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Thursday Again! Yea! A New VBP Blog Hop!


I get really pretty excited when it’s time to start a NEW VBP Blog Hop Week.

I use VBP lots of times all week long.  You will notice I use a “paw printpaw” next to all my words I think of as VBP.  I have placed the Paw Print on my side bar if you prefer to put that next to your  VBP words instead of the initials “VBP”…just a thought…

Once again…purrlease grab the badge below and put it on your VBP post.  Once you have PUBLISHED your post, come on back here and click on the blue linky face at the bottom of this post, and enter your PUBLISHED VBP post. That’s it…You will then be joined in our hop.  You can also chose to do your VBP post over the next 6 days and STILL enter the hop!

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And you know by now, today is also the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop…sponsored by Pepi Smart Dog.

This is the really marvelouspaw thing about VBP…I can DO BOTH!!!  My Thankful Thursday post also has my VBP words.  Hmmmm…that’s something else to be Thankful for…I can do both…


Now…I am ALSO making this post my contributionpaw to The Society of Feline Gardeners…started by Miss Jonesie, a ladycat of renownedpaw gardening knowledge .  Jonesie can be found at Cory Cat Blog most days if she is not out in her garden.

Society of Feline Gardeners

This garden report is why I am thankful on this Thursday.  I still have flowers, and green things…and we have lots and lots of finches at our feeders because they like to live here in the Winter.  I am so thankful we still feed the birds and have pretty flowers to share with you all.

My garden has been flounderingpaw these last few weeks…we finally have had rain, very cold and even freezing snaps.  So my garden is more brown than green right now.


But, I sent Mom out with our camera to grab some photos of what IS blooming and looking pretty right now…we have a lot of blooming Camellia shrubs…at least that is what we think they are…this one is so pretty…that bright pink petal looks fake, huh?


…this is one of the more maturepaw blooms of that same plant…


…we have bright sort of coral/pink…


…and then we have very, very soft pink…


…we think these are Azaleas….


…and this one is sort of purple…


…and then we have two mystery type plants…we know this one is some kind of bulb flower coming up, we are excited to see what it is…


…and this is some kind of like grass, or ground cover…it is uncovered now after the gardener cut back all the over growth…who knew there were all these other plants????


Next Thursday I will show some other stuff we discovered in this yard once so much of it died off from cold snap and then the gardeners started to finally cut it back…Mouses!! We never knew what all was out there!!

Until my next Thursday Gardening Report to Jonesie…

Paw Pats, Savannah


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49 thoughts on “Thursday Again! Yea! A New VBP Blog Hop!

  1. Hi Savannah, love your camellias; mum has them growing too. Such beautiful flowers. I’ve not seen BVP before; would you please tell me what it stands for? I’d like to join it too. Thank you for joining Thankful Thursday and I look forward to you posting again so I can lear more about you. :=o)

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  3. officially added to the hop SAVANNAH! lOVELY FLOWERS!

  4. Your Camillas are gorgeous.

  5. Those camellias are so pretty! Our catnip plant is doing so beautifully. You know why? Because none of us are interested in it. MOL.

  6. Hi Savannah…love your beautiful camellias…Momz really needs to get off her lazy butt and get our yard in shape…thanks for reminding her 🙂 Joining the VBP hop today

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  8. We have camellias like that as well Savvy – they are very pretty 🙂

  9. snoopys@snoopysdogblog on said:

    Hey Savannah,

    That’s such a cool idea to put a paw print next to all your super clever words! You’re a super clever Kittie!

    I hope you’re having a fun day,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

  10. spittythekitty on said:

    Those is nice camellias. They make the Human think about when she was growing up in Sacramento, which is supposedly the “Camellia Capital of the World” or some such silly thing. The Human’s Mom & Dad raised lots of beeyootiful camellias–TW thought they needed lots of heat, but maybe not since you have them now! They’re very purty, Savannah! Go Niners!

    • oh how interesting Spitty; your human must come visit us. There are many of these shrubs, some almost trees, in such a small garden…the humans must talk after the Super Bowl and my Dad and Mom’s trip to Maui Feb 15-22…maybe a visit is due???

