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Not Wordless…Accepting Rumpydog’s Challenge


I am accepting…

The Rumpydog Animal Welfare Blogger Challenge!

blogger-challenge (1)

Rumpy Dog and DeDe offered all paw bloggers a challenge, click here for their post about it.  The Animal Welfare Blogger Challenge asks us to write a post about something we can do now, to change just one thing in our life, how we are living it today, that we know negatively affects animal welfare…one thing…hmmm…easy!

Well, maybe not…but we can all at least try.

Rumpy said:
“The idea behind this challenge is simple: A change in action is the result of a change in thinking, and this challenge is designed to make you think about what actions you take in your daily life that negatively impact animal welfare.”

First, Mom wants to tell the peep ladies who read my blog something that they may not know.

Mom:  thanks Savvy, I won’t take up too much space.  Almost 18 years ago I needed to be put on hormone replacement due to having a full hysterectomy.  I thought ‘fine’…what are my options. One of those would have been a drug called premarin.  I did my research on that drug and the others they suggested…no Google back then…so I consulted with my sister in law who is a Nurse Practitioner (almost at the level of a doctor in USA).

I learned that premarin was made from the urine of pregnant mares…yes…it means thousands of mares, horses folks, across the world were bred, and bred and bred so that their urine DURING pregnancy could be collected to make this drug.  Shocking you say?!  Then next ask “what becomes of all those foals??”

They are auctioned off, usually to meat packers …that is what I learned.  I said 18 years ago…nope, nope and absolutely nope…give me a drug that is made from plants!! Not animals.  I hope my choice all those years ago made the difference in some mare and/or foal’s lives.  Here are some foals rescued from slaughter in Canada. Look at them, they are living breathing animals.

rescued foals

Click on this link to learn more from the ASPCA about this practice:

Click on the following links for more information:

And, oh yeah…this is Savvy back again.

So, Mom and I read my very good furriend Easy’s blog today, click here, and he gave us more ideas about what we can do TODAY to keep on making a difference for animal welfare.  His post motivated Mom to visit the PETA site Easy notes in his post…and she then went to her bathroom and tossed out, with my snoopervision, all the products she had that were on the “tested on animal” list.  And those companies won’t see our business again:  Redken hair shampoo and conditioner and anything made with the name “Olay”.

Purrlease…accept Rumpydog’s challenge…do a post about what action you will take NOW in your own personal life to improve animal welfare.  Look in your mirror just like we did…

animal welfare challenge

Paw Pats of Appreciation, Savannah and Mom Linda

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53 thoughts on “Not Wordless…Accepting Rumpydog’s Challenge

  1. Wow, the things you learn each day! (Even the ones that make you feel kind of sick.) Thankfully I haven’t got to HRT yet, but that’s something to keep in mind when I do. We’ve joined the challenge too – and we’re really enjoying reading what everyone is up to.

  2. Good work, Savvy! We only use natural medicine, most homeopathics, plants and herbs. I don’t use make-up tested on animals and the best news I’ve heard last week was that the government in Europe finally decided that it’s forbidden to test on animal on the 1st of March 2013. I don’t wear fur(coats), because of the cruelty that’behind it. We only use synthetic comforter, also because the cruelty of animals and we don’t use kitten playthings based on real animal stuff. Oh, and granny is almost a vegetarian, she only eats once in a while meet and that must be organic. Do you think we’re doing something for animal welfare… 🙂

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  4. Most “replacement” medications for humans are made from animals–my thyroid medication for hypothyroidism was made from ground up pig thyroid because the synthetic didn’t work. I use natural supplements instead. And check “” for companies worldwide who are certified not to test on animals–look for the leaping bunny symbol on everything you buy.

  5. Excellent Savvy! You made us think now. We have always been very clear that we don’t use products tested on animals *shivers*! And while we will never be completely vegetarian, we only eat meat that is produced locally, on a farm we know and grass fed and definitely not killed the halal way!!!

  6. theislandcats on said:

    What an excellent post, Savannah! We’re gonna have our mom think about this and come up with some ways to make the lives of animals better.

  7. TW used to belong to PeTA way back when before they got all funny and started using porn ads and stuff. That’s how she found out about Premarin. When her time came, she refused all hormone replacement and chose acupuncture which worked just as well. We also boycotted all those products for years and years. Now we don’t buy them cos they’re too expensive. TW’s fave place for personal stuff is Origins since they don’t use parabens which have been linked to breast cancer. There’s not too much more for them to give up.

    Thanks for coming to my pawty. Hope you had fun.

    • of course I luvluvluv’d your pawty!!! I thought the top of the ToP was pawsome!! And my Mom still has to take HRT, nothing, no acupuncture, nada, helps her manage the night heat waves. And she also likes Origins lots. I am sorry TW and Pops ever had to give up anything. Wish we could make magic for them, paw hugs, your BFGF Savvy

  8. Holy guacamole. MOM? Did you read this? What are you doing that affects animals? You’re going to check? Well, you’d better and let us know about it!

  9. spittythekitty on said:

    About 15 years ago, the Human was a vegetarian for about 5 years. She felt better about herself (cuz, really, she does know that meat does not come from little plastic trays at Safeway) AND she felt healthier too. I don;t think she’s ready to do that again, but she will work on eating less meat. We are in a lot of denial over here.

    • oh Spitty, so are we, especially Dad, he would eat beef every day if Mom let him. with a baked potato period. Mom tries to keep them eating fish and yes, chicken. Not good, not good. But we know we won’t be a vegetarian home ever. Maybe in our next life time

  10. colehauscats on said:

    This is a great idea and wonderful post! Thanks for being part of the change! Purrs..

  11. catfromhell on said:

    Claps and paw pats guys!
    Great Post! We is trying to figure out what we has not been doing sos we can post!

