Savannah's Paw Tracks

Autobiography of a Former Shelter Cat

Sniff…Sniff…Mom and Dad…BUSTED!


What is a cat supposed to do?  I ask you all…we allow our humans a modicumpaw of free will to act…and off they go…cheating on us!!!


I find it purrfectly acceptable for Dad and Mom to volunteer at my former shelter.  I am fine to have them touch those kitties who are waiting for their furrever homes.

BUT…I NEVER EVER said they could go…not once…but twice…(and now I learn this will continue for SIX MORE DAYS)…to the home of not one, not two, not three…BUT the home of SIX cats!!! AND there are FOURTEEN CHICKENS!!!(non cooked BTW!!)

They come home reeking of SIX CAT smells…they don’t even bother to cover it up.  AND I saw Mom take some of my wand toys!!!…just because I don’t use them doesn’t matter…harrrruuummmpppfff!!!!!

Mom says these are “special cats”…like I care!  And even the chickens are supposed to be some kind of “airborne” something or other….sure, sure…

So here are these other cats…seriously…and most of them look alike…none, except maybe Special Forces Ranger Toby, are nearly as attractive as ME!!!…

Oh, I didn’t tell you yet…these cats and chickens live on something called a “base or fort” and they call themselves The Kitty Platoon and the chickens are the “Airborne Squad”…what the heck is that all about?????

…this one is called Captain Fokker…(what ever….)

captain fokker no uniform

…then Second Lt JV…

2n Lt Jv

…Private First Class Hummvee…

private first class Hummvee

…here is Private Smokey…I think he is speculating starting up his own blog…yeah, yeah…


…I bet you are already confused, huh?…can hardly tell them apart…Mom says she can but I doubt that…now Special Forces and Ranger qualified Toby…him, I can call really ‘special’…

special forces range qualified TOby

…and finally…there is Specialist Carl Bob aka “Crybaby”…he whines apparentlypaw_15px.jpg

specialist Carl Bob aka crybaby
…and here is this “Airborne Squad”…aka “Raw Chickens”…


The truth is…Mom told me last night…she and Dad agreed to help a good friend by going by to check on her cats to make sure they got some play time.  Someone else is feeding, scooping the potty pods (lordy there are a lot of those I bet)…and feeding the raw chickens.

…here’s some photos of the kitties getting major play time with Mom and Dad…(yes the cats can go outside, but their compound has electric at top of fence so kitties stay safely inside…)

…Carl Bob looks like he is dancing!


…he just can’t keep those paws on the ground…


…an indoor flying squirrel move…


…not to be outdone…Smokey goes for Da Bird…


…and gets Da Bird…


…Captain Fokker keeps his eyes focused…just like he learned in Ranger School…


…and JV…keeps everything in focus…including Mom’s handbag, iPhone and car keys…


Paw Pats, Savannah

peeEss…Private Smokey tried to go with his Mom as carry on luggage…

Private Smokey Packs for Kaui

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42 thoughts on “Sniff…Sniff…Mom and Dad…BUSTED!

  1. You have to admit they are quite irresistible 😉
    And the chickens would make nice noms!

  2. catfromhell on said:

    Maybe when your Pawrents goes away, their Pawrents will come and plays with yous!

  3. WOW what a special troop of kitties your pawrents are kittysitting for! They are quite handsome too……I’d get a few of them mixed up because they look quite similar though. Looks like they had a lot of fun playing – I’m sure they miss their Mom and Dad so it’s nice your pawrents are helping out. As for the Airborne Squad of chickens…..that just HAS to be tempting……all that “food on the run” so to speak! 😉

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

    • MOL! You know Sammy, those kitties don’t pay the chickens much mind actually. And we are hoping their Mom will do a weekly blog. She is an excellent writer and oh cat, can she photo shop! Her website FOB The Kitty Platoon is such fun

  4. How rude of your mummy and daddy! I hope you got extra ear scratches and maybe a few bellyrubs to make up for it!

  5. Love the pictures and captions.. lol

  6. I really like your blog and I need all the cat friends I can find, there’s just way too many dogs at my blog.

  7. Savy, you better be sure and re-scent all of those things the peeps took! Can’t let any strange kittehz stake out your humans!

  8. must admit I have #SharingIssues too Savannah but I do admire your staff for helping their friends look after such a wonderful family

  9. I dunno, Savvy. I’d be VERY scared. Or at the very least…extremely cautious.
    If you’d like I can give you lessons on how to use the eyes in the back of your head.
    ; ) Katie

  10. You are lucky Private Smokey did not make it out of there and over to your house, Savannah!

  11. spittythekitty on said:

    You better hope SMELLS is all they bring home, unless they dead one of them chick-hens and bring him back for the stew pot.

  12. We hate it when our mum comes home smelling of strange kitties. It gets worse though. She has been known to come home smelling of woofie!!!

  13. Those cats look like they live in paradise. We do hope they start blogging as we would like to get to know them better. Mommy would love to have an outdoor pad for us cats to play in that was escape proof.

    And an escape proof pen for Tuiren too. ~Scylla

    • oh cat! definitely for Miss Tuiren! These people have 6 foot redwood fence around whole property with 3 strings of electric wire at top, angled inward so that a cat trying to go up would HAVE to stick its paw right on a wire. HOWEVER, one cat learned to tight wire walk across the chicken pen…but he is so fat that once he is out, he can’t climb the fence to get back in…so he is now an indoor only cat…silly boy!

  14. Whoa! Invite those chick-hens to my pawty— heh-heh! I bet they make a lot of friends. Heh-heh! They can stay for dinner—heh-heh. Cheating is one thing but compromising your toys is a punishable offense.

  15. Those traitors! I hope you give them the snub when they get home. Maybe on their last visit, they’ll bring home a chicken. Mmmmm.

    Love and licks,

  16. Don’t you just hate it when the beans cheat on us! Well meaning or not, they should be spending their entire time with their own kitties.

  17. That is naughty of your mummy,xx Speedy

  18. Miss S, you pretend the offend so well 😉 You’re proud as pie of your peeps 😀

  19. I think I should teach you some herding techniques, Savvy. Once you get that kitteh unit and those airbornes following your command, you can take over most of the play time!

  20. Pippin thinks the tabby cats are excessively handsome – almost like looking in the mirror, he says!

  21. MOWZERS, she’s CHEATIN’ on yas most definitely, she is!!

  22. that is very kind of your mom, wouldn’t you want her to find someone to play with you if she had to leave for some reason?

  23. Savannah, I think there are only 4 cats: the Captain, 2nd Lt, and Private are all the same cat in my eyes! I wonder why the platoon doesn’t do any water exercises …. Your friend, Dinah

    • well, actually Dinah, I could not put in the post, but two of the kitties, the dark gray one, Toby and Hummvee, one of the brown tabbies…they live outside 24/7. Hummvee has a serious pee problem…like last time he did it he peed on his Mom right as they watched TV…he has been outside since, sigh. Makes his Mom pretty unhappy, but he was peeing in the heater vents on the floor. Not sure why old Toby is out all the time. And Mom was scared Dad was gonna end up having to jump in the pool cuz he wouldn’t move away from the pool and those cats were really jumping through the air after Da Bird

  24. mollieandalfie on said:

    Miss Jealouzy..MOL those poor little kitties would of loved that play time with your Mom and Dad, and youz noze you’z so spoilt Savvy that a couple of toy’z won’t go a miss 🙂 Just hope they find forever homez real soon, then you will get more play time 🙂 Big hugs, Love’z you Your Alf xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

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