  11. My head was just spinning with all your doings, Savvy! I think I’ll have to take a nap after reading this.

    We have some bulbs just peaking their little head out of the ground—nothing like yours. Can’t wait to see that riot of color!

  12. Whoa! Do you live in a mansion? That yard looks huge. All we have is a cement courtyard overlooking the NYC skyline.

    • well a view of the NCY skyline ain’t chopped liver dear BFGF!! And it is not a big “garden”…but for a town home, it is and the owner lady planted it with so many plants they have been suffocating each other…we have been shocked to see what is beneath all that growth…my next Jonesie’s Gardener Report will reveal even more

  13. The flowers in your garden are very pretty. We thought we had only snowdrops, but today we saw the first crocuses.

  14. catfromhell on said:

    Dear Savannah,
    Me is officially furry jealous! My post today shows how deep in snow my yard is. There is NO green at all (sigh) Mommy says another month and wes should see the ground.

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  16. Wow, a lot happens on Thursdays, doesn’t it? My human is amazed by those camellias – she has only seen them in one color at a time.

    • Our owner lady we rent from seem to luvluvluv Camellias; she even has one variety names after her and one for her dead husband. Mom is terrified to touch them in case she kills them…Mom never was good at keeping Camellias alive!

  17. Love you Savannah!

  18. Gorgeous flowers! Mom buys flowers at Whole Foods and puts them on the kitchen table. Everything outside is dead. …except the goose poop. It is fresh and delicious!

    Love and licks,

  19. Mowzers, Savvy – our whole yard is brown right now – except for the rosemary bushes and teensy little spots of green grass. Wait – right NOW it’s all WHITE. (snow!)

  20. My cats have a nice shelter my boyfriend built so they can go out even if it rains.I’m glad you enjoy the garden,they are meant to be good for your nerves,

  21. Wow we are waiting for spring to hurry up over here so we can get planting etc 🙂

    • Well, thank Ceiling Cat our rent includes a weekly gardener AND all water! Dad hates garden work, but Mom doesn’t mind and likes to watch things grow. And she taught herself how to prune and this garden needs serious pruning! Mom is afraid of going at it because we don’t own our home anymore…sigh

  22. da tabbies o trout towne on said:

    A FLOUNDER GARDEN !!!!! ??????


  23. Chancy and Mumsy on said:

    Wow, sweet Savannah you and your mom are getting busier and busier. We need to know your secret of keeping up with it all. Your flowers are gorgeous. Hugs and nose kisses

    • Oh Chancy, and Mumsy. Last night was first time we have visited so many furriends in weeks. We have used the delete button on hundreds of email notifications of furriend’s new posts. We are not proud, nor organized. We just over committed. It doesn’t get better until April 1, that is my first Blogiversary pawty. Then we are dropping back to posting 3x week. We will have posted everyday for one year…whew

  24. mistletoeandhitch on said:

    Your garden is so beautiful Savannah. We don’t have any blooms but the grass is greening and there are small shoots pushing up through the dirt. We hope they don’t show to soon and end up freezing when the weather turns to winter again. We still haven’t had a snow deep enough to need a shovel yet! It’s been a very odd winter. Thanks for sharing the blooms in your garden.
    Purrs to you
    Mistletoe & Hitch

  25. mollieandalfie on said:

    Oh what lovely flowers Savvy, we haven’t got any yet, too cold. Big hugs xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  26. Great vocab builders there! Love the paw. Look at that, flowers blooming and everything.

  27. Oh Savannah – this Camellia is great. It looks like a fried egg – how beautiful!!! I have only a white and a red Camellia tree in my backyard – yours is just G.R.E.A.T.!
    Do you know the botanical name? Mom want one now – for making the neighbors jealous ;o)

  28. Great garden pictures. You have been a busy kitty with 3 blog hops going on. I’m going to have to get M moved off her duff so i an participate one of these days.

  29. That’s a very nice garden for this time of the year. Our yard looks like a small swimming pool with the melted snow and rain!

  30. Lots of fun new plants to watch in that new yard of yours Savvy….it’s nice there’s a gardener to keep things in order and trimmed up for you!!

    Kitty hugs, Sammy

  31. Savvy, you are getting very busy! I hope you have a diary to keep everything organised!! MOL Love it when the garden starts to bloom 🙂

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