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Impawtant Information…



I am compelled to share this post from The Blog of Otis. Last night I watched what I consider to be a betrayal to all cats world wide…on TV …ABC World News with Diane Sawyer.

Click HERE to view the video of the news cast.

This is a news show we have watched and trusted for many many years. Yet last night, I, as a cat, felt betrayed. I always thought one of their weekend news anchors, Mr Dan Harris, was an advocate for cats. He always talks about us, shows us and even did a commercial for either ASPCA or HSUS (can’t recall which) showing one of us “dancing” around his pad while he was at work..not really…it was just for show.

But, ABC used him, and he let them, break the “news” about the “cold blooded killers” living in homes around the world…CATS!!

Yes, Mr Dan Harris is shown talking to someone about “should I be worried I am living with 3 cold blooded killers in my home”…meaning his 3 loving furramily members, cats.  I follow Mr Dan Harris on Twitter…I “unfollowed” him today.

I agree with everything Leader Otis says…about our nature, and how we can best continue to be “the peep’s best furriends”…when our Guardians protect us, AND give us the ability to live our true nature.

I don’t reblog much…but this I felt a need to share. Thank you for coming around to read…

Paw pats, Savannah

The Blog of Otis

My Disciples,

The release of the results of a recent study on what kills wildlife has been stirring controversy among the masses. According to the study, outdoor kitties kill a staggering number of wild birds and mammals. Why the study didn’t also mention that we kill huge numbers of reptiles, amphibians, insects and “other” is beyond Me. I certainly went after everything that moved when I was wandering in the world without walls. Most other outdoor cats do the same.

The only thing that surprises Me about this study is that anyone would be surprised to discover that we cats kill a ton of animals! We’re cats! Our killer instinct is the very thing that brought us, and kept us, close enough to humans for the domestication process to begin. You see, you all liked to grow and store grain. That grain attracted lots of rodents. We like to kill…

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53 thoughts on “Impawtant Information…

  1. Miss Satchie on said:

    Horrible, horrible, horrible. Someone posted the video on my FB wall. Mom and I were were upset 😦

  2. Hey Savannah–I, too, get upset when people blame feral cats for getting some food. We have a hawk that cruises the skies around here. And folks get all worked up when he grabs a meal too. They are all wild animals who don’t have people to feed them or can’t run into the grocery for some yogurt and broccoli. Arghhhhh! Thanks for sharing. Happy Saturday.

  3. Savannah, if you want to read through our Gotcha Day stories, they are on our pages that you can see on the top of our side bar. One for each of us.

  4. spittythekitty on said:

    We loved Leader Otis’s blog yesterday! It’s pretty rich that the HUMANS call US killers. Like they don’t slaughter one another over the most ridiculous differences. Kettle, Pot.

    • Yup, you are so right Spitty…but why aren’t we using social media to command attention to the objective analysis of data??? we just sit around our blogs, FB, Twitter handles and let them do this to cats…very sad

  5. We were just coming over to ask you if you’d read Sparkle’s blog post about this – we think it’s simply BRILLIANT and should go into syndication, it’s just that good!

    We’re SO cheesed off at the ineptitude of reporting these days – and NPR is just as guilty as all the rest about this “cat killers” nonsense.

    Sensationalism at its very worst!!

    Our mom blogged about Kittycams & Bad Journalism a few months back and pointed out that it took about 30 seconds to google the source of the study and 1/2 hour of her time to actually *watch* the grad student present her findings.

    What – these journalists don’t invest even a modicum (VBP) of time to try to verify their sources these days!??!

    She got so hot under the collar that we told her NOT to blog about it this go-’round.

    (especially since we had a furnace break overnight – and it was 2 degrees outside when we woke up! and then there was the flat tire, and the carbon monoxide from the fireplace…it was not a very good day for our humans. *sigh*…).

    • Oh Cat!! I am so sorry your humans had such a terrible experience with the heating! Hope everyone is well today. And, yes, this whole thing about cats, particularly ‘ferals’ and the method of management TNR has gone over the hill with ridiculous. I tweeted about it, tried to get anipals on Twitter to pay attention to what the ABC people and our former advocate Dan Harris has done to damage us…no one, NOT ONE twitter anipal even picked up on it. Why is there no effort to from all of us paw bloggers and twitter and FB anipals to combat this offense???…sigh…sorry, ranting again…paw pats, Savvy and one hacked off Mom Linda

  6. Cold-blooded killers? How about all-natural pest control as an added bonus to having an adorable and loving kitty companion. Not to mention that cats also help lower high blood pressure and are just plain awesome.

  7. Yes, we have been betrayed, and humans, it seems, are bent on making our wonderful public image look less so these days. Thanks for standing up and putting it right back in their face sweet Savannah!

  8. I can’t believe this story still has legs, as they say in the business. If TW still worked on the same floor of the same building with ABC News, she’d bawl them out. She used to see Diane Sawyer in the Ladies’ Room all the time and said she was very nice; the only one of them who wasn’t a snob.

    • well, it was Dan Harris who let them pimp him out to deliver this hideously misrepresented story. They were hoping if Dad did it, people wouldn’t complain or mind because he is a supposed cat lover; as he tweeted back to me today “I have 3″…big deal! I still dropped his sorry you know what from my Twitter following

  9. Where I live there is a huge rat and mouse problem.Flats without cats get completely over run a couple of times a year which is a big health hazard, notice they don’t mention how many more creatures are killed by humans?

