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Only Two More Days! Paw It Forward Commentathon and Blog Hop



What an exciting couple of days this has been for me and The Kid Sage.  We are now over half way to spending Mom L and Dad P’s total donation amount…keep those comments coming to my Oct 1 blog post…click HERE…to transport directly to it,

The Kid Sage and I are biting our claws hoping I get more comments and more Paw It Forward Blog Hop posts…OR ELSE…the humans are going to get off not pawing over the whole $150 promised. MOUSES!!

Don’t forget…writing your own Paw It Forward Blog Post and joining the Blog Hop just adds to my donation amount.

SavvyBlogHopHeadlineSimply click below and add your Paw It Forward story. Remember each comment you receive on that post, until midnight Saturday, Oct 4th,  will be worth $.50 toward the rescue/shelter donation amount.

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I worked really hard getting my blog all dusted off and redecorated…and yes, The Kid Sage helped out a lot too.  I think we may just have come a bit closer during this effort…what do you think?

One month before Oct 1

One month before Oct 1

And then Sage started helping me with the flag to hang out front to let folks know I had something big about to happen…we worked like cats…we both just fell into bed exhausted…of course The Kid, being young and all, could not maintain consciousness so I had to give Mom L the late night coaching by myself…

IMG_0503 ed

Mom L you need to make that graphic BIGGER!

snort, aaagghhh...zzzzzzzzzzz

snort, aaagghhh…zzzzzzzzzzz

And then the morning the blog post went live, Oct 1rst…we both shared Mom L as we started listening to her read your comments…ummmm….well…we did listen most of the time…

Keep reading, we're just resting our eyes

Keep reading, we’re just resting our eyes

Be sure to visit October 5 when I post the rescues and shelters nominated to receive my donation…you are invited to vote, one vote per social profile…send ALL your furriends to boost the votes of your favorite rescue or shelter.

Paw Pats, Savannah

UPDATE: Paw It Forward Commentathon & Blog Hop


First and foremost, I want to thank all of you who tirelessly helped me tease all our furriends for over a week trying to get everyone excited about what I have been doing secretly for my blog.  And next I am just ‘gobsmacked’ at how many of you stopped by Oct 1rst to visit my newly redecorated blog and hopefully you will visit my other social media profile pages to see the changes there as well.


I had so many wonderful and encouraging comments and lots and lots of new visitors.

APAWS!!!   APAWS!!!   APAWS!!!



paw Please, if you did not leave your recommendation for  a recipient of my commentathon donation, …be sure to leave a comment on this post with your recommendation.

You have until Saturday, Oct 4th at midnight PDT to leave your recommendation.  I will post the nominees on Oct 5th, and you can vote, once only, to select the recipient. Be sure to rally your pals to come vote for you preferred Winner of the Paw It Forward Commentathon donation. Announcement of actual Winner on Oct 8th.

You have  all honored me with your comments and support and I cannot thank you enough.

savvy shadow 03

Paw Pats, Savannah

Paw It Forward Commentathon and Blog Hop


pizap Ms Savvy Do

I hope you have noticed I have been doing some redecorating around my blog and my other social media presences.  And I am showing off my new digs with a Paw It Forward Commentathon and Blog Hop!



Google Plus

Face Book

Why the need to redecorate you ask???

I want to re-commit to serving as a voice for cats, dogs and other animals who do not have a voice as loud, nor a meow as strong, as all of you have graciously enabled me to possess.

The former subtitle to my blog “Autobiography of a Former Shelter Cat” was too limiting, given all the things I have been doing for the last year or so.  When Mom L  suggested to me that my subtitle might limit how prospective followers see my blog…I did one of those *paw slap to forehead* moves…Whap!!  “I may be misleading!!!”  To help keep me focused, I have changed my subtitle to reflect what I want all readers to understand my purpose…”Making a Difference”.

Savannah’s Paw Tracks will focus on three areas…

  • Paw It Forward: Featuring projects dedicated to giving a voice to animals waiting for permanent homes and helping improve the lives of those animals who so desperately need us.


  • Real Rescue Stories: Because everyone needs to share in the joy of Happy Tails endings.


  • Savannah’s Progress: Chronicling my personal journey from an adult cat tossed away like someone’s trash to becoming a much loved feline family member. …including lessons in patience with The Kid Sage.


Humor and laughter inspire me to meow even louder for those who don’t have a voice. That’s especially true when it comes to social media. I’ll be first in line, helping to spread your message far and wide, when any of you have contests, events, parties and celebrations.

Here is a tour of my new blog design elements…

On the right side bar you will see THREE Badges.  Click on a badge and view a series of links to many of the posts I have written about whatever topic is noted on the badge.  Go on… click and check them out!

Across the top pull down menus you will find changes as well.

About: Updated to align with my mission and focus: A Former Shelter Cat Making a Difference
Bling: The awards I receive from furriends
Events & Adventures: under ‘Events’ find a slideshow of many of the contests and special events in which I participate; under ‘Adventures’ find links to International Cross Over Blog Adventures in which I have been included.
Go Shopping: A showcase for any of you who have Etsy shops or other businesses you want furriends to know about (send me links to include if you want)
OTRB: contains badges for furriends who have gone on to The Bridge and also includes the fur family members before me
Useful Information: animal rescue/welfare related information I think you will find meaningful

That’s it!!

Now for the FUN part!

You’re invited to help celebrate my commitment to Making a Difference by participating in the First Annual Paw It Forward Commentathon and Blog Hop.

Commentathon Donation:

  • For every comment left on THIS blog post, from now until midnight PDST, October 7, Mom L and Dad P will donate $1.00 to a US 501c3 animal rescue shelter selected by YOU. (Up to a maximum of $150 USD.) My overseas pals may nominate a USA shelter/rescue they support.
  • From now until midnight PDST, October 4, if YOU write a Paw It Forward story and post it on your blog and join the blog hop, we will donate $.50 USD for every comment YOU receive
    • You MUST link your blog post back to this Blog Hop no later than midnight October 4
    • You MUST write a story, 250 words minimum, not just a photo.
    • Paw It Forward stories should be about a time when you initiated helping others in need of rescue, or helped raise funds for rescue or rescue/animal care efforts such as TNR, Spay/Neuter, ending puppy/kitten mills; etc.

Photo Examples of Paw It Forward posts from my blog:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Selecting the Rescue/Shelter to Receive the Donation:

  • Between October 1 and midnight PDT October 4, leave in your comment on this blog post who you want to recommend as recipient of the commentathon donation.
  • October 5 I will post a Poll Daddy list for voting. You will have from October 5 to noon October 7 PDT to promote votes for your recommended recipient at which time the poll will close.
  • Winner announced October 8

Please join us in celebrating our commitment to Making a Difference by joining the Paw it Forward Blog Hop.


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Paw Pats, Savannah

peeEss…You can paw me, The Kid Sage, if you have any questions. HRH Savannah will be too busy counting comments.

peeEssEssHRH Savannah here *rolling eyes*…put MY name on that message…

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