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Mom Has Gone to The Dogs…arwoo woo

Hiya! Savannah Here!

Today, I gave my blog post to Mom.  A few days ago we had a little meow together and she told me she wanted to accept an invitation from one of our canine furriend’s blog.

Hi Efurryone, this is Mom! Thanks for letting me have this post Savvy.  Brut, from 24 PAWS OF LOVE,  celebrated his 6th birthday, on October 11th.  To celebrate his special day, he created a challenge…he has given any of us who have ever had, or currently have, dogs to write a post about the following:

“What was the most monumental moment that you and your dog shared, that changed the course of your lives together.  What happened that brought an understanding between you and your dog and brought our relationship closer than it was before.  What story stands out in your mind that you tell over and over again.”

Then he asked us to publish our post on Thursday Nov 1 or Friday Nov 2, link it back to his blog and sign up there for a blog hop so we can all see each other’s stories.

I accepted the challenge Brut gave.  There is a Blog Hop if you click on Brut’s badge it will take you to his hop.

Here is my story of my monumental moment with my first Siberian, Mischa, which changed our relationship forever into singular trust between us, we already loved each other without question.

…Mischa loved napping on the sofa all the years of her life…and she learned that from me…

…she liked to take over the whole couch when she could…and always demanded a pillow for her head…

…occasionally she would allow her younger Sibe sister to share the couch…

She was much loved and very spoiled!

Her full name was Mischa Pandi of Aslanlars, and she was from old Monadnock kennel bloodlines.  She was the last of a litter, and was about 3 months old when we decided to purchase her.  We did not know about rescue Siberians then, it was in 1978.  The owners called her Puppy Girl so as to allow the new owners to name her properly.

…What? Muddy? Who? Me?…Can’t I come in now??…

…it is so hot in OH, glad I have this pond to keep me and my fave squeaky burger cool…

She remained our Puppy Girl until she went OTRB at 14 ½ years old in October of 1993.

She did end up with two “siblings” once we moved to Ohio, and I discovered dog shows and Siberians.  That is another story for another time.

I learned that I could show Mischa in obedience even if she was spayed as long as she was purebred.  I had already started her obedience training a bit in Santa Cruz, CA where we lived and where we bought her.  She was about 1 ½ years old when we moved from CA to OH.

…this was our first competitive “match”…it was for practicing what a real obediance competition would be like…we were both very nervous…

Mischa was the supreme escape artist and so obedience was crucial to keeping her safe.  She was never off leash outside our yard.  As soon as we moved to OH we fenced our 1/3 acre backyard with chain link, which she soon learned how to unravel at the bottom and push it up with her shoulders and then run free.

This is the heart moment between Mischa and I.

I had been working hard to train her to compete in Companion Dog Obedience, the first level in obedience competition.  She struggled with the “come” command, which is crucial even if you never show.  You always want that dog to “come” when you call to keep them safe.

So, Mischa chose to escape again from our backyard the first winter we were in OH.  She did so during a severe snow storm, the drifts were above our knees around the neighborhood.  My husband and I and a dog show friend spent 4 hours tromping through snow, calling and calling her name and demanding she “come”.

…I just love the snow in OH!…

We are convinced to this day; she was never out of hearing our voices.  We would find her paw prints going all around bushes, trees, as she ran merrily on her adventurous way.

Finally, in a large open field, after about 4 hours, I spotted her.  She was lying in the corner of the field with her tongue handing to her legs.  She had a very good time!  Brat!

I yelled to her…”COME”…and waited.  I knew if she did obey me, I would not be able to give her a correction and boy was I ready to correct her!  She finally got up, walked slowly toward me, and then crawled the remaining 10 feet on her belly.  Then she stood up, looked me in the eyes, poked her snooter into my crotch which was her trademark on all her “COME” command responses, then stepped back and sat very nicely, tongue hanging to her knees, looking in my eyes for her praise.

She came when called, hours later, but she came.  She trusted me not to punish her and I trusted her to “COME” when called (of course, on her terms).  I leashed her up and made her “HEEL” all the way home.  I was angry, scared, happy and laughing all at the same time.  I sobbed over that Puppy Girl because I was so afraid she was lost forever, but lavished her with praise going  home and when we got home because she and I knew we were soul mates.