  10. This is bound to create all sorts of problems for cats now. I can just see those non-cat loving people having a field day with it. I fear for the cats in their paths. I wish the media would learn not to sensationalise things and to do their research and put on their thinking caps before saying such things. Great reblog Savvy. I just hope the South African media doesn’t catch onto it (although we have enough other stuff to report on, so hopefully not)

  11. We are being unfairly blamed. We see Mr Hawk go after birds to kill and eat them. So how many fevvers does a hawk kill every year? Discrimination!

  12. orientallily001 on said:

    Savannah… I’m so very glad you did this post. You’re absolutely right. It is very impawtant. Very impawtant indeed!!!

    First of all… I live with eleven other cats and, COMBINED, in a good year… we MIGHT kill one or two birds. That’s it! That’s like… a sixth of a bird each. Cold blooded killers? I think not!

    Our house remains mouse free. Lots of peeps without cats can’t say that.

    And even though my fur-family and I are not out there killing everything in sight, what if we were? Has ABC taken a good look at a cat lately? We’re designed for speed, agility and our razor sharp teeth and claws are designed for… well… you know… That’s how God made us. Who is ABC to argue with God?

    Nissy from Nerissa’s Life

  13. Katie Isabella on said:

    Mom and I were horrified! How dare they state a non news story that way! They encouraged cat haters to harm cats now even more. Irresponsible so-called reporting.

    • and this is not the first…started in New Zealand we think? and Dad just saw something about it in our local newspaper…what the H is this about? Who is it that is driving this movement to eradicate cats, at least all outdoor cats, which means mostly the ferals…and they are feral because of the humans!!!

  14. Hi Savannah — Soooooooooooo, the bipeds don’t want us to kill rodents? They prefer to pay professionals to do that job? Do they want to castigate (VBP) birds for killing fish, rodents, and even kitties? A feral mom-cat gave birth in my neighbor’s backyard a while back, and they saw a bird kill one of the newborn kitties. I’m surprised that bipeds are surprised that cats in the outdoors (feral or not) kill critters. I’m an indoor cat (why get rained on outside) so I keep a sharp eye out for spiders in the garage. So far, spiders are winning, but I keep trying. Your friend, Dinah (RWB)

    • it is a movement world wide for some reason, over last couple of months, starting in New Zealand apparently, to eradicate TNR programs, and to eliminate outdoor cats period.We were stunned to see it on World News with Diane Sawyer; why is this “world news”???? Humans kill more birds, and other animals than any cat…IMHFO

  15. Mummy and Daddy are vegan. They say that while people are raging about cats killing birds/rodents etc they seem to forget all the animals that they kill to eat too.
    The REAL Maple Syrup Mob
    PS We are not vegan,we are obligate carnivores.

  16. catfromhell on said:

    I was so TOed about the news that cats are cold blooded killers that I went digging. Trust the media to pick up on one phrase and sensationalize it! Can you image the havoc that all those rodents would create!?!
    Case in point: The city we moved from has aggressively gone after the “stray cat” problem. Cats are NOT to be roaming free and owners MUST have their cats licensed. Owners whose cats are caught outside are fined.
    Sounds great for those who don’t like cats, but this has resulted in quite a few grocery stores being closed down because of rodent infestations. Only one reporter made mention of the fact that cats keep down the rodent population before they were silenced. The mouse problem is incredible. The condo complex we lived in had numerous complaints and in speaking with the management firm, I found out there was a significant problem throughout the city. And ONLY since the cat law came in.
    Go figure.

  17. mollieandalfie on said:

    Alfie use to catch the birdies, they are a too fast for him now 🙂 I came over here from you FB page, that’s so cool 🙂 xx00xx
    Mollie and Alfie

  18. We sent this to ABC

    Dan Harris’ show portraying cats as vicious killers was uncalled for. The study is flawed and is being used by cat haters to end TNR and justify the killing of cats.

    Cats very seldom catch healthy birds, and are much more likely to kill mice and other vermin. They have every right to enjoy their own yards.

    I suggest that to counteract this vicious propaganda by cat haters you contact Ally Cat Allies

  19. Yes, we were very upset about the flawed study cat haters are using to try to end TNR.

    One stupid woman in our local paper even wanted to KILL family pets if you allowed them to go outside in your own yard. Because they might kill a bird. I bet she is happy when we kill mice and other vermin but do they mention that……….nope, we are always portrayed as vicious killers of songbirds. ~Scylla (who is hissed off about the newest dog)

  20. the latest “witch hunt” about cats is deplorable and beyond the realm of comprehension. I don’t even have enough vile words to use and had better not start because the entire mess repulses me.

  21. Hmmm! It is a difficult one as it is in their nature to hunt! I cannot keep Austin confined in the house, he would go barmy!! I want a happy cat, so I have to let him out (he never stays out all night, except for a couple of unfortunate occasions!) and he does kill birds and mice. I do my best to save them when he brings them to me, but he’s very thorough!! Yes I hold my hands up too, but I can’t change him. It was the choice I made to have him as an indoor/outdoor cat, and I take the blame. It is not his fault!

    • That is Leader Otis’ point…we are natural carnivores. But seriously, do we deserve headline Global Broadcast News stories about cats making people “fear” us and want more of us killed because they make it appear we are the sole cause of song birds dying???? Preposterous.

  22. They have been big on this story in the UK also. Would love to know how they got the figures, but I must hold my hands up and say Oscar is a devil in this department 😦 xxx

    • Hi guys. I added the link to the news cast properly just now. I know you all go outside, you know I don’t…whichever…no cat deserves this kind of stupid “GLOBAL NEWS”…like there is nothing else going on in the world that could have filled that time spot??? seriously…Mom is hopping mad

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