  12. da tabbies o trout towne on said:

    whoa..savannah…we dunno if we wanna cry ore gets sick …ore both..thanx for lettin uz noe bout this issue…..


  13. thanks for this post Savvy,xx Speedy’s mum

  14. My human needs to check that list! She has known about Redkin for years and refuses to use their products, but she did not know about Olay – she plans to unsubscribe to their newsletter (she forgets how she got on the list) and tell them why!

    • Mom did not know about Redken. She tossed all out this morning and is using Dad’s Aveda shampoo and conditioner. Aveda does not test on animals. Mom also still has some Clinique make up to replace, but tossed some of her skin care products from them already this morning. Good luck Sparkle

  15. I didn’t know about the horses. Some of the things done to animals in this world are really awful.

  16. ande123 on said:

    This is such a good idea. We will have to put our thinking caps on to see what we can do to help the animals by changing something in our lives. Take care.

  17. Thanks for this post, Savannah and thanks for the “bathroom snoopervising” – I’ll send you and your mom a big hug!!! Till mom’s grampy passed away he provided the horses of the family. Mom, her uncle and her cousins bought their horses from an organization who saved horses who should be slaughtered in italy. The came from a farm for cosmetic products made from mare’s milk – how sick is this?

  18. mistletoeandhitch on said:

    There is one small thing we do to help protect stray and wild animals that we haven’t read about in any of the blogs yet. Hungry animals often scavenge around trash bins, dumpsters and even the landfill for food. They’ve been known to stick their heads in cans and jars to get what’s left inside and then be unable to get the can or jar off their heads. If no one is able to help them and they can’t manage to remove it on their own, they die. So to stop this I now crush all cans and wash out and jars. It’s been suggested that I break the jars but I’m afraid that sharp glass covered in food might be even more dangerous. It only takes a second or 2 to crush a can or rinse out a jar and it might save an animal.

    Thanks to everyone who has done so much research on companies that test on animals. The information will come in very handy as I clean out the cupboards.
    Thanks to you all,
    Mistletoe, Hitch & HuMom, Dorothy

    • Meower Mistletoe! You and Mum and Hitch have a great action we can all learn from and act on ourselves. My Mom’s Mother, when my Mom was a small child, waded up and down a creek by their house looking for their lost kitty. She found that kitty in the water, where some older kids had thrown it after sticking its head in a can. The kitty was saved, but how horrible. Mom has not thought about smashed cans, tho’ we don’t use much that is canned anymore, AND to clean our jars. We mostly do that because we recycle so much and the recycler place won’t take jars, plastic, etc if it has food residue on it.We will add this to our immediate action, paw pats and purrs, Savananh

      • mistletoeandhitch on said:

        It seems like empty dog food cans and peanut butter jars are the worst offenders, but that’s just from what our humans have observed being dug our of our trash. Our HuMom now looks at whatever she’s throwing out or recycling and ask herself if a hungry animal would or could stick it’s head inside. If there’s a chance of the answer being yes she makes sure to wash it or crush it. This all comes from when she first started reading cat blogs last April. She can’t remember which blog it was but a lady caring for some feral cats at her apartment complex worked for days to save a cat with it’s head stuck in a mayonnaise jar. In the end she managed to grab the cat while another woman pulled off the jar and they saved the cats life. Our HuMom thinks that being stuck like that would be torture so now she tries to stop it from happening again.

  19. I saw Easy’s post yesterday and mummy has quite a few products at home that are tested on animals – eeek! She’s now going to do some research (with me supervising) on products that aren’t so we can avoid anything animal tested in the future.

  20. Excellent post Savvy! My Mom read about all those products in the Humane Society newsletter some years ago and keeps herself updated so she NEVER buys stuff that involves animal testing. My Mom was on HRT after her hysterectomy back in the 80s until she found out about the mare urine thing. It’s great that there are resources out there to keep us AWAY from the products that use animals in cruel ways.

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  21. I didn’t know that either, Savvy, but I’m not surprised. There are many drugs that use animals or are tested on animals when it is totally unnecessary. It’s quite hypocritical when we look down on China for taking bear bile as a medicine when we do similar things here. Great post m’lady!

    PS: Don’t forget to add yourself to the linky! You can find it here:

  22. We didn’t know that, Savvy. They do so much unneccessary testing on animals. Cruelty-free products are the best! The more of them we buy, the more we send the message that animal testing is not OK.

  23. Savvy tell your mom to try Dr Bronners shampoo and soaps. It’s all natural no animal testing. I use the peppermint shampoo for my hair and its wonderful. As far as the drug made from horse urine, that is not only amazingly disturbing but I would think its inhumane to do in the u.s.

  24. I don’t use Redken or anything made by Olay, but I’ll go see if I have any products tested on animals. I think that is so wrong, so I really hope I don’t have any! If I do, they will not be getting my business anymores, either! Thank you for sharing, Savannah ❤

  25. Thank you for your post Savannah … I too just overseen huMum throw out her Redkin products and will ask hairdresser (very loudly) to use another brand next week and why xxx’s

  26. I’ve campaigned for years against testing cosmetics on animals.I’ll go on doing so until it stops.

  27. My word, I had no idea that hormone replacement meds could possibly have been cruel to animals. This is a wonderful challenge as we are all learning things we never knew before. At least we’ll know what to look out for and, if each of us stops purchasing the product, hopefully the companies will have to re-look at their methods. Great post.

  28. WOW never knew that about the drugs and horse. Really shocked at that x Great post overall thanks for sharing xxx

  29. mollieandalfie on said:

    Wow never knew that Savvy, horses of all things 😦 We will pop of over to Rumpy. Thank you for a FB welcome, have posted it on our blog today 🙂 Big hugs, luv’z you 🙂 xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

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