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Reporting on My New Garden

Hiya! Savannah Here!

Whew, what a busy day. First, it was Auntie Shannon day, which means HOOVER DAY!!!  So I spent time up when she was down and down when she was up.

Then Mom had busy stuff to do for hours on the phone, so I had to wait and wait to get my blog post done.  This is my first ever time trying to start reporting occasionally on my garden for the Society of Feline Gardeners.  I don’t go out in my garden, but I do snoopervise the photos Mom takes.

I have reported my garden review to my furriend, Jonesie, from Cory Cat Blog, who is the head of the Society of Feline Gardeners.

…my new garden is so pretty, and it attracts lots of hummers…

…here are some different daisies we have in the garden…red, purple and yellow…at least we think they are all daisies…these yellow ones are in a pot…

…more yellow ones, but they are a hugmongous (VBP) shrub…

…we think these are daisy like flowers, but a shrub and bright red…

…then I noticed the purple like daisy shrub blooming away and directed Mom to get a photo of that one too…

…now these are little red bells and OMC! do the hummers ever luvluvluv them!…

…last, these little carnation like tiny flowers are planted in the pot of a rose bush…they look like some kind of ground cover to fill in the bottom around the rose…they just started blooming like crazy!…

That’s it for my report on my garden. I hope some of you will tell us the names of these beautiful flowers.  Well, I hope Jonesie likes my first report to him.

Paw pats, Savannah

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64 thoughts on “Reporting on My New Garden

  1. what a lovely garden you have, miss Savvy! Do you go out at all?

  2. Your garden is like a small paradise :o) I like the two large flower pots… think the two pots are screaming for an autograph from me :o)))

  3. Lovely garden for you to snoopervise Savvy! Ours is brown from the cold and everything is covered in leaves and debris from Sandy blowing through! Glad you have a lot of pretty plants and the associated birds to watch from your window….nice to have a NEW VIEW!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  4. It looks pretty – very nice for you to watch what’s going on out there.

  5. I’m sure your pawesome and furry intelligent readers will paw-a-long all the official names fur the pretty posies!


  6. What a glorious view to look out on. Glad your staff take good photos for you to inspect 😉

  7. You’ve done a fabulous job snoopervising and reporting on the garden progress. Well done Savannah!

  8. spittythekitty on said:

    Hi savannah–We see Jonesie came by herself to tell you she’s a girl (I used to think she was a ManCat too, it just doesn’t sound like a LadyCat name, though she is furry beauteous). It’s kind of like Nerissa is a Mancat–and that’s even weirder because he’s named after a character in The Merchant of Venice and there are ALL KINDS of male characters with boy names in that play. Peepuls–who can figure them out (or would even want to??) Isn’t it nice that Nellie gived us BOTH that award on the same day? Kind of like Kismet isn’t it? XOXOXOX

  9. corycatblog on said:

    I think my comment was eaten by the blogmonster so I’ll try again…

    I love your garden post, it’s pawsome. I’m impressed you have flowers right now as all I have is mud and soggy leaves and stuff. I also wanted to let you know that I’m a girl!

    xoxo Jonesie (borrowing Cory’s avatar)

  10. Oh wow! You have flowers in your garden! We just have a bunch of mud puddles and soggy leaves…sigh. You did an amazing job on your garden post.

    Um…I do have to let you in on a little thing….I’m a girl!

    xoxo Jonesie

    I’m borrowing my sister Cory’s avatar…

  11. Very nice! No nip? I know you’re not a fan but they make nice flowers 😉

  12. Lovely. They look like they would taste good too

  13. Nice garden!
    Bella and DiDi

  14. Your flowers are so pretty, Savannah. Mom loves the pretty red bells.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  15. catfromhell on said:

    Oh Savannah!
    it must be wonderful to has a garden at this time of year! Me would LOVES that! Our garden went to bed a few weeks ago because it was too cold!
    BTW, me has a award for yous. Please stops by and picks it up. Me also creates some iPad icons for the peoples me gived the award to. If yous would like the file, please lets me know.

  16. Charlotte on said:

    Your snoopervising has paid off, Savannah:) The flowers are gorgeous and the pics are showing the love you have for feline gardening:) Nose kisses sweet girl!

  17. mistletoeandhitch on said:

    Your garden is lovely,.Savannah. Mine is a bit gray at the moment. Normally I look out on to the front

  18. TW claims she used to know the names of all those flowers. The purple ones are asters. Your new garden is beautiful. A couple of months ago I ran some photos of TW’s garden at the old house during Senile Saturday.

  19. Your garden is so pretty! Ours is covered with leaves but that’s okay, we enjoy watching them fall. If only we could get out and play in them though!

