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Caturday Photo Hunt…Daub


I saw the “word” for the photo hunt today…and well…I wasn’t so sure I could even pawticipate…but then I remembered this one photo…

…so here you go…and just sayin’…no way, no how am I gonna be daub’in in that stuff…unnnahhh…


Have a Daub of a day…

Paw Pats, Savannah

peeEss…yesterday was my annual VET check up…you know I won’t allow being picked up…so Mom got me in Dad’s office…then I had no where to hide and she picked me up, held me close for a second and put me in my PTU.  Off to the VET, a new person as my first one is now retired and good friends with Mom and Dad…it is her cats they are visiting all this week…

anywho…(I am purrfect BTW), got my nails trimmed, temp taken, weighed (lost 2 pounds of my shelter tummy fat since last Jan…woo hoo!!…now a trim 11.3 pounds…just right for my size); got my rabies shot; toofies checked; heart checked; etc. They brought me home…Mom took the advice from all the interviews I have done, and instead of just opening the PTU and letting me run and hide…she took me back to Dad’s office; picked me out of the PTU, held me close a moment, then held me in her lap a moment and gave me soft pets…I stayed OK, no struggles; then Mom showed me my treat…my fave prescription kibble. I really had an appetite by then, so I dug in! I did not run and hide, let Mom pet me while I ate. And I came right down later for my dinner with Dad, and to get more pets and play time.  It was a NON-EVENT!  So Mom associated a treat, my kibble, with being picked up and held.  Thanks everyone for helping make my VET visit a pawsitive experience for all 3 of us.

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36 thoughts on “Caturday Photo Hunt…Daub

  1. That’s great news, thanks for sharing!

  2. Miss Satchie on said:

    ugh, I don’t mind the nice lady vet that gives me treats but I don’t like people looking at my teeth and doing stuff to me. My tail really gets going when they pick me up!

  3. mistletoeandhitch on said:

    We are so glad you are health and well as beautiful. I’m glad your ride in the PTU wasn’t too upsetting. Sounds like your Mom handled it just right. It’s funny, neither Hitch or I are upset by the PTU or the Vet visit. Although, I sing during the car ride. Pumpkin and Tiger are totally upset by the process though. I think it’s because they always rode together in the same PTU until they grew in to giants. Now they wouldn’t ever both fit!
    Purrs to you,
    Mistletoe & Hitch

  4. Excellent vet visit. We wish all of them would be that non-eventful! Happy Sunday!

  5. I’m with Sparkle, that’s a first! Or maybe the trauma was all for the vet? (kind of my vet visits 😉

  6. Wow, a non-traumatic vet visit – what a concept! Paws up, Savannah!

  7. theislandcats on said:

    Savannah, we’re glad your vet visit went so well. And not daubing you tongue in that stuff…what is that stuff, anyways?? Good move!

  8. spittythekitty on said:

    Conga-rats to you and your Mommy on the successful vet visit! The Human read this aloud and then glared at me. I said, “What? You talkin’ to ME?” Pfft.

    Your comment earlier was so funny. We were all, Huh? And we went and looked at CK’s site, and then came and started at a picture of you, and were sooooo puzzled. And then, finally, we read your second comment, MOL!

    • check out my Sunday post…you will both of us suited up and ready to execute the Pistol play anytime!! ummm..Mom wanted me to ask the human…are we like gonna be dressed properly for the , ummm, ya know…V Pawty??? just wonderin’ cuz we know the human is still slaving away in the workforce…not hanging out doin’ nuttin’ like my Mom and Dad…MOL

  9. maxwellnfaraday on said:

    Oh Savvy we’re soooo glad the V-E-T experience was a non-event! Can you counsel Faraday on his – one week from this Friday?

    • oh…ummmmm…have the humans have lots of treats ready…it really helped me that Mom was the one who picked me up and put me in the PTU AND she was the one who picked me up and held me when we got home…and the fave kibble was a real winner! Faraday will be fine, just hope he does accapella better than me…sigh

  10. So glad your vet visit yielded such good results! Actually, I had my annual and shots also yesterday and am A-OK too. I weight about nine and a half pounds which is a teeny bit too much for my build, but still fine.


  11. YAY , glad to hear that you are healthy and that the vet-visit went well !!

  12. Your Mom is so smart! What a purrfect way to make a scary event into something ‘fun’.

  13. Good for you Savannah! Maybe you’ll start sitting on your mom a lot more?

  14. Wow savvy what was that gunk on the floor? I can’t wit to get home and see the kitty platoon and I can’t thank you enough for sharing your peeps with them!
    Dr. Or commander of the platoon, josie

    • Hi Dr Josie!!! I had my VET visit Friday with Dr Regina, she was really really nice…she even did my mani/pedi herself so I never had to go to the “back room”…whew! I lost over 2 pounds since last year, isn’t that great? I look really good now! paw pats, Savannah

  15. Oh Savvy that’s so brilliant, it’s shining in our eyes!!!
    The REAL Maple Syrup Mob

  16. Glad your vet visit went well and you didn’t get scared by it.

  17. I’m glad to read your vet-apointment is over und you are in top form. I think daub is a very nice word and I should include it in my BIC. btw: the yellow color reminds me of something ;o)

  18. So that’s what the peeps are doing wrong when they corner me, shove me into the case and let me dash out. Actually *looks to see if she’s alone with Savvy* I usually just walk into the PTU. Whoa! And you sat on your Mom!

  19. Sounds like a pretty good vet visit! And those are some pretty good tricks your mom has.

    • why thank you, and Mom learned them all from the humans who rescued the cats and dogs I interview for my series Real Rescue Cats and Dogs Are Talking…my next cat interview is this coming Tueday; come on back and have a read…paw pats Savannah

  20. Well done Savvy, staying with your Mom like that. It’s those little steps that are so amazing and rewarding for us. Glad you’re in perfect health.

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