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I must first apologize to all my international furriends…it is SUPER BOWL SUNDAY IN THE USA…this is all about American Professional Football…and we are a family committed to watching and cheering our local team…THE SAN FRANCISCO 49’rs…


Nana 49ers

My BFGF Cathy Keisha and I will have one focus…one thought…one mind…today….we will be joined in spirit with TW, Pops, Mom and Dad…screaming our cat voices for all to hear…



Cathy Keisha and her TW made this pawsome photo of me for this special day…but CK was, of course, suited up before me…and I suspect Spitty is right…CK may be the Niners’ Secret Weapon…unsuspected, lying in wait in the hood in New Jersey...GO GET’EM CK!!  Whack those Ravens! Use your mighty claws of power and slash’em. (ummmm…CK…do you think I was over the top with that description of what you should do??? Is it too much like saying you are a “cold blooded killer”…just asking…)

It has been a long 18 years since the San Francisco 49’ers Football Team pawticipated in the Super Bowl…and they are OUR TEAM!!

Alrighty then…catch up with all of you after SUPER BOWL SUNDAY…


Paw Pats…and chest bumps for all NINER FANS!!!…Savannah

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41 thoughts on “SUNDAY EASY…NO WAY!!!

  1. mistletoeandhitch on said:

    We are sorry your 49’s didn’t mange to pull off a win Savannah. As Philadelphia Eagles fans our family knows the pain of losing the Super Bowl. And last time the “Iggles” were at the Super Bowl, our field goal kicker was David Akers (number 2 on his jersey ). I seem to remember a kick going wide then too. Of course, John Harbaugh was our special teams coach then too. I guess we helped birth the winners and the losers. I’d tell you to remember how much fun the season was, but that doesn’t help sooth the fresh wounds. Better luck next season.
    Purring for you,
    Mistletoe & Hitch

  2. Hope you had a good day :-). What software do you use to do images? xx

  3. Miss Satchie on said:

    auntie Savvy, you look scary with your helmet on. I bet no one would dare to mess with you!

  4. I’m typing this with 3:48 left and the score 34-29…and I’m dying here…the first half killed me…thank heavens for the blackout so the 49er’s could switch player when no one was watching…I’m gonna sign off now so i can do a touchdown dance and pray for a win Work your stunning magic for us CK

    • i did NOT mean to say CK…OMD i got so exited at that last play i typo’d big time…please forgive me savannah…it’s 1st and 10…gotta go watch

  5. Hehe.. adorable. Good luck.. I will be watching, just not sure who to root for.

  6. We watch the Superbowl here in the UK too.Go 9ers,

  7. mollieandalfie on said:

    Go Ninner’z who’z ever you’z are..MOL we don’t haz that over here Savvy but wez rootin for ya team..Youz look’z smashing 🙂 xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  8. Hope your team wins at the Super Duper Bowl today. Love your photos. If you let your friends know about the party at the Tabby Cat Club and link to us I can send you a participation award. Have a fun day!!!

  9. Good luck! Raz is wearing the Ravens shirt at the TCC party but he’ll wear any team’s jersey if the noms are good!!!

    The Florida Furkids

  10. theislandcats on said:

    We think CK should be playing too! She’d put the bitey on those birdies!!

  11. Love those photos!
    Go Go Go 49ers

  12. catfromhell on said:

    Wes is rooting for the 49rs at our house! Well, except for Cinnamon who likes the ravens that fly around here, so she is rooting for the Ravens.

  13. Yep, you’re right, Savy. We are a bit befuddled by all this….. But have fun!

    The Chans

  14. You go, girl! We’re pulling for the Niners too!!

  15. GO NINERS!!
    I’ll support the Niners because of you.

  16. GO NINERS!!! If you have time before the big game, come over and see my Niners’ fest, er blog post. Pop’s team is the Packers so there’s lot of competition in my house but he’ll be rooting with TW today. I’ll be rooting for Beyonce.

    • ROTFLMFBO!! Beyonce had a pretty spectacular media event couple of days ago, I think she shut all those media dorks up…that lady CAN sing; dont know anything else about her, dont have any of her CD’s, but she can sing. And I was over at your place already, but need to come back so’s I can leave my comment. Visited first thing this AM using my iPad. We like the Packers here too ‘cuz Aaron Rodgers, one, spells his last name like Mom Linda, and two, he played for Mom’s alma mater CAL!

  17. Great graphics! Have a happy Superbowl Sunday, Savy. XOXO

  18. Am seriously wondering why a NEW YORK Ghetto Kitty would be pulling for the Niners but she sure did make a GREAT photo……since we live in Detroit…..well 34 miles north of Detroit, but I digress……we wish you well, but in our humble opinion ONE CHAMPIONSHIP for a city per year is enough…..hence….we are pulling for the RAVENS……but you do look great in your helmet…..and oh yes we LOVED Joe Montana back in the day 🙂 Joe is one classy dude…may the best team win (or the one that gets the most breaks from the refs MOL!!)

  19. Are you sure the helmet is good for your hair, Miss S? 😀 Hope it’s a great game!

  20. Hi Savvy………looks like you’re ready to enjoy the Super Bowl…….just to give you a little comPETition, you should know that my Mom, Dad and ME ME ME will be rooting for the Ravens! We are big time Redskins fans since they are our “hometown” team BUT Baltimore is “just up the road” from us so we thought we’d root for them (even though when they play the ‘Skins we HATE them….hahaha). So – this evening while we’re watching, I know you’ll be screaming for the Niners and I’ll be screeching for the Ravens. Tomorrow we’ll compare notes!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  21. Good luck to your Team Savannah – the should hire you as Quarterback and the trophy would be yours ;o)

  22. Good luck to your team!

  23. Mom doesn’t know anything about sports. Except fetching. We will watch the football game, anyway, mostly to see the commercials and half time. We will also watch the Puppy Bowl. We understand that game better.

    Love and licks,

  24. Hi pal! I really hate the Ravens (I am a Steeler fan you see) and I hope the 49ers win- I figure the Steeleers can break the Super Bowl tie with the Ravens next year-MOL.

  25. Enjoy! Loving that last photo – that expression is hilarious.

  26. Your football season winding down and ours about to start … good luck to your team!

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