…winning her 3rd Obediance Competition and her official CD Title…

…we trained for the Companion Dog Excellent (CDX) level, but Puppy Girl so hated that stupid dumbell I made her fetch AND bring back…I only showed her once…then we retired

…Mischa on the far right, Crusty on the left and Rose in the middle…oh yeah…and us a lot younger!…back in CA…


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48 thoughts on “Mom Has Gone to The Dogs…arwoo woo

  1. Hey Savvy, Big Guy here. Hi Miss Linda.

    Loved your story, thank you for sharing. Your sibes were gorgeous. When that special moment happens, you know the connection will deepen and remain forever. What a gift and to share such a long time together… priceless. Loved the photos, great to see what you all looked like back then!!!

  2. What beautiful huskerboos! Thank you for sharing this beautiful story, husky hugs Savannah!


  3. It sounds as though she was a very special dog.

  4. What a great post –

    Of khourse, my mom knows all too well the ‘fun’ we Sibes khause –

    Just sayin’

    PeeEssWoo: What beaWOOOOOties in the post!

  5. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ !!!!!
    (OK, if that doesn't work, they're supposed to be hearts…)
    Play bows,

  6. What a sweet story! Sweet doggie!

  7. What a bootiful.story.

    Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

  8. What a lovely story xxx

  9. mistletoeandhitch on said:

    Savannah, thanks for letting your Mom post about her sweet Woofie, Mischa. The huMom got leaky eyes, but It was happy water. Your Mom ‘s post remind huMom of Brady, the cocker spaniel that came before me. He was so handsome, people would stop huMom on the street during their walks to ask about breeding him! To bad huMom had him neutered as soon as he was old enough. He had epilepsy and even if huMom wasn’t so pro rescue, that wasn’t something to pass on. He was a great dog and she misses him everyday but he taught her so much about living happy and then he taught her how to die. She hopes she does both with as much joy and dignity as her sweet Brady boy. Your post was a beautiful tribute to a true love. We’re all really glad we had power and could read it!

    • I am so happy you have power now too. I am so sorry but cannot remember where you are but it must be Eastern seaboard area. Hope you have all your essentials, from food, water, cat food to heat and internet and phone etc. Thank you so much for reading this post. Some cat bloggers may not appreciate it as much, but it meant lots to Mom to do it. Dad had leaky eyes when he read it cuz he loved Puppy Girl lots too. She would sleep under his desk in the knee hole in Ohio while he slaved away all hours of day and night doing his PhD…Mischa earned one too!

      • MistletoeandHitch on said:

        We live in Bucks County near Philadelphia PA, not far from Trenton NJ. We were without power for 4 days. The huMom was getting a friend to charge up the cellphones and iPads so she wasn’t totally cut off from the world. Then she chased the boy/man around to stop him from using up her charge too. We had plenty of cat food, but my personal drinking fountain wasn’t working, and neither was the one the boycats use in the kitchen. I can’t really be expected to drink standing water, can I? Honestly though, we were very lucky. A few of our neighbors had trees come doWn and roofs damaged and the Delaware came over the banks, but from what we heard it wasn’t as bad as it has been in the past. Really once we cleaned up the yard and the power came back, things are back to normal. Tonight the kids are celebrating Halloween because it just wasn’t safe before . If the kids go back to school Monday, life will be completely put back to normal for us. I only wish things could be put right for everyone so easily.

        • OMC! How could anyone think that you, Mistletoe, should bow to drink…oh, wait…I can hardly stand to even say it…ahem…drink “standing” water!…uhhhhh…ick, ick…I don’t know if I could! So happy to know you are all safe and do have power. I forgot you are in PA. Our family in Philly came through just fine as well. Off to work on your interview final with photos, paw pats, Savvy

  10. Charlotte on said:

    I heart you Mischa-find Stickey, Buffy and Pippers at the bridge:) They will love to play and romp with you!

  11. spittythekitty on said:

    Well, that is an awfully good story, and the Human even got just the teeniest bit leaky reading it….but still….a woofie? Really? Well, I guess your Humans have seen the error of their ways now that they have a truly superior being such as yourself, MOL!! I think your stuffed furiend is all the woofie you need over there, my sweet darling!

