Savannah's Paw Tracks

Autobiography of a Former Shelter Cat

Getting A Morning Routine…YES!!!

(almost wordless)

Brekkies for stamina…nomnomnom…yummm..

…back yard perimeter check…birdseed feeder check….

…front yard perimeter check…house flag inspection…Neighborhood Watch assignment…DONE!…

…back deck Finch Feeder check…OK!…all done…

…hey Dad!…What’cha doin’???…nice day, huh??…


Paw pats, Savannah

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39 thoughts on “Getting A Morning Routine…YES!!!

  1. Wow, you’re one busy kitty!

    Happy independence day to you too!

  2. Savannah, you’re really coming around! I like your new image in the header–so sweet and relaxed, I’d be tempted to pet you! Glad your Fourth was a good day.

    • Oh Hiya Bernadette, Kelly, Coco, and all the handsome panthers! Well my 4 th was a bit traumatic for Dad and Mom. When the crackers went off, Mom woke up, couldn’t find me in bed, and she and Dad looked for an hour, worried that maybe Dad had let me out at about 10PM when he refreshed the bird water and stuff. I finally showed up and can’t remember where the heck I was! whew

  3. Great snoopervisor!
    I hope your Independence Day has been fun!!!

    • it was scary…I hid so well from the firecrackers Dad and Mom couldn’t find me and got worried I had somehow gotten out of the house! They spent an hour searching, then I finally came out where they could see me. They still don’t know where I was, and I can’t remember…but all is well now! purrrr

  4. Looks like you were kind of busy yesterday! I hope you had a great Fourth of July!

  5. Life for a cat isn’t right until those routines are set. What a settled girl you are 😉

    • yep, getting more and more settled! Love my morning routine for sure, especially the part where Dad feeds me first thing about 6AM and if the soft food was in fridge, he always nukes a teeny bit, just for ME!

  6. You have a great morning routine. We are jealous of your floor level windows. We have to get up on something to look out of ours. If the booms get too much for you, you can come over and hang out with Oja. We won’t be having any booms because of the fire danger. Happy Fourth of July!

    • yep the booms were just too much. I hid so well Dad and Mom couldn’t find me, and they tought I had somehow gotten out side. Mom was distraught and Dad freaked. So I finally showed up, but can’t remember where I came from??? whew, glad the 4th is DONE!

  7. spittythekitty on said:

    Hi Savannah! You looks beeyootifull as always! Hope you had a pawesome Fourth! The Human came home early today and did not go to watch the fireworks–hope it isn’t too foggy to see them on the TeeVee! Paw pats & purrs back at you XOXOXO

    • The SF fireworks were pretty pawsome based on the TV news today. Not much fog. But don’t ya luvluvluv that fog for keeping our temps nice and pleasant? Today was HOOVER day here, so I will nap rest of afternoon, hope Mom can join me…she is such a great napper MOL

  8. orientallily001 on said:

    My gosh… you’ve got a really heavy schedule, don’t you? Just be sure you don’t tire yourself out too much, okay? Try to fit in a few more cat naps. Especially if it stays hot outside. The heat alone will wear a cat out. purrs

    • Well, I don’t go out like you Nerissa. And even if I did, here in the east bay area across from San Francisco, it has been very nice, not hot at all. Foggy in the morning even. And as I am an only cat, I must keep up all my patrols, Idid not even show my AM patrol up in the office window…from there I have to check the side back deck and the side of the house by the street. I have so much to do after my AM brekkies, and then I am pooped so nap by oooohhhh…eeemmm…about 11Am zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  9. Hope you had a happy and relaxing 4th!

    • Hiya Rumpy, DeDe, June B and Hissy…oh cat! I so hope it is cooling off in your area! Mom is having computer issues but outta be ok in couple days. ‘ course then she has little hand out patient surgery this Friday , 6th, so can’t do keyboard for a bit. So don’t give up onus!

  10. Hey, you have a good routine and I see we have the same fountain. Happy Independence Day Savannah!

  11. Happy 4th of July! Whee hope the fireworks aren’t too scary for you. Whee don’t much like Bonfire night here because of the whizz bang sounds of the fireworks but Mummy plays music really loudly or put the TV on so whee can’t here them as much.

    Stay safe.

    Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy

    • hey guys, thanks..nice salutation coming from the dudes we got our Independence from!!! And I am hangin’ out with Mom tonight for sure! paw pats

      • Whee really have no idea about this sorta history stuff. I’d much rather be eating, wheeking or sleeping! Mummy explained it this morning but it was just in one ear and out the other. I was eating breakfast!

        All I know if I got an extra piece of parsley in celebration! Whee are sure your Mummy will take good care of you.


  12. Miss Satchie on said:

    oh, I’ll have to do that pew.. pewim.. that thing too, auntie Savvy. I wanna be like you!

  13. Savvy you are very dutiful in carrying out your daily chores!! I bet your hoomans are exceedingly grateful. Happy 4th July xox

    • oh yes they are…they EXPECT it of my you know to keep them safe. Just two nights ago I had to scream at the top of my little cat lungs to chase away another cat intruder on our back deck (woke Mom right out of deep sleep and scared the …out of her!!)

  14. Well now that you’ve checked the territory and had breakfast you should be able to grab some “ZZZZZs” and enjoy the rest of your day!

    Happy 4th of July – let’s hope it’s a QUIET one (no fireworks!!)
    Kitty Hugs, Sam

  15. Nice to see you have all your “check´s” under control 🙂
    Have a Happy 4th July !

    • yes, I do, I do! And I think we found your bloggy, so I can finally come by for a visit later today. It has been hiding in my Google Reader! We don’t know how to get your posts to show up in my email, but we will try really hard to keep up with you now. Paw pats, Savannah

  16. mollieandalfie on said:

    Happy 4th of July 🙂 The the ticket Savannah Doll, get all the checks done early, leaves the rest of de day for napping and playing 🙂
    We’re back up and running, yipee.
    Big cuddles
    Alfie x

    • Oh yeah Alfie! I totally do ’em early, then find someone to play with me, then nap, then play, then snack, then nap, then……ya get the idea??!! And yes, I saw your new look…NICE! Even with pink!!! MOL Will be by later today to visit and comment.

  17. Looks like you are going to have a fabulous day! You got all of your “checks” in order…now on to naptime!


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