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Monday Melting Mews


This is gonna be a short and to the point post my pals. If you don’t think global warming isn’t real, then you gotta come live with me in my castle for a few days. We have melted! Seriously!! Heat we never knew is coming earlier each year and it is getting hotter than “hot, hot, hot!”

My sisfur TKS demonstrates what we all looked like Friday night when our aircon stopped pumping any cool air on a triple digit Fahrenheit scale!!

Thank Ceiling Cat! Mom L called someone we used before so they came out on Saturday and turned our giant ancient unit back on!!! But baby they don’t make enough fans for what we endured for over 24 hours!!!

I hopes all of you are having a better start to your Summer than we are. Let me know how the heat is treating you in your part of the world.


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