    Oh oh oh!!! We gotted a present yesterday and we posted all about it today! Come see! THANK YOU! It’s the BEST EVER!!!

  12. What a special dog!

  13. That one really made my Dad smile, it was a wonderful and loving tribute. My Dad is sorry he missed the occasion since there were two dogs her just before I came. They were sisters, rescued and loved. Thanks for sharing your wonderful story.

  14. She was a beautiful and this is a very moving story!

  15. Beautiful dog. What a sad 8 months that must have been for you, I cannot imagine the pain of losing them all within that period, but some, like Mischa never leave your heart.

    • all 3 remain in our hearts. THey were really all heart dogs in their own way. We were family. Not that we aren’t with our cats especially now with Savannah. Just the dogs were with us during some really tough years and they helped keep us sane and frankly, together. They all died from the same cancerous growth, attached to the liver/spleen, common in mid-large breeds (we had no idea) and so they bled/suffocated internally. No pain and everyone of them had gone for a walk and/or been playing before they just collapsed. So shocking, but they were happy right to the end.

  16. Aww, what a great story. Mischa was a beautiful woofie!

  17. What a beautiful dog and story! I always wanted a dog as a child but my father would never allow it!! Then when I was old enough I was never in a situation where a dog would be happy and settled. I still would like one , one day !!!

    • you really should look into it. I had dogs, cats, even a raccoon, as a child growing up. But once I left home, I never had pets again until I married Peter and he had 2 cats. That’s what really interested me in him…he liked cats!

  18. catfromhell on said:

    I can’t imagine life without dogs and cats! I always had both (except when I was married to my ex – he did not like pets – that should have told me something).
    For the longest time we had only 1 dog and 1 cat and now we have 2 of each, who knew cats and dogs are addicting!
    And it is so wonderful that you can share your skills through volunteering!
    Nellie’s Mom

    • Thanks Barb. We learned the hard way that we could not realistically have Sibes and cats. The Siberian breed has a strong prey drive and must be watched closely around cats. Once the dogs all passed, we had to admit that we had known all along that Peter has asthma and is allergic to dogs in general. But for 14+ years, he managed OK with the Sibes because they have little dander and never smell due to their coat. So we adopted 2 rescue cats in 1994, bro and sis, and they just passed in 2011. We also rescued a feral about the same age and he passed in 2010. hence, we have Savannah. We would love to have another dog, Sibe, or even Corgi. But, Peter’s asthma has only worsened with age, but what a life we had then and we cherish it.

  19. Mischa was so beautiful! Lovely to hear your mummy’s story.

  20. What a beautiful story. Mischa was stunning and I’m sure you miss her terribly. I can’t imagine how scared you must have been, thinking she was lost out in the snow. Thanks Savannah for allowing your Mom to go to the dogs for this post. 🙂

    • we are so happy having all my furriends who will read it. It is pretty off base so to speak, but Mom wanted to help Brut celebrate his birthday and she wanted to share Mischa’s life and personality just a bit. One time, Mischa pushed through the fence, she took the new male show dog puppy Mom had brought back from Ontario, Canada. He was about 6 months old. It was Spring, and a neighbor saw them escape and when the UPS truck delivered something to her, she asked him to keep an eye out for them (very small town)…low and behold, he delivered both dogs back to her in his truck in about 10 minutes! She stuck them back in the fenced yard. MOL

  21. What a wonderful (and naughty) dog! I have only had one dog, Buddy, a black lab mutt mix, but he’ll be my one and only. I’ll never have one so good again.

    • Thank you so much for reading and commenting. They were our only dogs and we won’t ever have another one. But it literally was the time of our lives living with them. We had kitties most of that time, but not during their last 8 years. Sibes and kitties don’t tend to do well together. Sigh

  22. What a beautiful girl and a beautiful story to go with. I’ve had a few of those surprises when they come when called on their terms. BOL! They are awesome! Thanks so much for sharing and participating in challenge. 🙂

    • it was my pleasure and honor. We had the dogs from about 78-94, and not one day goes by since they all went OTRB, all within 8 months of each other, that we don’t think of them. We have always had cats, and they are all special too. But the Sibes, well, that was just something else. Thanks lots for this opportunity.

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