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Monday Meowsie News…More Rescue Stories

Hiya, Savannah Here!

Oh My Cat!! What a busy, busy last few days!!!

As I promised yesterday….here are the last 6 RESCUE STORIES…TAAAAAA DAAAAAA!

They will also receive a copy each of the book DOG IS MY CO-PILOT by Patrick Regan

Callie, from Troublin’ Times:

This is the story of how Callie adopted me. I went to the local SPCA to look for a kitten I had seen on PetFinders. As I walked into the building, before anyone could help me find the kitten I came to see, a little tiny calico kitten walked up to me and started meowing. I picked her up and loved on her a little. But I told my mother I did not think I should adopt her however, because she looked a little like the cat who came before her and I was afraid it would not be fair to her if I adopted her and then expected her to be like my beloved Mousie. So I sit her down – for a second. I then decided to pick her back up to hold her “just for a little while”. I started looking around at the other kitties – sadly there were many, many up for adoption. I found the one on PetFinder, but it just did not feel like the right match, I decided while still holding the little calico. I looked at a Siamese, while clutching the calico. After a half an hour of looking at many cats, my mother pointed out that the whole time I had been looking, I was still holding the calico. I looked down at her and she reached up and patted my cheek. That calico – now known as Callie (a.k.a. Trouble) came home with me. And by the way, her personality couldn’t be more different from Mousie’s – and I am just fine with that!

Sammy, from One Spoiled Cat:

Hi Savannah…..what a great blog this is today with so much wonderful information on all the things involved in rescuing. I was a rescue since I was in a kill shelter when my parents came one day to adopt a kitty. In fact, I was the ONLY kitten in the whole shelter at the time. I was in a cage by myself – pushing a little jingle ball around waiting to see if someone would save me. I’d arrived at the shelter with some other kittens (I presume my brothers and sisters) and they’d all been adopted but me – nobody wanted me because I had extra claws on my paws! Imagine that…..the shelter people said humans thought I was “weird” because I was polydactyl. Well, my Mom and Dad didn’t think that – they thought I was adorable (rightly so!). I was very happy that they took me home that day because I know that everybody in that shelter was living on borrowed time. I was one of the lucky ones and I’ve lived in the lap of love and luxury for twelve very happy years!   Your Friend, Sammy

Alfie, from Mollie and Alfie:

Alfie here, tooo look at mee’s you would fink I had alway’s been spoilt and led the life of luxury, well’s dat’s not the case. I use to live with a family, they wern’t very nice to me cos they picked me up, took me in the car and dumped me. Yes, just dumped me. I didn’t nose where I was. I was scared and sooo fightened. I loves to be wiff people but there was no peoples about.

I don’t nose how many day’s I spent, walkin on my own, trying to find somewhere to live, someone to give’s me some dinner. I hadn’t eaten in yonks! I eventually came across an old gal, she took me in and did give mee some food. I fought my luck had changed. She put me outside her back door and told’s me to go on my way. On mee way where’s?? I didn’t have anywhere to gooo.

The weaffer was getting real bad, rain and cold. I found a bush to cuddle up in. The rain was still heavy and I had to keep lookin for a home, someone I could luv’s and someone to luv’s me. I was now a bag of bones!! Soo weak, I smelt, I was dirty, wet, yoo’ s name it. I found my way to a little close, wiff a few houses. I jump’s wiff the little strength I had left, onto a window sill. I stared into the house. It was cosy and looked so warm. I was soaked through and shakin. Then I saw a Human comin to the window, meee heart started fluttering and a managed a small meeeow ( help ). The Human took me in, wrapped me in a blanket, gave me a drink and some corned beef. ( that’s all she had as they didn’t have pets ) She asked around if anyone new where I had come from. Someone mentioned the old gal but she didn’t want me. Human took me off to the cat doctor, I was injected, prodded , de flead and microchipped. Did this mean I had found a new home ???? Yes… and that’s how Human became HUMOM ! Now I’m fat, lazy, warm and cosy and spoilt. This isn’t a story, it’s true.

Austin, from CATachresis:

What a great idea and there are some wonderful caring people around!!

