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This Tuxie Is Pawing It Forward…Will You?


This is going to be soooo good

This is going to be soooo good

I am excited to be doing a Tuxie Tuesday post…and especially because it is another one of my Paw It Forward Projects!  As my pal Nissy says…Yoo Hoo!!…YOO!! HOO!!

You all know I am a GREAT BIG SUPPORTER of all things “animal rescue”…and especially when it is for those smaller, hard working 501 3c’s like my former shelter rescue, Contra Costa Humane  Society, who do so very, very much with so very , very little when it comes to funding AND to real paid staff…so many do it all as volunteers.

Pawsome I say, simply PAWSOME!

I am going to ask for votes…yeah, yeah…I know, I know…voting is not the best way to select the most deserving for many things…but it’s the way the peeps do stuff mostly.  I am asking for you to consider committing the next ten days of your peeps’ fingers to “hitting the ENTER” key to vote for a deserving and new group in Nova Scotia who are trying to diminish the over population of cats in their community…4 paws at a time…and they are doing it in a very helpful way…just watch the video and you will understand. you ask “WHO is Emily’s Place?”…good question…and I, as always, have the answer…umm…well, at least Nissy does…here is what he had to say on his post on Sunday…”They help other peeps get their kitties spayed and neutered.  Sometimes peeps need help payin’ for the operation.  Well, Emily’s Place helps them do that.  Sometimes peeps need help gettin’ their kitties to the doctor to have the operation.   Well, Emily’s Place helps ‘em do that, too.  They do whatever it takes to help the peeps in their community help the kitties.”

They deserve to have all of us help them ‘cuz they probably don’t have a kabillion or so Face Book followers who will consistently vote, day in and day out…let’s get to helping the little guys who do great work.

…be sure to take a look at their video…

OK THIS is how you help THEM get the funding to carry on this awesome Canadian good work :-

  • Click Through here.
  • Register (super simple either FB or email – we don’t do this very often, but after checking them out and seeing their reputation was superb…and…knowing Emily’s Place could win a ton of green papers…we signed up!).
  • Go back EACH DAY and Vote Again for ONLY 10 WHOLE DAYS!  You DO NOT have to do this for like a month or whatnot…easy peasy
  • Spread the Word to EVERYONE. The power of the PAW is with us for Emily’s!

For the text of Nerissa the Cat’s blog post ( click here).
And to read what my furriend Miranda has to say over at Dash Kitten…click here


emilys place go for the goal

Paw Pats, Savannah

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33 thoughts on “This Tuxie Is Pawing It Forward…Will You?

  1. Great cause Savvy,but we can’t vote tried to but we are not on FB,xx Speedy

  2. Voted and passed it on to my large Facebook and Twitter lists.

  3. I just stopped by to tell you that I have a surprise for you today:

  4. Done! Thanks for reminding us!

    • Oh Miss Trish would you mind if I suggest a post it on your laptop…this small rescue is so tiny it is getting lost in the votes by all the human projects/ideas they are up against. You know it is so furry hard for little cat rescues to get votes and they are doing such a service in a small rural area in Nova Scotia…purrrrs, Savannah

  5. I’m voting, and will vote every day. This is important!

  6. Oh thanks Savvy! Thanks so very, VERY much for helpin’ like this. What an EXCELLENT post, too. If I could clone my peep, I could get her more votes but then I’d have TWO peep #1’s and that might be a bit too much peep.


  7. I’m going only there to vote now. We love how they are trying to help.

  8. We will definitely be voting for Emily’s Place, Savvy!

  9. da tabbies o trout towne on said:

    we voted savvy N will hafta save yur page sew we can keep votin 🙂 we truly hope thiz shelter wins !!

  10. Tweeted with hashtag #animal rescue. Hope this helps. 🙂

  11. I voted! (Actually, my human did, since she’s the one with the Facebook profile). It’s small groups like this one that really make a difference for kitties!

    • YEA Sparkle! Thank you so much…exactly what we believe. But they are so far behind they probably won’t make it to the top ten…it would be great if we could get them there as they would receive $5000! Even if they don’t win, just being a finalist would make such a difference. They help people bring their cats in for S/N and many don’t have transportation…no bus system where they are! I have shared on FB and TWeetes, hope it makes a difference. paw hugs, Savannah

  12. Emily’s Place sounds like a wonderful rescue, Savvy. We will vote!

  13. Pawsum post Savannah…we lub ya!
    Nylablue n Mum too.

  14. I’ve voted and I wrote it on my pawlendar for the next days :o)

    • Thank you Easy. I just looked and they are paw fully far behind…many have 1500-2000 votes already and those include building playgrounds for human kids. Please spread the word to get more votes. Our pal Nerissa took this on so I know this cause is really worthwhile.

  15. Hi there, great post, and im glad your doing something to help a shelter in need also, my own local animal shelter is also a semi finalist in the Aviva funding (LAWS)

  16. We’ll be happy to vote for that Rescue. It sounds like a good one and I know they need all the help they can get.

  17. Hi Savvy…..a lovely way to paw it forward my girl……we read about this on Nissy’s bloggy and registered and voted and will TRY to remember to do it every day (but you know my Mom’s a little forgetful – I’ll try to help her!).

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  18. We will spread the word and vote.

  19. mollieandalfie on said:

    We are with AC will go vote Savvy 🙂 xxoxxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  20. We’ve voted, now to remember to do this every day… 😉 We support many spay and neutering programs and this one seems superb.

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