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Hiya, Savannah Here!

This is a really impawtant day for me, and Mom to. ‘cuz it is our furry first ever attempt to have a little contest and a give away.  We have some success and some learning from this attempt.

The success…receiving encouraging and heartwarming stories from 11 commenters about cat and dog rescues, mostly their own stories.  Just Pawsome!!!

The learning…never have a contest that sets the host up to have to chose “winners” when talking about animal rescue…efurryone is a winner.









Maxwell and OTRB Ryker, A Tonk’s Tail…errrTale

Easy, Easy Blog

DeDe, Rumpy Dog

Nerissa, Nerissa’s Life

Amber, a Cavalier King Spaniel,  represented by Nutty, Nibbles, Bingo and Buddy, Hutch A Good Life

Callie,  Troublin’ Times

Sammy, One Spoiled Cat

Alfie,  Mollie and Alfie

Austin, CATachresis

Spitty, Spitty Speaks

Cathy Keisha, Stunning Keisha

Now for the bestest part…the ELEVEN STORIES

I will post 5 today and the other 6 tomorrow…otherwise the post is way too long!!! OK???

:(I had Mom put Miss Tammy’s remarks in italics at the end where she was able to remark)

Maxwell and OTRB Ryker, A Tonk’s Tail…errrTale

We have a special place in our hearts for pilots who volunteer to do this – what a wonderful gift it is! Ryker was rescued from a breeder who was going to have him put down because he had a corona virus. Maxwell was rescued with horrid health issues (upper respiratory, awful ear infections, and deaf). In both cases, we spent literally months and months (almost half a year in Maxie’s case) caring for them daily and nursing them back to health. Ryker never was 100% healthy but he brought us joy for every one of the almost 14 years he was with us. Thankfully, Maxie has returned to complete and robust health – except for his hearing impairment. Because of these cats, I’ll always look for a less-adoptable cat or one with special needs. The rewards are tremendous!

Miss Tammy said she loved this story because of that last sentence highlighted in RED!…makes purrfect sense!

EasyEasy Blog

Hi Savannah, we are US- “outsiders” too, but I want tell our rescue-experience:

One of our formerly Huskies was adopted from a vet. A guy came into the vets office with this one year old Husky bitch and wanted a mercy-killing for her…because the dog was bought as a “toy” for his kids and they were  no longer interested in it.

She was alone in the apartment for 8 hours daily and the neighbors were complaining about howling the whole day. The vet refused to kill this dog and made the proposal, that he will find a new home for the dog. The guy agreed, but he said if anyone will adopt the dog he wanted the price he has paid for it. What an a..hole! The vet was very outraged about this guy, got the dog and told the guy to leave his office immediately. Normally we don’t want a second dog, but this was so absurd and cruelty, that we adopted this Husky bitch. She lived for 14 years with us and was the best girl that we ever had. We never regretted to adopt her, not for one moment. It was the best decision we could made.

I’ts hard to write about her, she passed away in 2009, but it does still hurt as if it would be yesterday – OMG where to buy a water resistent keyboard?

Miss Tammy said she was brought to tears by this one because the vet refused to put the dog down; he kicked the a–hole out of his office…and these people adored this dog and still revere her to this day. I have had my heartstrings tugged like this as well.  I have a dog “Harley” that I pulled from the county shelter (kill shelter) and feel the same way about him…he is my “heart dog”.

RumpyRumpy Dog

Every critter in our family is a rescue. The biggest challenge has been DeDe. She told some of her story today. She has food allergies that took two years to diagnose. And once that issue was resolved, the hyperthyroidism and other problems showed up. her meds cost around $200 a month. Many people think behavioral challenges are hard with rescues, but it’s the medical issues, especially with older dogs, that can be so hard to deal with.


Miss Tammy felt so badly for DeDe…she commented that Jen’s unwavering determination to not give up on DeDe and her allergies and to get to the root cause was so remarkable. A lot of people would have given up or surrendered the dog.

NerissaNerissa’s Life,

Wow! It sure does sound like you’ve got a lot of really good peeps living ’round your place. They sure do a lot to help the anipals in need. Personally, I’ve never rescued a dog or cat ’cause, well, I’m a cat myself. I was feral though so my peeps rescued me.

