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Monday Meowsie News…


Gosh, where do I begin…I have been doing some kind of risky stuff lately…I know, I know…it amazes me too that I am still finding lots of new things to do…

First, I don’t go into Dad’s office, upstairs, when he is in it…I have my second potty pod in there and he has a window seat where he puts my night time snack…I do use my potty pod and get my snack when he isn’t in there.

But, one day Dad and Mom were having a “Dad and Mom Meeting” in his office…I walked in, threw myself down, facing DAD…and hung out with them for about 15 minutes… I thought I should snoopervise the meeting after all…and once it was over…I just casually walked out…

…snoopervising and catfacilitation…very hard work…


…then one night, I was having the best ever nap on the couch with Mom…Dad always turns on the gas fireplace for me…


…and I heard something unbelievable on the TV…so I sat right up and watched TV with them for about 20 minutes…


I can’t recall what channel was on, but it was really, really rivetingpaw

Finally, the bestest news of all…look what Dad captured on camera…yup…this is me…letting Mom give me soft tummy pets, over and over and over again…Dad took like about a dozen photos…


…you can see…I was really getting into it…


…then I got a teeny bit scared…so I gave Mom “The Look”…


…smart Mom…she just kept it up…and I relaxed into it again…this was a really, really big deal…


Sorry the photos are blurry, all Dad had was his iPhone…but at least we have proof…I do like a soft tummy pet…at least from Mom…(sorry Dad…maybe later on, ‘Kay?)

Paw pats, Savannah


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70 thoughts on “Monday Meowsie News…

  1. belly rubs are nice Savvy aren’t they,xx Speedy

  2. Great you entered the office for snoopervising – to hear meetings of the humans is most important …enjoy this wonderful bellyrub ;o)

  3. belly rubs are the best! Glad you’re getting some 🙂

  4. Aww…I want to come on over to rub your belly too 🙂

  5. Savvy, take it from me, belly rubs are the best! But then, I’m just a dog.

  6. Those tummy rubs do look very relaxing Savannah! Very nice of you to let your mommy give you a little belly massage.

  7. It took huMum about 6 months before I’d allow her to do it but now its every day! You will get there Savanna – little paw steps

  8. We ignore the moving picture box. Tummeh rubs, Derby is a no, Ducky is a yes.

    • ahhhh…this is helpful information for us as a furramily…Mom and Dad have never ever had a dog or cat that 1) doesn’t let them pick them up and 2) doesn’t like a tummy rub now and then. Thanks guys, paw pats Savannah

  9. catfromhell on said:

    Yous knows Savannah, me does not like my tummy rubbed, patted or tickled – after all these years.

    • thank you Nellie…I don’t feel like Mom pushes me to allow it at all…once in a while I just sort of roll and allow her to very, very lightly stroke my tummy. The big deal about this time was I not only let Dad take photos, I allowed Mom to continue for several minutes. I don’t do it even every month…it was a special moment for all of us

  10. I love belly rubs – I hope you get to realise just how great they are and how safe you are now.

  11. You are getting really brave, Savannah. First getting near the Dad on your own, then getting a tummy rub. I let Mom rub my tummy just a little bit before I give her the toothy rub on her finger.


  12. We know you made your mommy very happy by allowing her to rub your tummy. Brulee is starting to let Mom Paula rub her tummy, too.

  13. That is amazing progress Savvy. I do not let Mommie touch my tummy. Nope, off limits!! Sassy

  14. Chancy and Mumsy on said:

    Yep sweet Savannah snoopervising and catfacilitation is very hard work but you do it well. We are so happy to see you enjoyed some great mommy tummy pats and rubs. We hope now that you enjoyed those there will be lots more in your future. Great pictures sweet girl. Hugs and nose kisses

  15. Way to go, Savvy! You know, when any of us give the look, it’s usually a sign to back off. Sounds like your mom knows what to do and when.

    • Oh My YES! she and Dad had Popcorn before me…he was feral…and agreed to live inside forever about age 4 or so. He did “the look” way better than me, so he taught Mom and Dad all about that…and he did NOT do tummy rubs…and he looked like Dante, the orange Maine Coon cat, and almost as big…such an inviting fluffy tummy he had

  16. Way to go, Savvy!!! I tell you tummy pats from mum are the best.

    Love Austin xx

  17. Good girl,I’m sure mom and dad are so proud of you.

  18. You are coming on leaps and bounds Savvy Doll, tummy tickles are the best, so pleased Daddy had his camera phone 🙂 I love the word Potty Pod..MOL.. 🙂

    Your Alf xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  19. spittythekitty on said:

    When *I* give the Human “The Look” she knows that she needs to step away from the Cat. Immediately. Otherwise, it’s going to mean another trip to the blood bank. Savvy, you’re gettin’ soft!

  20. Sparkle on said:

    I love seeing your progress, Savannah! Boodie was far shyer and more withdrawn than you were when she came here – and NONE of her progress was documented!

    • NO!!! Oh my, too sad that her progress was not captured. I hope my progress and how I got there and how long it took will help others who adopt adult cats know that we must be allowed to live our lives, showing as much of our REAL SELF as we can…on our terms. Mom and Dad know that and are very patient. I am so fortunate and so are they to have me…leaky eyes

  21. Oh Savvy, that is one of the biggest breakthroughs. We know it’s not the first time but to have such a big session makes us smile very widely 😀

    • Miss Annie, you have been with me from the start. It honors me that I could make you smile with my small but steady progress. Thank you so much for bearing witness to this adult cat’s progress. sending you my bestest ever purrrrrs, Savvy

  22. Wow! Savannah, you’re really great! I’ve let my housekeeper rub my tummy a (very) few times, but not when I was on her lap. Maybe I’ll try a tummy rub again thanks to your example. Your friend, Dianh (RWB)

  23. You are getting very brave Savannah. Now you have seen for yourself how wonderful tummy rubs are.

  24. YES! YES! and YES! again….Savvy got a belly rub. Extra treats for everyone!!
    The REAL Maple Syrup Mob

  25. You’re becoming quite the brave and intrepid adventurer!

  26. purrfect news … the tummy rubs and then “THE LOOK ” 🙂
    sweet xo

  27. 🙂 <————-B-I-G Cheshire grin from Nylablue & I!!!! Well done Savannah!!! Aren't those tummy pats pawsome?? It took Nylablue 5 YERA to expose her belly to me & I had leaky eyes as I storked that sweet girl!!!
    Way to go Dad for getting the pix; fuzzy or not we are all happy to see you enjoying yourself & getting more comfy with Mom & Dad!!!!
    Paw pats & 3 cheers for Savannah!!!!
    Love Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue.

  28. OH Savvy belly rubs are great! Glad to see you are enjoying them from Mom!

    • Hi Abby! I have not visited you in so long and here you are, being so kind to visit me. Purrlease know that I do read, I just do it early AM and on my iPad and I can’t leave comments on most Blogspot/BLogger sites, then I just forget to go back and make a comment…paw pats Savannah

  29. How sweet of you to let your mom pet you, and in such a sensitive area! Concatulations!

  30. All this is wonderful news, Savy! You are clearly making huge progress in letting your humans love you the way you deserve to be loved!

    The Chans

    • oh you Chans! you are so very kind…and like so many blogs, I read you every post, but because Mom and I read in the early AM on the iPad, it doesn’t allow us to leave comments on most Blogger/Blogspot whatever…Google blogs…the iPad freezes when it comes to the “publish” screen.

  31. Woohoo – that is cause for celebration. D is the only one in this house that can do the belleh rub. I don’t even trust M with that one.

  32. We cannot belly rub Oscar as he is ticklish LOL purr

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