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Showing Off My Toesies and Gettin’ Confident

I know I made such a fuss over the nail trimming stuff yesterday. But, check out my tidy toes!!!…I luv my french pedi look on both front toesies…cute, huh?…

…now ya can see my hind toesies too…they have more white on them…but nice and tidy…notice I am reaching down for something??…more about that in a sec’…

…now ya can see my other front paw, again with the french pedi look…and ya can see my white diamond under my chin…I know, I know…I’m kind’a vain…ok,ok…but I like my colors lots!…again, notice I am on the stairs…lookin’ pretty relaxed….

Here’s the deal about the toesie shots…mostly this is about me doing something new…EVEN AFTER THE NAIL CLIPPING in the morning!!

I was hangin’ out on the stairs when Mom started to go up and do my bloggy post. She decided to fetch her FLASH and CLICK thingy, and come and sit with me on the stairs…hopin against all hope that I would stay there…I usually run.

Well, I not only stayed, she got some photos…but Mom and I PLAYED on the stairs!!…I am reaching for her in that one photo above…then I rolled around like an idiot (yes, she was sing’in again!!)…and I rolled right off a step!! Ooppppps…

So then I held on to the step above me with my newly trimmed claws…and they did not get stuck!! NICE!

I hung out with Mom playin’ around on the stairs for about 10 minutes.  This is a big deal ‘cuz 1) I had just had my nails done, and I was pretty much beyond it already (new behavior), 2) I don’t much play anywhere in the house except in our bedroom.

Now I play some on the stairs, in the living room where they put my 3 Tunnel Toy, I even play a bit on the upstairs landing outside Mom’s and my office…I sort’a do the rollity roll roll move…flipping over and over from side to side…ya know, being cute and coy….purrrrrr

Hope ya like my toesies…and my growing confidence…

and one more thing…I don’t know why or how, but Ms Wendy Maureen Gilmore did a really cool cat cartoon like figure of me, it is posted on my page. But here it is…it showed up from her on my Face Book page…Mom was so stoked!! Then she showed me and I was a bit leaky eyed!! How thoughtful!!! I luvluvluv this. Mom now has it as her opening screen on her iPhone so’s she can show it off…enjoy…and will Ms Wendy please let us know ‘who are you’???

Look at my white french pedi toesies!! And my white whiskers with diamonds in them…and then she captured my white diamond shape below my chin…and see that little gray indentation on my tummy??? I have two diamonds there! She captured even that!!! So special.  Thank you!

Paw pats, Savannah

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52 thoughts on “Showing Off My Toesies and Gettin’ Confident

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  2. Pingback: Monday Mischief – From an Unexpected Feline | Hey… It's Jet Here

    • hey Jet my man, what the heck is a ‘ping back’? that is what it says this is???? And thanks ever so much for talkin’ about me on your Monday post! Tell me what Monday Mischief posts are supposed to be about??? I did not know about this event…

      • When someone makes a link to a post in your blog, WP sends you a message so that you can see what they are saying about you.

        The ‘ping’ comes from a simple network program that tells you if a machine is out there by sending a message that the other guy will echo back, like the sonar pulse that echoes back if a submarine is found in the movies.

  3. Miss Satchie on said:

    Looking great, as usual miss Savannah!

    Happy to hear about your progress =^.^=

    • Thank you dear niece…I have to go snuggle with Mom. She had her surgery late this afternoon and is going bedy bye early

      • Miss Satchie on said:


        I think big bwother Jay got confused… This time it wasn’t little Satchie who made the mistake, auntie Savvy. But wemember big bwother saying something about how beautiful you are…. Jay can’t make fun of little Satchie anymowe… tee hee

      • Miss Satchie on said:

        But… hope your mommy is OK, auntie Savvy. Tell her Satchie sends a big kitty hug

  4. orientallily001 on said:

    Your french manicure looks very nice. Very, very nice indeed. Just – whatever you do – don’t let anyone paint those claws red, okay? You’re beautiful just the way you are. purrs
    Nerissa from Nerissa’s Life

    • awwww…thanks Nerissa. I don’t think anyone could get paint on my toesies or even those soft claws Mom sees on some cats. At least the soft claws are way better than amputating a cats claws…brutal! And thank you for the compliments…you know I think your are handsome, right?…blushing, scuffles paws…

  5. I’ve found the stairs to be a good place for a shy cat to feel safer because nobody is towering over them (even someone they love). Calpurnia still ducks away if she is on the floor, but not if she is on a tabletop, stair or cat tree.

    • how interesting, had not thought about why I am OK when approached from eye level. I don’t tend to get very high on my Bird Watching Tower, just the second level mostly, sometimes the 3rd, but not so much. Never been to the top 4th floor!

  6. Miss Satchie on said:

    youw toesies awe vewy pwetty, auntie Savvy!