But, they also rescued my aunties’ mama. She was living in Venezuela on a resort but starving to death. She had lost all her teeth even from feeding her babies and not getting proper nutrition herself. So, the peeps got all her papers in order and bought a carrier and a plane ticket for her and guess what? She came home with them to Canada. That’s how my aunties came to be Canadian kitties just like me. Pretty neat, huh?

I should just mention that my aunties were in their mama’s tummy when she flew here to Canada. Yeah… she was preggers, again. So… my peeps didn’t just rescue one cat from there. They rescued five for the price of one! Thank goodness, too, ’cause my aunties are now fifteen years old but I don’t think they would have ever survived had they been born over there in South America.

Miss Tammy remarked that anyone who is willing to go to the trouble of purchasing a PTU, get all the necessary papers and buy a plane ticket…to save an animal…then those are real animal rescue heroes. 

Hutch A Good Life,

I also want to share another story, about another puppy farm dog my Aunt took on before she met Missy. Amber was a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

She was beautiful but ungainly. Her legs bent into awkward positions which made walking hard. Her legs were like this because of so many forced pregnancies in a tiny space with hardly any room to move. She was scared of everything. Illness and fear followed her every step. She lived with my Aunt for nearly eighteen months and was just beginning to trust humans again when she passed away. Unfortunately, despite only being young the years of abuse had taken their toll on her body. She was useful to the original owner for her beauty. How awful is that? He destroyed her beautiful body but not her spirit. She fought till the very end.

Although she never really trusted anyone again I like to think that she was happier with my Aunt than she had ever been before. She died a happy dog with a safe home, good veterinary care, a loving family and with the knowledge that not everyone was going to beat her or lock her in a dark space and steal her puppies.  It is maybe not as happy an ending as other stories but it is true and happens more often than people are willing to think about.

Miss Tammy commented she appreciated this story because it is all about making the dogs life comfortable no matter how much time it had left.  I have done this with some shelter dogs and cats as well.


Those are the stories for today!!!…let’s hear it for all who commented…

Be sure to stop by tomorrow for the remaining 6 stories


Thank you efurryone, Paw Pats, Savannah

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36 thoughts on “AMAZING RESCUE STORIES…Book Give Away

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  2. orientallily001 on said:

    I CAN’T BELIEVE I MISSED THIS POST! I’m so sorry, Savannah… so very sorry. I think what happens is that if I go to your blog from the e-mail notification, only the most recent post shows up. But if I go from where you’ve left a comment on my blog, I can go back to further posts. Anyway, that’s what I think happened.

    I CAN’T BELIEVE I WON! Yoo-hoo! YOO-HOO!!! Ever neat! Do you know what? This is only the second thing I’ve ever won in my whole life. And I’m nine so that’s a lot of life… especially in cat years. Or if you multiply my 9 by 9 lives. Either way… this is a big win for me. Thanks! Thanks so very much!

    I’ll have the peep e-mail you with my mailing address. purrs

    Nerissa from Nerissa’s Life

    • Nerissa, I too have NEVER EVER won anything, nor has my Mom…trust us…we know this is big for you sweetie!! And totally our pleasure to be able to share this book with you…and I now have my “Thinking of You” Award on my blog…luvluvluv it!!! paw pats, Savvy

  3. I feel so cheap because I didn’t really tell a story. The peeps don’t know anything about my street life except I must’ve been abused because of how I react to things. I was in a kill shelter, until a rescue got me and brought me to their shelter. It was from there the peeps got me. They think I might’ve been returned at least once because of my feralness as I have lots of separation anxiety in my forever home. They did nothing extraordinary like the above stories.

    • yes they did Miss CK…you are alive…you blog…you Tweet…you survived and you give joy and love…IMHO that is extraordinary. We know nothing of my life before I was dropped at a kill shelter..I made it to a no kill shelter by Miss Tammy’s grace and now in my forever home…still working on my ‘stuff’ just like you…I posted your story already…I hope you send your mailing address for the book for the Tricky Tray donation. paw pats, Savannah

  4. Thanks a lot Savannah. That’s so gorgeous… It’s such a good feeling, so many people have a heart for animals

  5. catfromhell on said:

    What great rescue stories! We is great believers in resucing at our house and wes appreciates hearing other animals tales of Life, hope and wonderful lives from not so wonderful beginnings!

