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Dinner Time—HRH Savannah Style


As you all know, I am a pawticular cat. I expect, and receive, my meal when and where I please.  My Dad P makes sure my wish is his command. Gotta luvluvluv my Dad P.

I always have to have at least two to three servings of my brekkies. Dad P understands this more than Mom L ever can. And Dad P serves my second and third brekkies anywhere I ask.

Yummy! My second brekkies delivered in my sunroom

Yummy! My second brekkies delivered in my sunroom

It’s kind’a sad that TKS just can’t seem to get the same service. Do you think that has to do with the fact that TKS INHALES her food??? What say you  my pals??

Please YRH Savannah! Can I have just a nibble or one large slurp???

Please YRH Savannah! Can I have just a nibble or one large slurp???

I must tell you, TKS—”No, as they said in the olden days…you can go eat fishcake!”  TKS has to learn that I am a most discerning cat connoisseur of all things friendly to cat consumption. TKS would consume anything given a nanosecond to inhale.

Sad, sad…but true. Do you have a cat or woofie who is ready to munch on any old thing no matter what it is???


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27 thoughts on “Dinner Time—HRH Savannah Style

  1. Mee finkss mee iss sumwhere inn thee middull Savannah. Mee has Brekkie at 6 A Em! Mee eatss it propurrlee. Then snack iss at 10 A Em. An mee eatss it propurree.
    Sup-purr iss anywhere frum 5:30-7 Pee Em (when mee askss fur it) an me eeatss propurrlee. An nite snack iss at 10 Pee Em an it iss Blue Wilderness Flaked Tuna an mee inhaless it like there was no tomorrow….
    An mee deemandss a 2nd helpin most nitesss…. mew mew me…
    So mee iss sorta a 50/50 kittyboy!
    ~~~Dharth Henry~~~

  2. I have a couple of each one. Cesar and Carlie will eat anything and as much as they can. Connor and Paco eat more slower and more refined. They also eat less I might add.

  3. You get to eat on your condo? I’m so jealous. MOUSES!


  4. I don’t get my meals served to me on my tower. All meals are served in the kitch-hen.

  5. You’ve got wonderful service, but now I’m hungry again!

  6. katie isabella on said:

    I am THE Queen here too. If I haven’t gone to the bowl after awhile, mommy picks it up and carries it to me wherever I am, including on the beds.

  7. Gracie is a much faster eater than Zoe. We kind of have to watch them at mealtime … otherwise Gracie gets about 1 1/2 servings to Zoe’s 1/2. 🙂

  8. Our cat Puck is like a garbage disposal.

  9. pilch92 on said:

    I am glad you get the royal treatment as a queen should.

  10. You are receiving the attention you deserve, S. That’s the way it should be. I am more like TKS. I eat first and ask questions later.

    Love and licks,

  11. As our humans discussed at length one day, I’m just like you. TW has to chase me all over the house to get me to eat something even if I like it. Then no one can move a muscle the entire time I’m eating. I demand attention. I like eating by the Litterbox Lounge, in Pop’s Place or on my cat tree. It’s all good.

  12. Ashton eats anything except cantaloupe. Seriously. Pierre is an eater like you, Savvy. He says you gotta have standards.

  13. I’ll eat anything. And everything.

  14. S & S…..knot men shunin any namez; but two cats round heer { dai$y & tuna }
    will eat any thing in site if itz on de floor N itz that way with reel for sure foodz & reel for sure why R ya eatin that hunk o cat hair that just getted brushed outta ya …kinda stuff

    butter lover boomer o cat ~~~~~~~
    🙂 ♥♥♥

  15. Two French Bulldogs on said:

    Good job wrapping Pops right around your paw
    Lily & Edward

  16. Oh yes, Savannah. Our Sophie will eat anything and everything – and fast. But our Olive sounds more like you.

  17. The OP Pack on said:

    That’s a pretty fancy table you have there, complete with a view:)

    Woos – Ciara and Lightning

  18. I like to get served my food on the mini cat tree, but I’m not so lucky. We used to wolf down our foods, but now that we’re a little older, we take our time. ~Ernie

  19. As royalty I would expect no less of your peeps. Sadly *sighs* ones staff don’t always appreciate the nuances of fine fare and timing, so I end up arranging things myself. But I never overeat, I mean a lady should never be seen wolfing her food down! purrs ERin

  20. oh wow! that looks like the restaurant they have here on a tower of a castle… no wonder you are HRH Savannah… I would love to eat the Savvy-style :o)

  21. Umm… that would be me… and Binga… and especially Boodie! None of us are particular and Boodie and I scarf our food down! Well, I’ve gotten a teensy bit more ladylike. Binga’s digestion isn’t always the best so she eats more slowly, but she eats anything and everything!

  22. Yes. Y e s. YES! Shimshi will eat just about ANYTHING! Caspurr is also pretty much of an omnivore and will even swallow clumps of fur shed by his fursibs. Only I, Queen Trixie, display any discrimination with regard to food consumption. Being a furry dainty ladycat, I am most pawticular about what I eat.

  23. mistletoeandhitch on said:

    We both have our rituals and the HuMom caters to us because she know that being a cat alone on the street is hard work and a meal is hard to come by. Maybe TKS eats so fast because she’s afraid someone will take it away if you doesn’t make it gone as fast as possible. HuMom fed Hitch by hand to teach him to slow down. Now she sometimes feeds him by hand just because they both like it, but at the start he ate really fast then barfed it all up. Slowing him down help him keep it down. That made everyone happy.

    • Julie on said:

      What a great solution to prevent them from eating so fast. My last kitty would eat too fast and throw it up also. Izzy though, he takes his time and eats in small amounts. I can only give him about a heaping tablespoon of canned food at a time or he walks away and leaves it for the dog.

  24. Hi Savannah, no, my two are not wolfing down their meals. I can leave kibbles out all day long, they eat only as much as they need.

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