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Special Post NOMS Day: Not of My Species Friend


Another unexpected post from me…not on my regular Monday, Thursday, Friday schedule.

This is an important special blog post day…a day to honor the friendships we have established with anipals that are ‘NOT OF MY SPECIES”.

And early last year, 2013, I met an awesome lady Percheron Horse, Miss Violette, from The Poupounette Blog..  She agreed to allow me to interview her as part of my Life Changing Interviews with Savannah series…“Real Rescue Animals Are Talking” (please click on the link to see my entire interview with the lovely Violette).

Violette was so accommodating and I was able to teleport to her pasture to interview her face to face…she lives in France.


So I claim Violette as my very special ‘Not of My Species Friend’ on NOMS DAY!

Paw Pats, Savannah

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