  6. Hi Savannah…..You and your Mommy did such a nice job of sharing the stories of the first five rescue stories you got. It makes my heart warm to read how much humans really do care about animals and even when we’re very sick or old or what humans call “unadoptable” for any reason, there’s usually SOMEONE who wants to help us. Thanks for sharing the stories and thanks for the gift of the book – it sounds like it will be something to make my heart warm all over again!!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy


  8. Khyra on said:


    Furry pawesome tales about tails!


  9. Miss Savannah, you are so very kind to choose all eleven stories. We feel really bad like Mollie and Alfie’s mom that you would go to all the expense to sending to UK, especially as there are ELEVEN books to send out. We would be very happy too for the money to go to a shelter!

    BTW it was great reading the stories again. It makes me want to go out and get another rescue, but I fear Austin is soooo very spoiled only cat!! xox

  10. Great post Savannah! I love rescues of every flavor!

  11. wonderful, wonderful stories….yes you only have five here and yep that was a smart move, 11 at once would be way too many. Great job!

    • oh thank COD! I posted all and Dad let out a ‘squeeee’…Mom dashed back to the dashboard…copied the last 6, then deleted them and re-posted…all in record olympic time!! This was so fun to do…paw pats, Savannah

  12. The stories are glorious – we do look forward to the rest of them. The tip of the iceberg considering how many beautiful animals are saved each year by people who really care. There’s still such a long way to go but you and your peeps are doing lovely things, Miss Savannah – as have all these winners (in all senses) 😀

  13. ande123 on said:

    Oh gosh, wish I had seen this. We have tons of rescue stories here, like 21 cats that have been rescued for one reason or another. But can’t wait to read the stories. Our favorite subject is the rescued animals. Take care.

    • I am sure I will have more opportunities for you to share some stories. I will be interviewing cats and dogs about their recovery process once they were adopted…my first trial run will be the first Monday of August. If that goes well, then I will invite my readers to volunteer to let me interview them and then post the response once a month for sure. think about it, paw pats, Savannah

  14. mollieandalfie on said:

    Hay Savannh… yor Mom had a difficult job sortin threw the stories..Only 5 was suppose to bee’s picked..but she’s sooo soft and can’t picks 5. Weee’s couldn’t pick..I fought dat uffer lady was gonna pick !!! Weee’s don’t want ya Mommy sendin a book all the way here..tooo’s expensive..Yooo’s give the money for my book to the shelter…for Kitties… Mollie agrees too. Weee’s not bein marters, it’s a way we can helps over there a little 🙂 ..
    All me luv’s Alfie…I’ve had a word wiff Jet, wee’s pals and he has promised he’s gonna looks after yoo’s..only cos I can’t be there.. 🙂

    • Alfie, how could we pick one rescue story over another?? So hard. Miss Tammy did pick 5. But Mom and I couldn’t do that. Mom already checked and it is really NOT AT ALL costly to send the book to you. It is really really a good book. Mom is still reading a couple stories each night, they are only a couple of pages long, nice photos…purlease let me send you the book??? If not, then I will give the cost to my former shelter for adult cats. So glad you and Jet got sorted out…he isn’t my boyfriend, Dad said I am too young for that stuff…purrrrs Alfie

      • mollieandalfie on said:

        Weee’s just didn’t want Mommy to spend soo much money..sendin out 11 books, dosen’t come cheap ,yoo’s know what wee’s mean. We’d luves to read the book..Ok put us on the mailin list 🙂 Humon reads every night.. weee’s boff cuddle up to her so weee hear all de stories as well..Fank yor Mommy Savannah.. and big hugs to yooos boff..Oh and Daddie 🙂
        xx Pee-ess. I nose Jet’s not yor boyfurriend.. he’s just lookin after yooo’s till I’ve saved up enuff.. to do the job.. All me luv’s xx

        • YEA! send me all your mailing address information. we know part of the proceeds from the sale of this book goes back to support Pilots and Paws, so we don’t mind buying 11 books! No problem. waves paw again to Alfie…

  15. Oh Savannah, thank you! I feel in good company with these other posters.

    • the post comments were so great Rumpy!! I can’t tell if everyone is reading all 11 or just the first 5 I tried doing on a ‘re=post update’…I t hought 11 was too much…sigh…so many things to learn

  16. These furkids are all HEROES to survive and thrive…it breaks our Mommy’s heart that every furry doesn’t know love.

    • me too…hey…I tried to update my post ‘cuz I thought it was too long, did you read all 11 stories or just the first 5? I’m not sure if I should repost the remaining 6 if everyone will already see them from my first mistaken post…sigh

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