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Using Facial Expression to Control Your Human


Glad to see you all stopped to read my blog post. I have  very important information to share. You see, I have heard some of my pals say that I am a very serious cat. I always seem to have a stern look on my face and in my eyes.

Let me explain. You see, I use my facial expressions, and my eyes, to control Mom L. Especially when she has the clicky box in her hands. MOUSES! With those opposable thumbs, she can take a photo one handed if necessary. I don’t ‘do’ staged photo shoots so Mom L has to catch as catch can or so they say. But I make sure she knows exactly how I feel and how long I will tolerate her brandishing the clicky box around me.

Point One

Never allow the human to take photos while you are having a nice cozy nap. If they do such a thing, be sure to give them this look: The Eye of Discontent

This is not the appropriate time

This is not the appropriate time

Point Two

Do not allow ‘candid selfies‘. This simply lets them believe they are in control. You must be stern when this happens. Control the number of times they click that camera with this look: Are You Out of Your Mind

Do it one more time and the smacky paw comes into play

Do it one more time and the smacky paw comes into play

I hope these couple of pointers help all of you, feline or canine, gain better control of your humans. Mom L requires daily control so I have had lots of practice. If you need any more pointers, just let me know in comments. I am sure I can start sharing some of my techniques for applying facial and eye expression to control humans. We all know, humans need to learn we are definitely not ‘stage props’…just sayin’…


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