  7. Sounds like you are making great progress! I know that nail clipping can be annoying, my mom says it is a necessary evil, but it sounds like you are getting used to it. Glad you are getting more comfortable. I think you will soon be running around the house playing and having great fun…which I totally enjoy and am very good at!

    • thanks lots Tigger, wish we could run around a play together…someday we hope I can allow another cat so’s I have someone else to hang out with when Dad and Mom are gone. But for now, we 3 just have each other which is good!

  8. It’s great to hear of your growing confidence. Your paws look smart and so does your avatar. Our cats like to hang out on the stairs and the bipeds moan because the cats sometimes move suddenly when a biped is walking past!

    • oh yeah, I totally am on to that move…do it mostly with Dad! Hey Clowie, I had no idea you lived in Spain!!! Do you know Khumbu Sibe? He lives in Spain too. Where are you located? Mom has Spain HIGH on her list of MUST GO THERE places. Mom studied Latin American History, Spanish etc in her younger college days…waaaaayyyyy long time ago MOL

  9. I love your pedi, though I don’t think I would like one. It’s great that you stayed to play with your Mom on the stairs. I envy your growing confidence. Could you send me some, please? All of us cats here at Karen Jo’s have feline leukemia, so we get Interferon every day, every other week to help us fight off the virus. Herman likes it, Spyro has learned to tolerate it, but I still hate it. Your avatar looks great.


    • I am sending you some of my growing confidence right now…zoooommm…tossed on that American Airline flight that just went over…should be there really fast as it was sent supersonic express!!! I am so sorry you all have to go through this experience and taking meds all the time. And I am happy at the same time that you have a furrever home and Guardians who take care of you. Sending purrrrrrrrr too…paw pats, Savannah

  10. Sweet Purrfections on said:

    We love your pedi! You remind our mom of her first kitty.

  11. Savannah your French Pedi is just catabulous!! I love how you do not get stuck on the stairs after your clipping, I LOVE how you stayed on the stairs (except for getting overly excited when Mommy sang lol) and let your Mommy play and photograph you!
    Your Mom and Dad are such wonderful pawrents making you feel so safe and secure and you are a brave kitty!
    Love your Avi too!

    • Hey, isn’t the avi cool! and Cody, thanks for noticing my french pedi…I know that’s not really a ‘guy’ thing…but I am partial to my front toesies…purrrrr…squeezies to Mom Caren!! and paw hugs for Dakota, will be around to see you both later

  12. You look devine Savannah and your avatar is just purrfect!

  13. I think that it is great that you love your Mommie’s singing. Unfortunately, our Mommie sometimes sings in the shower….oh the horror of that! Sounds a little like a cat in heat – but not in a good way. I think my ears rang for days after the first time I heard it.

  14. Chancy and Mumsy on said:

    Sweet Savannah you little paws look beautiful. We are so proud of you for gaining confidence and enjoying some good play time with your mom on the stairs. Those are great pictures. Hugs and nose kisses

  15. Your pedi looks great. What a fun time playin on the stairs with your Mom. We can think of lots of fun things to do on the stairs. Bet they are great fur whappin things down! MOL!

  16. Savvy,
    we think this might be your mysterious Wendy:
    She’s the best!

    Your toes are so pretty, the boys here are runnin’ for the icebox to pile inside! We wish we had some stairs, they look like great fun to go zooming up and down. “Specially if you don’t stick anymore!

    • oh yeah baby, no more stickin’!!! wooo hooo…oh My the icebox again!!!….hmmmm…I’m thinkin’ it has more to do with the heat than my photos…just sayin’…and just so ya know…I luvluvluv you guys!! peeEss…huMom will send Trish peep talk tomorrow ’bout interviews…purrrrrrr

  17. Your french pedicur looks great !
    Glad to hear that you are starting to play all around the house 🙂

  18. Hi Savannah! I’m a fan of the stairs myself. Especially carpeted stairs – kind of like one big climbing post or tree isn’t it?!?! I also think that little cartoony drawing of you is way cool – looks JUST like you! It’s so nice to have talented fans isn’t it???

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  19. Very nice pedi, Savvy. There’s nothing like tidy toes! 🙂

  20. Your human must have been happy that you reached out for her too!

  21. mollieandalfie on said:

    Savannah Doll, yoooo’s look gorgeous xx Those tosies, well, did get me Purrrring 🙂 Did you mean for us to nab your award?? I just LUV’S pretty shiny things. I’m always bringing home a present for Humom from next door. MOL!
    Luv’s yooo. Alfie xx

  22. That is the coolest picture Ever Savannah! We are so happy reading your posts about your growing confidence! Glad woo met some of the good people!

    ps your tosies are toooo adorable!

    • awww…blushing now….purrrrring too….I have hopped from your bloggy to some of the furriends you had making comments…what fun I have had..and new furriends in the husky world is always special…Khyra’s Khorner is fun! I think I got her from you?? I may have lost my way as I hopped around lots! wheeeeee

  23. Awwwww….. What a sweet pic! Yoir pedi looks great!

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