  20. Hummers? I don’t see any SUVs out there!

  21. That is a very nice garden Savannah and those hummers are fun to watch!

  22. maxwellnfaraday on said:

    Mowzers, Savvy! Great report indeed! We has NOTHING to report, except Allie got chewed out by a squirl today when she was snoopervising mommy mulching leaves. Then she got mommy to squeal when she almost stepped on a dead mouse! SCORE! And all that while still staying properly ON the grounds like a good girl (she leaves mommy’s sight she goes inside for time out!)

    Oh and we totally do the same thing with the sucky thing – except Maxie who can’t hear it. You sure have a lovely garden to look out upon!

  23. Savannah the flowers in your garden are just lovely!! We used to purrticipate in the Thursday garden posts but this past summer Mom was too sick to worry about a garden. Maybe next year! Love, Cody

    • Thanks, and remember, we did not plant this garden. This is the work of the owner of our rental. And Miss Caren, I just commented on Miss Diandas post about that poor kitty left outside in cold, and I agree, it broke my heart

  24. So nice to see flowers blooming! Cause it is all grey and gloomy out my window. Lovely garden and photos!

  25. So many pretty flowers you have in your garden Savannah !
    Here in Sweden is all flowers gone for this season 😦

  26. Very nice Savannah! Not much blooming in Wyoming now…


  27. You have lots of pretty flowers in your garden. Our mummy is happy if anything grows in her garden, what with Me and Nellie rampaging through the flower beds and trampling on anything in our way and the maraudering (sp?) chickens it a wonder anything would flourish.

    • yup, sometimes doggies and gardens do not mix very well. But Mom managed to have a nice yard with 3 Siberians once upon a time…she planted carefully! She actually found some ground cover the Sibes would not walk on cuz it was sort of stickery…smart Mom

  28. Beautiful garden 🙂 why do you not go out in it?

    • Well, my Mom and Dad have not had outdoor cats for 20 years. They did in their early marriage, then lost one to a car, another to FIP (being attacked by another cat) another to coyote, and a neighbor cat lost to a dog not on leash which ran into their patio and killed their cat right in front of them. So, outside is not safe for cats, at least here in the USA. Too many auto immune system viruses passed through cat fighting, even a small nick can end a cat’s life. ANd cars are very fast and care not about cats, or other animals. Finally, there are the dogs not on leash, one cat, in the UK actually, was on a blog talking about a kitten attacked right at its owners feet, on their front porch, by a dog. If owner had not been there to rescue kitten, it would be dead. That’s why I don’t go in the garden and I was never trained to a harness. So, I am still a very happy, loved and safe kitty. Hope that helps understand why Mom and Dad don’t ever again want a cat outside. paw pats, Savvy

  29. Well done, excellent report!

    We haven’t done a gardening post in a LONG time, because our little back space is so tiny, and of course now there’s nothing left.

    We love *your* blooms, though — we’ll live vicariously through you until next spring. LOL.

    • oh thank you! My first feline gardeners to respond about my first report. I think I can to one all year long because the lady who owns our new home planted her garden that way. Stuff dies off, and new stuff comes into bloom. IT is all perenials we think.

  30. The red daisies in a bush are mums..not not our Mums (hehehe) but well it sounds like cris thanthy mums when Janey says it. We are just shocked that your garden is green with flowers..ours is mud coloured with dead leaves.
    The Maple Syrup Mob

    • OH! we thought chrysanthamum (sp) came in big potted plants, like clumps, not in a shrub! Great info, thanks. ANd having the garden bloom year round is a blessing living in the San Francisco Bay area. The lady who owns our home planted that whole garden herself specifically so she would have plants coming into bloom all year long as others rejuvenated for the next season, cool, huh?

  31. Your garden is very pretty:-)

  32. Susan Mullen on said:

    Excellent, Savannah! How sweet of your Mom, too, to plant flowers that hummers love. Maybe some nice butterflies and bees will show up, too! And I have to ask — has Mom thought about planting some catnip to bring inside for you once in awhile? Apparently once it gets a good start, catnip is very hardy.

    • ummmm…well Miss Susan…Mom did not plant ANY of that garden. We moved here in late Sept., it is a rental cuz we had to give our home back to the bank. But good news is we all really like this town home and the garden is pawsome. Mom is planning on planting some nip, but actually…I don’t much care for it. She has already tried my on valerian root, NOPE, then honeysuckle, NOPE, and silvervine, NOPE

  33. ande123 on said:

    Those are some mighty pretty flowers. We did not know that Daisy’s came in a bush. But they are terrific. We like all those flowers. I bet the hummers do like those red flowers. Have a great day.

  34. Very pretty indeed! You must learn other names for those, Savvy. I’m sure they must have latin ones or something mol

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