to purchase said item. The item looks clumsy and those straw like things sticking up are not what the mom ordered. I have a “thing” for string, floss, cords, hoses….get the idea? Mom has to be careful with me cause I get overcome and don’t use the sense I was given. Ya ever been in love? Then you know where I’m comin’ from! Ya, I’m getting mouthy again mom. Like I said excellent review Savannah,


  11. Wee agreess with you Savannah!! NO Pawss Up fur this toy! Mee wood not know thee diffyrence an could eat thee wrong fing!
    Sumone DID NOT have their ‘finkin kat’ on when they cree-ated this toy!
    **nose kisssss* Dhartha Henry xxxx

  12. OMC we can’t believe anyone would make such a thing????? How many levels of stupid!

    Great review, completely stupid dangerous product

    Thanks fur sharing Savvy


    Basil & Co xox

  13. Sometime last year I bought one to see if my kitties would like it. And immediately hated the string like treat. But I didn’t have to worry. My kitties did not think it was food at all. They ignored it completely. I broke it up into small pieces and gave it to them in treat bowls, nope, still not food. Had to throw the string stuff away. But the container is still cool! Dry treats go in and they bap at it to get them out. They work for their treats! This one is harder to get treats out of then some others we have, so they work harder. It’s probably because it stands back up after a whap. That part, we like, but the string, no. Even Leo who’s favorite toy is his stringy (actually a heavy cord that can’t be swallowed or chewed in half) hated the string treats. Until TKS, I have not seen any kitty actually bite that stuff!

    • That is the problem with TKS, she will eat almost anything. She chomped that stuff like she tries to chomp ribbon at Christmas. Given her behavior, I do not doubt that she thought it was string! It is poorly conceived and that’s string stuff has a list of ingredients that is very troubling

  14. We really appreciate your honesty and opinion of this product. Sir Morton our resident kitty rescue will eat any piece of loose carpet, string, anything resembling rope. This is bad! I can’t tell you how many animals we see with foreign bodies. It’s is dangerous. Our older cats are just plain scarred of this toy. Thank goodness many other kinds of toys exist, a never end of other kinds of fun. Purrs

  15. We refused to review this toy for this exact reason. And we have made our feelings known to the company as well. We can’t believe they think this is a good idea.

  16. katie isabella on said:

    Excellent review. Usually I don’t meow to reviews but this one needs retweeting. Thank you. XXOO

  17. You’re right to be concerned, S. String-like foods send the wrong message. String is not OK for kitties. Ditto ribbons. Good job giving an honest review.

    Love and licks,

  18. Thank You for this very important review. I hope this product doesn’t reach the UK shores. In fact I hope the product is withdrawn, not only for the obvious risks, but also the ingredients. purrs ERin

  19. I’ve always been wary of the string shape of this treat too. My human is equally careful of the trash receptacles here – they all have lids, except the can in the office, which she wound up putting far, far out of my reach. I confess, like Sage, I am a dumpster diver!

  20. String is dangerous…………giving an honest review is how ALL reviews should be done…’s better to follow your heart than try to please the company that sent it.

    Hugs, Sammy

  21. I know Chewy give these things for honest reviews, and will respect your thoughts. It is not always the way that a good idea ‘works’ with the cats it was intended for. We respect your honesty and look forward to your next Chewy review!

  22. Shimshi would no doubt gobble up string if Mummy let him get hold of it. His purr-deliction for electric cables and telephone cords is quite bad enough without adding toys which are likely to encourage him to eat string. You are absolutely right to give it the paws-down, Savvy!

  23. You are absolutely right that no cat should be encouraged to EAT string. FunTom bites on normal string – but has not managed to get some off, yet. He really should not encounter edible string!

  24. Good to know! My dear Rom loved string, too, though we hadn’t realized that when he was very young… that Christmas, we put tinsel on the tree & quickly realized the litter box looked very festive … we have not put tinsel on a tree in years!

  25. Nice review. Poor product.

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