I don’t think we qualify to enter as we are outside US, but will just quickly share about Austin. The little guy is a rescue kitty and was found badly injured inside a car engine (which is why he is called Austin!). The rescue people thought he was about 7 months old (but he was probably older as he grew so quick once he came here). We have no idea where he came from, but he was a stray not feral, that seemed clear. He mended very well and you wouldn’t know he had a wonky hip as he’s just got a bit of a lump on it but it doesn’t impede him at all!

Nearly five years down the line he rules the roost, but I can tell he remembers the bad times sometimes, as he can get quite nervous and he only likes to eat if I am watching his back. He is friendly to some people but not others! He hates dogs and all other cats except his old pal Tigger. He thinks I’m his momma!!

Spitty, from Spitty Speaks:

Hello darling! All the Human’s kitties have been rescue/pound/stray kitties, but I was (am) her BIGGEST challenge. I was a SUPER-FERAL boy and growled and hissed for months. I’m still not very cuddly, and I’m 8 now! Ha ha meow!

Cathy Keisha from Stunning Keisha:

I came from a rescue after being in 2 shelters. The obstacle is that I’m still a bit feral after 6 1/2 years. Most peeps would’ve returned me but mine never did. I’ll never be a lap cat and the peeps think I must’ve been abused when I was on the streets. The cat that came before me came from a rescue. TW used to work with a group who did TNR about 40 years ago. And I enter tons of contests to win $$ or food for A Call 4 Paws even though they weren’t the rescue that rescued me. If I win, I’ll prolly give the book to them for their Tricky Tray. Ta daaaa!

A really exciting couple of days for my posts…I hope you enjoyed them.  All you Rescue Story tellers be sure to send me your mailing information.  I have only received about 4 so far.  I am sending out the book this week so please get your information to me at my GMAIL ADDRESS:


Paw Pats, Savannah

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27 thoughts on “Monday Meowsie News…More Rescue Stories

  1. Ah, too bad we missed this. The kid’s rescue story is quite nice too!

  2. I love rescue stories!

  3. Hi Savvy – lovely stories! We’ve sent you a couple of pictures of one of our own personal rescues, hope you like them xx

  4. Chancy and Mumsy on said:

    We really enjoyed all the wonderful rescue stories. Hugs and nose kisses

  5. Hi Savannah, it was such a great idea to post this!!!

  6. mollieandalfie on said:

    Just fantastic endings 🙂 weee’s haven’t stopped sobbing…. It’s lovely to read other pets stories 🙂
    Have a geat day 🙂

  7. orientallily001 on said:

    What WONDERFUL stories and every single one has a HAPPY ENDING! YEAH!!! purrs
    Nerissa from Nerissa’s Life

  8. So many happy endings!! Makes me and mine VERY happy!! 🙂 Adopt a cat, kitten, doggie, or puppy… they will always make your house a home! xx

    Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby,

  9. I loved them all, such happy ending! I am in favor of more happy and less homeless. Wonderful post Savannah!

  10. Congratualtions to the winners! Wow, those are some stories!

  11. Mom and I particularly enjoyed this post today because we have been following CK, Spitty, Sammy and Austin for quite some time now and it is good to hear their stories. What lucky kitties they are!
    We loved Milo & Alfie’s too but we haven’t known them as long.
    Love, Cody & Mom

  12. Thanks to you Savannah and your Mom for working so hard on these two posts with all the rescue stories in them….I love hearing about other “lucky cats” as I think of those of us who have been rescued and are living in our forever homes….AND of course that includes our “Hostess With The Mostest” Miss Savannah!!!!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

    • it has been so time consuming, but we so loved the stories…and we wanted to promote the book because we love Miss Tammy who saved me from the kill shelter. Her story about her Sammie doggy is in the book. Thank you so much for your support. Sammy I looked back to my beginning blog posts and you, Rumpy and Animal Couriers were my first 3 visitors..I value your support Paw pats, Savvy

  13. Savvy, you are one great kitty…as are all the peeps who adopted our pals!

    • weren’t those nice stories, even if short! I can’t wait to post the interviews with Scouty and CC…Mom wants to know if you can send me a couple of photos or even 2 each so we can post them when we do the interview thingy. thank u Miss Trish, paw pats, Savvy

  14. I’ve loved reading these again. Such great stories – even Austin’s lol. Thanks so much for thinking of doing it. Such a great idea! I will go email now xox

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