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Monday Meowsie News

Oh Cat!  I am so fortunate to have such wonderful furriends in the paw bloggy world!

Over the last week I have been humbled yet again by the generosity and kindness of other paw bloggers…and we all know how hard it is on our paws to keep these bloggys going, huh?!

Now as EFURRYONE knows, these Awards always come with rules and such, and I will get to that after I show off tell you about the Awards and who passed them to me.

So first, let me give a big shout out for Cody, over at CAT CHAT Caren, who  passed the Illuminating Blogger Award to me.  THANKS CODY!!  I do already have this Award, but I wanted to recognize my pal Cody, ‘cuz he is so catgone cute! purrrrrrs to ya Cody!

My Illuminating Blogger Award has a little different graphic, so I thought I would show off the one Cody gave me just for fun.

Then, just a couple of days before that Nerissa, at Nerissa’s Life, was so kind as to pass me the lovely Kreativ Blogger Award.  I do not have this Award and it is so pretty!  I think I try hard to be Kreativ, but I always fret that maybe I am just cracking myself up!!! MOL

And finally, both Mollie and Alfie and Hutch a Good Life, my guinea piggy furriends, Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo and Buddy, they each passed the same two awards to me on the same day!!!

That’s a big SCORE TWO for me, to have such wonderful furriends who think alike.  Thanks ever so much to all of you for honoring me.

Again, humble paw pats to all.

Now the rules and stuff

I have already answered the questions, shared things about myself…so I am not gonna bore ya with that.

And yup, ya guessed it! I CAN’T PICK just a few other blogs to pass these forward to, so I am offering them up for anyone who wants to show them on their blog pages.  Efurryone works their paws off managing their blogs and I can’t just pick 5 or 10 or whatever…

I am excited to read my email and reader to see what efurryone is up to on their blogs and I enjoy each and all for so many reasons. Thank you for coming by to see me and especially for showing your interest with these pawsome Awards.

Now, just to let ya know…today was NAIL TRIMMING DAY!!!! AIIIIEEEEEEYIYIYIYIYI..

Dad did the ‘Grab and Scruf’ when I was just hanging out on the end of our bed after brekkies…what a mean DAD! Shame!!!

Then, MOM whips out those EVIL CLIPPERS…bad, bad Mom!!!  She grumbled something like “holy shrimp, these are daggers!”….What??!! My Nails! NEVER!

So after, I ran to my Bird Watching Tower…checked over my shoulder to make sure Dad wasn’t following…

…harrummmpppffff…now I have’ta clean ’em all over again…Oh Cod! Mom left rough edges…ick!  They were so nice and sharp…

…pppfffttttt…what the??!!…what did she leave on them….ewwwwww…..

…say what?? you talkin’ to me!!!…smacking lips…just put your hand down close to my mouth, go on…try….

Paw pats, Savannah

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43 thoughts on “Monday Meowsie News

  1. Congratulations on the award, Savannah! Good luck with your claw trimming. Maybe it will get easier each time you do it. Keep cool!

  2. Allie: Oh MY! That Kreativ award is simply BEAUTIFUL! (and PINK, *squeee!*) Concats on winning so many lovely awards!!

    • you are all too kind…I am…ummmm…wellll…really…I don’t know if anyone will believe me, but I am overwhelmed by the acceptance of this paw blog community…paws over eyes, tiny tears…thank you…purrrrr

  3. Concatulations, Savannah!

  4. WHY do they PERSIST in clippy claws? We surmise the peeps are jealous. It has NOTHING to do with us tattooing their bare skin. Nothing.

  5. Concatulations for the bountiful awards Savannah! I’m with you – – – it’s always nice to be recognized and even if we already have the awards… “it’s the thought that counts” !! As for nail trimming – YUCK. I just had mine done last week and it’s taken me DAYS to get them back to some semblance of “dangerously sharpened” ! I just remind myself every time – if I didn’t allow Mom to trim them she’d be hauling me off to the vet to get it done and I MUCH prefer home sweet home!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

    • you got it Sammy…no VET visit required if we do it this way…I am gettin’ better at forgving Mom faster, but ‘cuz poor Dad has to snatch me unawares…he gets my cold shoulder lots longer…he kind’a gets hurt feelings….sigh

  6. Congratulations on your awards! I have treats when my claws are clipped. Do they give you treats?

  7. Congratulations!! Well deserved

  8. Concats on the awards. I must say you are a lot more gracious about multi awards than Austin is. I’m having to have firm words with him lol.

