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Special Post NOMS Day: Not of My Species Friend


Another unexpected post from me…not on my regular Monday, Thursday, Friday schedule.

This is an important special blog post day…a day to honor the friendships we have established with anipals that are ‘NOT OF MY SPECIES”.

And early last year, 2013, I met an awesome lady Percheron Horse, Miss Violette, from The Poupounette Blog..  She agreed to allow me to interview her as part of my Life Changing Interviews with Savannah series…“Real Rescue Animals Are Talking” (please click on the link to see my entire interview with the lovely Violette).

Violette was so accommodating and I was able to teleport to her pasture to interview her face to face…she lives in France.


So I claim Violette as my very special ‘Not of My Species Friend’ on NOMS DAY!

Paw Pats, Savannah

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27 thoughts on “Special Post NOMS Day: Not of My Species Friend

  1. Violette sure is beutiful and I bet she is kind too !
    Me too wonder if you got to ride her ?!


  2. tonkstail on said:

    TOTES! We love the V’s over at the Pouponette! (hey thanks for not giving up on us. Our mom’s got 14 shows that hafta be finished by 8/29 and she’s kinda panicking – and working late – and not feeding us – and NOT playing WAND toy! But we digress…)

    • oh guys…if you don’t give up on ME who never visits hardly consistently ever anymore…absolutely NO WAY will we ever never let go of you!! Tell Mom to make those shows FAB!!! We will all be right here when she gets back to helping you…purrs

  3. She’s bootyful Savannah. Happy NOMS day.

    Luv ya’


  4. Pretty Neighs, Miss Savvy! It is an honour for me to be considered your friend. I so loved our interview last year. Since we spoke, I have changed accommodations and the place I live in now is so beautiful, and much closer to Poupounette Central!


  5. she is beautiful Savvy,did you get to ride her?xx Speedy

  6. The Swiss Cats on said:

    We love Violette too ! You have a lovely idea to feature her on that special day ! Purrs

  7. Whoa! A horsey furrend. She’s so big.

  8. That’s so cute to write about such a wonderful girl. My mom sings the awwww-song for Violette now :o)

  9. Lovely post! And so is Viollette!

  10. Violette is so lovely, and I am so pleased she found #1

  11. Oh Savvy what a beautiful and elegant NOM friend Violette is 🙂 and such a sweet way to share a friend on NOMS day 🙂 xx hugs and loves Miss Bev xxx

  12. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!!! I just love horses, and had two when I was younger. I would LOVE to own more one day! Beautiful pets ♥
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  13. Violette is beautiful! What a great NOMS pal she is for you, Savvy!

  14. Very good choice. We just love all the family at The Poupounette Blog. ~Scylla & Family

  15. Violette iz one pawsum horsey izn’t she Savannah?? Me adorez her n Vidock alot!! iz nice to see ya post on a different day 😉
    Pleeze tell Aunti L to get well soon….we wurriez ’bout her…
    Lub Nylablue n Mum too x0x0x0

  16. Savvy that is wonderful! I would have never guessed! We love Violet too, she is so special. Going to go read your interview with her now!

  17. She’s stunning!

    The Florida Furkids

  18. We love Violette too!

  19. What a pretty horse!

  20. Violette is such a beautiful and classy gal!

  21. We love Violette! Thanks for featuring her on NOMS day!

  22. Horsie looking like our big brother who an Arabian oil sheik! We has pixies of him on our bloggie. We sort of liking him. He our long-distance big brother. We no has meeted. But we communicaTTing through smells.


  23. She’s so much bigger than us but she is so gorgeous! Our hooman loves horses and thinks this one is amazing and beautiful!
    The Pigs xx

  24. YEEEKS……I said MAU – I meant SAVVY……if you can edit that will you please my dear friend????? Where is my brain?!

  25. She’s a beautiful horse – you’re lucky to have such a gorgeous friend Savvy!

    Hugs, Sammy

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