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This Cat Made It Home #RTFworks


Bet’cha you have been wondering what Mom L has been doin’ with her Feline Express™ Driver’s credentials. Well she hasn’t been doin’ lots but I thought you would get a great big smile on your faces just watching this big mancat get home.

Mr Tomcat was in a bit of a huff when Mom L first lifted the blanket off his feral den.

Don't talk to me! Do you know what they did to me??

Don’t talk to me! Do you know what they did to me??

Eventually, he became a bit more curious as to what was going on.

Ok lady. I can see you. Now get me outta this tiny den!

Ok lady. I can see you. Now get me outta this tiny den!

Mr Tomcat weighed in at about 13 pounds (about 5.8 kg). Add the weight of the feral den and Mom L was happy she had asked Dad P to come along!

Our county animal shelter has had a tough time keeping up with the S/N for all the community cats being trapped and brought in. Mr. Tomcat was one of the lucky ones who got his neuter done faster.

Outcast Cat Help collaborated with Contra Costa Animal Services (CCAS) and Sacramento SPCA to clean out the shelter’s “feral room”. Forty community cats aka ferals, were transported last Sunday, about 2 hours each way, to Sac SPCA where they were spayed and neutered and returned late that same day. All for only 17USD!!! Let’s hear it for Sacramento SPCA!!! APAWS!!!

CCAS paid for 34 of the cats S/N fees and an anonymous donor covered the cost for the remaining six feral cats.

Forty kittes off for S/N

Forty kitties off for S/N

Mom L volunteers with Outcast Cat Help as a Feline Express™ driver which I have shared with you several times before, HERE. They do a lot of good with little funding. And our county animal services is not the cause of their inability to keep up with the high volume of S/N needed right now. The accountability falls directly on the shoulders of our Contra Costa County government and Board of Supervisors. They simply refuse to open their eyes to the challenges of cat over population in this county and leave the solution to be carried on the backs of the small private cat rescues and other nearby counties who are willing to help those rescues.

*dusts off white tipped paws, and steps off soap box*

Here is a happy Mr Tomcat being released to a yard he knows all too well. Watch how he goes right to the fence he has climbed many times before, knew right where it would be.


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