    Well Savvy, you’ve had pretty good advice about the fake limp and all. Austin being an indoor/outdoor kitty has never had his claws done, but have noticed they are getting quite sharp!! So there could be C-Day coming up soon!!! xox

    • well, Mom says that even indoor/outdoor cats need nails trimmed every now and then so’s they don’t get them caught in something and rip one off..OUCH! And yeah, multiple awards are challenging for my staff, she doesn’t do the linky stuff really easily…sigh but I am so grateful others enjoy my bloggy

  9. Congratulations on all your awards. That’s impressive! We are lucky around here. Mom is afraid she’ll hurt us if she tries to trim our claws, so we don’t have to worry about it. I have had mine trimmed at the vet and at the groomer, so I sympathize.


  10. mollieandalfie on said:

    Oh Savnannah Doll, what lovely awards you have, that big shiny one is beautiful. You really deserve them. Our friend couldn’t make it yesterday 😦 he’s coming today ( tues ). Mass panick this end !! I’ve never had me paw claws cut, doesn’t look like fun! Yoooo is brave, I would of legged it 🙂
    Big Purrrs forever
    Your Alfie xx

  11. You’ll soon run out of space on your blog page with all these awards 😀 Well done!

  12. catfromhell on said:

    Dear Savannah
    Me wants to gives yous another hint, as soon as they clips your nails, yous MUST start to scratch anything and everything in site and yous must does this every time they tries to clips your nails. That way when they sees yous, they thinks that yous is clkawing because they cuts your nails and they cuts them much less often.
    Just saying…
    Oh yesm concatulations on all your awards!

    • woo hooo Ms Nellie!! purrfect solution !! but…I really liek to scratch my scratch posts, but I will pretend to go after their toes in bed tonight…(whispers to Ms Nellie…pssstttt…I really really like it here…I don’t wanna make ’em think I don’t…but my nails are mine, right????)

  13. Wow! Congrats on all those awards! You deserve a treat after all that trauma of nail clipping. We hope you got one. Happy Monday, furriends. xoxo

  14. Here’s what I do when the hoomans clip my claws. I wait until I am sure I have their attention, then I limp as pitifully as possible across the room – if you can manage a soft pitiful meow all the better! Only problem with this plan is that you have to remember to keep up the limp show all day – if they see you running toward the food bowl with no problem, the gig is up!

  15. Chancy and Mumsy on said:

    Congratulations sweet Savannah on the nice awards. You must be really good when your mom clips your nails. That is not always the case around here. Hugs and nose kisses

  16. Hi Savannah – nice to meet you, thanks for visiting our blog. Your Mom’s Siberians were just beautiful. They all lived to be such a great age. We are pretty excited because Phantom is 13 1/2 now. Tell her to feel free to stop by any time to get her Siberian fix:)

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

    • Oh Lightening!!! it is me who stops by…’cuz I luvluvluv Sibes like Mom and Dad (read th is is Mom talkin’)…and we have lots of Sibe bloggys we try to follow and we have even more Sibe Twitter pals

    • Oh Lightening!!! it is me who stops by…’cuz I luvluvluv Sibes like Mom and Dad (read this is Mom talkin’)…and we have lots of Sibe bloggys we try to follow and we have even more Sibe Twitter pals. woo woos and play bows

  17. ha ha – that look on your face is priceless. I’ll bet mom got the message. Good going Daisy.

  18. Congrats on the nice awards Savannah, you are very special indeed! Hey, I love claw clipping, it sure beats getting stuck on things!

    • weellll…looks over shoulder again…whispers to Brian..paw cupped to mouth…I agree…I was totally hangin’ up on everything! My nails were only 4 weeks old, but probably about 1/4 in or more long…NOT MOM’s fault…she always clipped everyone once a month…I am just, well, ya know, special…purrrrrrr

  19. see? This is EXACTLY why we usually do NOT pass awards on…

    1) the person ends up having already received it (hey, what do you want from us? We follow over 300 blogs…geesh!!!)

    2) we hurt someone’s feelings that we didn’t give it to!

    Sooooooooo CONCATULATIONS and we’re outta here!! lol

    • oh my! oh no!! I did not mean to hurt your feelings Cody…oh shrimp! I just don’t know how to manage this phenomenom. I had no idea about all these Awards when I started my little bloggy…I don’t wanna hurt feelings by not pawticipating, or by not passing forward, but my staff is not too technically able, and it takes soooooooo long to find the blogs to pass to, then their linkys, and something to say…Mom says retirement is too bizzzzyy…MOL…hope we are still best furriends Cody and Dakota and Ms Caren…purrrrrrrrrs

  20. What great award. Whee are sorry about your pretty paws being ruined by your Mummy and Daddy. Hoomans are always trying to do something whee tell them is pointless. I’m thinking whee should try reverse psycology. “Here’s my claws; clip em’. Yes I know you did it fifteen minutes ago. Get on it. Whee don’t want them to grow at all!”

    Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy

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